South Korean court approves arrest of Samsung heir Lee Jae-yong

“A South Korean court approved on Friday the arrest of a billionaire heir to Samsung accused of bribery and other charges in connection to a massive corruption scandal, a stunning decline for the princeling of South Korea’s richest family,” Youkyung Lee reports for Reuters. “The Seoul Central District Court’s decision to issue a warrant to arrest Lee Jae-yong, 48, a vice chairman at Samsung Electronics and the only son of Samsung chair Lee Kun-hee.”

“The arrest of Samsung’s de facto leader will likely shock the business community and cheer the critics of chaebol, the South Korean family-controlled business conglomerates that dominate the economy,” Lee reports. “It was seen as a test of the country’s judicial system that in the past had been lenient toward the powerful business elite families at chaebol for their white collar crimes, citing their contributions to the national economy.”

“The court dismissed prosecutors’ request to arrest Park Sang-jin, a president at Samsung Electronics overseeing external relations, saying that it was difficult to justify Park’s arrest given his position and role within the company,” Lee reports. “Local media reported that Lee was sent to solitary confinement… Prosecutors accused Lee of giving bribes worth $36 million to President Park Geun-hye and her close friend Choi Soon-sil to win government favors for a smooth company leadership transition. They are also investigating Lee on allegations of embezzlement of Samsung funds, hiding assets overseas and lying under oath during a parliamentary hearing.”

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MacDailyNews Take: An arrest is one thing. A conviction is quite another.

Samsung is intertwined into South Korea like a stage IV cancer.

We’ll see how the Republic of Samsung ultimately adjudicates Lee Jae-yong.

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  1. Like my Samsung Refrigerator ( bought it before Fandroid) but it will be the last Scamsung product I buy.

    Scamsung and Hyundai virtually own and run the Republic of Korea. Kind of like the Kleptocracy Trump/Ryan/McConnell want to do to America in service to the Kochs, Goldman Sachs, et al.

    1. “Kind of like the Kleptocracy Trump/Ryan/McConnell want to do to America.”

      Well then, you should obviously put your tinfoil hat back on and sit in the basement of your mother’s house whilst cowering in fear.

      You’re just another baby with paranoid conspiracy theories.

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