A personal story: Apple Watch may have saved my life

“Last November, my Android phone died as I descended on a JetBlue flight into San Francisco,” Michael Krigsman reports for ZDNet. “As I left the airport, it was obvious that a failed phone meant no Uber ride to my hotel, no phone calls, and no way to coordinate schedules with interviewees. In other words, I was screwed.”

“Although my dead phone was an Android, I figured that Apple would be my best route to get re-connected, so I bought an iPhone 7 Plus in San Francisco… I also decided to buy an Apple Watch Series 2,” Krigsman reports. “Fast forward about three months, and I’m enjoying life in the Apple ecosystem. The Apple Watch is frustrating at times, but the notifications work, it’s waterproof, and the built-in heart rate sensor is accurate.”

Apple Watch Series 2 with built-in GPS and water resistance to 50 meters
Apple Watch Series 2 with built-in GPS and water resistance to 50 meters

“One of the third-party apps I installed is called HeartWatch, which gathers sensor data from the Apple Watch and presents a richer view than Apple’s activity tracking software. Several weeks ago, I started receiving odd alerts from HeartWatch, saying my heart rate was elevated at certain times,” Krigsman reports. “Sensor data reported by HeartWatch made me aware of a potentially dangerous condition of which I was otherwise absolutely unaware…”

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MacDailyNews Take: Looks like Apple Watch saved yet another life!

We concur that Apple’s built-in Heart Rate app is very limited and could offer much more on the wrist. In the Heath app on the iPhone, however, there is more useful data (within Heath Data > Vitals > tap Heart Rate) where users can view min./max. heart rate data for day, week, month, and year and also delve into each day’s heart rate data.

Welcome into the light, switcher, and good health to you!

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    1. Either the MDN edited the article within 30 seconds of your post, or your name was already there you hadn’t noticed it. My feeling is that it was already there; MDN is in a very predictable habit of always quoting sources (publication AND author) for each article.

    2. Dude, your name is in there THREE TIMES and, no, MDN didn’t quote much of your piece at all. You should be thanking MDN for covering and linking to your article, not complaining about things that ARE NOT TRUE.

    3. Interesting…this is the only public complaint that I recall ever seeing on this topic and I have been visiting MDN for many years.

      MDN does look through the forum on occasion, but I suggest contacting them directly for this type of issue. MDN does provide a “contact” link at the bottom of their home page, after all.

    1. Regular visitors of this site (and there are quite many, which you may discover by looking at the comments) will tell you that the link to the source article is always the same:

      Read more in the full article here.

      We know where to expect it, so I wouldn’t be too upset for the link being somewhat inconspicuous to uninitiated visitors.

      Excellent article, by the way!

    2. That “here” link is their standard linking. Anybody who reads here will be familiar with it. As “aggregators” go, MDN does an above average job of crediting and linking to the source. That said, it does seem to me that they often quote more than they should. In this case I did follow the link to your article and I’m glad I did. You go into much more detail than is quoted here. (though admittedly I almost didn’t, as it appeared (incorrectly, it turns out) to have all the important information.)

    3. And what more would you suggest. “Click here because someone got butt hurt that “here” was the only thing to click on?”

      I’d think you’d be focused on MUCH bigger things having just gotten a new lease on life.

    1. Hello Mr. Krigsman,

      I’ve been reading MacDailyNews since 2002. I’m sure they’ve sent literally millions of hits around the Web over the last fifteen years. They’ll send your article hundreds, if not thousands, of extra hits by covering it.

      How could MDN improve their crediting (everything is always quoted and attributed, so I can’t imagine how that could be improved) and linking?

      Thank you in advance from a longtime MacDailyNews reader.

      – F.M.

  1. I’m glad to see that offensive post gone. MDN very rarely removes forum contributions, and when they do, it is for truly extremely offensive stuff. That one really was and I’m glad MDN pulled the trigger.

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