Why you should cover up your Mac’s iSight camera

“As it happens a few high-profile folks have been spotted covering their webcams, including F.B.I. Director James Comey, who said in an interview, ‘I put a piece of tape over the camera. Because I saw somebody smarter than I am had a piece of tape over their camera,'” Josh Norem writes for PCWorld.

“He was most likely referring to a photo Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg posted: In the background, his work laptop shows tape applied over the webcam above the display, and the dual mic on the left side,” Norem writes. “Now, it’s easy to imagine hackers wanting access to both the F.B.I. Director’s laptop as well as Mark Zuckerberg’s Macbook Pro, but would they want to access the webcam on a random person’s computer? The answer is that hackers stand to profit the most if they can capture footage or audio to use for blackmail.”

Norem writes, “If you want to be absolutely sure nobody is watching or listening to you, be like Zuck and cover your webcam and microphone with tape, a peel-off sticker, or something else that can obscure the lens but be removed easily when you actually want to use it.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Who isn’t smarter than James Comey?

Anyway, when it comes to cameras, nothing is as foolproof and unhackable as physically covering them.

We’ve been taping our Mac cameras for several years. Call us paranoid, but first see the related articles below. That’s why we use camJAMR iSight camera covers on our iMacs and MacBook Airs. They’re black, so they work perfectly with our iMacs and they’re removable/reusable. We’ve stuck and unstuck them hundreds of times. We just leave them on and peel them aside when we want to use the iSight camera. Plus they’re only $15.95.

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  1. I use a Post-it® Note on my iMac, with the sticky side on the back of the computer and the non-sticky part folded over the front. I don’t want adhesive residue on the camera aperture.

    1. Yeah… second that about the mic.

      I’m as concerned (maybe more so) about someone listening than I am about someone seeing something. Mac minis here so no camera worries.

      Even if I had a Macbook or AIO, I wouldn’t be getting dressed/undressed/whatever in front of it.

  2. I’d be more concerned about the microphone. And you can’t fix that with tape or a Post-it note. The camera on my laptop would get an image of my head and shoulders and the wall behind me. The microphone would get a lot more information.

  3. Jobs was again ahead of the game with the Firewire iSight cam where one twist of the front barrel closes the iris. Simple elegant, effective and still using it.

  4. I hate talking on phone, so nothing to hear, my ridiculous face doing nothing but looking at keys as I type or reading news, MDN, etc. wall behind me. Nothing to see here, move along, as they say. A boring life is wonderful.

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