Apple mulls legal options against President Trump’s executive order, ‘Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States’’

“Apple Inc. is weighing legal action and continuing to press the Trump administration to reverse its executive order on immigration, Chief Executive Tim Cook said in an interview,” Tripp Mickle reports for The Wall Street Journal. “Mr. Cook said hundreds of Apple employees have been affected by the order, which suspended entry to the U.S. for refugees and travelers from seven Muslim-majority nations.cHe added that he continues to contact ‘very, very senior people in the White House’ and impress on them why repealing the executive order is important not only for Apple but for the country.”

“Trump administration officials and their allies have argued that the travel restrictions are needed to keep the U.S. safe from potential terrorists, and say the measure has broad support,” Mickle reports. “Mr. Cook visited Washington, D.C. last week, where he dined with Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, a senior adviser to the president, according to people familiar with the trip. That followed a private meeting last month with Mr. Trump.”

“Mr. Cook declined to elaborate on Apple’s possible legal options, except to say that “we want to be constructive and productive,” Mickle reports. “Apple now sells its devices in more than 180 countries and territories. As a result, Mr. Cook said it is more important than ever before that the company’s staff ‘look like the world.’ That’s made it ‘a simple decision to oppose the executive order,’ he said.”

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MacDailyNews Take:

Some people have said that I shouldn’t get involved politically because probably half our customers are Republicans… so I’m going to just stay away from all that political stuff.Apple CEO Steve Jobs, August 25, 2004

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    1. Tim Cook needs to shut up. Neither Apple nor Tim Cook is in the busines of public service. Apple and Tim are not responsible or accountable for the well being of Americans, neither do they really care: they care about profits. All of a sudden Tim Cook is vocal about immigration right after the government does something that affects some of its workers.

      So sick of people thinking they know how to govern and what is right. Tim Cook, you do not represent Americans, your thoughts are your own.

      1. Tim Cook is working for Apple; not for any political party. His public pronouncements are NOT for the benefit of any political party or movement; they are all about Apple and its bottom line.

        The executive order is already affecting Apple’s employees. The are also preventing Apple from attracting the best possible talent from around the world.

        Steve Jobs’s biological father was Syrian. Had Eisenhower given the same Executive Order 60 years ago, Jobs’s father wouldn’t have made it into the US and we’d all still be using Blackberries…

        1. Note below that is the same small handful of loud, confused Lib/Dem/Progs trying to seem like they are a larger group than they are (they are also working hard on manipulating the star ratings like the good like anti- / non-Americans they are). Just like the seemingly unemployed (on welfare?) Soros-paid protesters try to influence public opinion. Hey iit worked so well for them in the election, why not double-down?

          Tim Cook and “Predrag” :Breeze” “anon” etc. are OUT-OF-STEP.

          The GOP owns the Presidency, Senate, House, and Supreme Court for a reason. Right-thinking Americans want to Make America Great Again after 8 long years of Dem/Lib/Prog malaise and non-function.

          President Trump did more in his first 8 days than Obama did in his entire 8 years!

          Most Support Temporary Ban on Newcomers from Terrorist Havens
          Most voters approve of President Trump’s temporary halt to refugees and visitors from several Middle Eastern and African countries until the government can do a better job of keeping out individuals who are terrorist threats.

          57% of Likely U.S. Voters favor a temporary ban on refugees from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen until the federal government approves its ability to screen out potential terrorists from coming here. Thirty-three percent (33%) are opposed, while 10% are undecided.

          Survey conducted on January 25-26, 2017 by Rasmussen Reports. The margin of sampling error is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence.

          1. Steve Jobs was the son of Syrian immigrant you bigoted prick. No Syrian immigrants? No Steve Jobs, no Steve? No Apple. No Apple? No iOS device or Mac for you to write your nonsense on.

            1. No jackass, the way the app works you can only vote once from one device. I have one device with me. Secondly, you can stay smug all you want buy you’re massively wrong… what Syrian has caused any terror attack in the United States? Which one? ALL of these isis related incidents have been home gown people, and the other have been white nationalists… do you have a bad memory or just don’t understand this?

            2. It matters because the countries who have actually perpetrated attacks on this nation are not included in said ban. Name a single Syrian refugee who has committed an act of terror in the United States. I’ll wait…. don’t deflect. Name one.

            3. This is your only point? Access from a breeding ground for ISIS is being tightly controlled and you want to wait until an act has been committed first?

              Do you even think through your responses?
              Do you even understand what is going on in Syria? Seriously, do you know people from that region and the devastation?? enlighten me……please!

            4. No that’s not my only point, and you’re still deflecting instead of answering my question. The bottom line is this whole thing was very poorly thought out and wasn’t run by the relevant agencies to make sure the language was both constitutional and acceptable to the foreign entities involved. Also, refugees haven’t committed a single act against the United States, and the act of radicalization has been happening online more than anything given that the only attackssince 9/11 have been home grown. It’s the same things as that stupid wall, I know for your world view it may seem counter intuitive but we have been at net Zero immigration from Mexico since 2006, and have been expieriencing an out flow since 2007. Also most undocumented immigrants are people who just overstay a tourist visa or short term work visa, in other words: they came in legally. If out up a physical barrier that limits circular flow, it will increase the count of undocumented immigrants, and it won’t stop any drug trafficking since there are such things as airplanes and boats. As an addendum, should there be a wall on the Canadian border?

            5. And yes, I do understand what’s going on in Syria. But the fact remains that while they are in a the middle of a terrible civil war, with three foreign powers fighting isis for different end goals, those poor refugees just want a safe place to go. Because assuming isis goes away, and they have been on their heels since late 2015, and we don’t let those people in Assad will assume power again with the help of the Russians and continue to brutalize those people. And yes choosing to come into this country as a refugee is the most difficult way of getting here.

            6. And your chances of being killed by a refugee are 1:3.64 billion a year, let that sink in… 1 in 3.64 billion….. this is a problem that doesn’t need addressing or fixing, and comes down to irrational fear of “the other”

            7. We also have the most strict vetting process for refugees in the entire world, it takes more than 18 months o get into the United States as a refugee, and most admitted (over 80%) are women and children. The demographic that makes up the most likely perpetrators (young males between 18-30) is less than 1%

            8. You will believe anything that goes contrary to common sense.

              No wonder this country is in such dire straights after liberal rule and abuse.

              And no wonder the Democrats have been decimated on every level in almost every state. They deserve it for the stupidity and ignorance they fostered on the rest of us.

            9. Dude, (to use your own structure) can you simply not accept the state départements figures or the UN’s or are you just irrationally afraid of brown people?

          2. I don’t think anyone here is disputing your survey numbers, or the fact that many Americans are falling for Trump’s demagoguery.

            The facts about this remain: it is pure political bluster (pandering to base), and its actual effectiveness for the safety and security of Americans will actually be very detrimental.

            There were zero terrorists in US from these countries. None. Not a single one born in the seven countries on the list.

            The biggest terrorist attack was done by Saudis, Egyptians and Afghans (none are on the list). Second biggest and most others were done by American citizens.

            The order is simply ineffective in doing what it is purported to be doing (keeping America safe from foreign terrorists). Meanwhile, what it is doing is rapidly radicalizing young American-born Muslims who now clearly see that American hates them and those like them.

            1. The order is temporary. I doubt very much that four months is going to amount to much more than an inconvenience for most.

              Your attitude is far more full of vitriol and negativity IMHO. You speak of facts, too. What about the fact that there are over 50 Muslim countries in the world, and only 7 on the list? What about the fact that it was previous administrations that created the list in the first place?

              I know you won’t believe me, but a great many of my friends and acquaintances who are Muslim in this country voted for Donald Trump (incidentally, I didn’t. I didn’t vote for Hillary, either). You should really get the info you base your opinions on from people out in the world rather than forums, social media, and mainstream news as you just sound petulant, not informed.

              There a great many people thinking with their brains, you just happen to seem to disagree with them.

            2. That semantic difference is fine, but the problem remains that the perpetratiors of 9/11 are not on that list. Since 2001, the on;y terrosit attacks in the United States have been home grown, some radicalization, but home grown none the less. If you’ve seen the exchanges between f14t16 over the years you’d understand the vitriol. And no I don’t get my information from forums, you do not know what I do for a living nor who I work with on a regular basis. The list was made by congress, not the previous administration, that is a large difference. Secondly the previous administration and the bi partisan comisssion in congress agreed to no travel bans of any kind. This order was badly implemented and there was no reason to rush it out without running it by state, homeland security, dod, ice, and White House council (which is exactly what happened btw), it also cites the wrong section of the us code (1202 instead of 1222) a small typo,nut a large difference in the law, and something the lawyers at those departments would have caught. It also violates the constitution with the pro\iotitzation of Christian refugees, we do not have religious tests in this country.

            3. Also, the mainstream press isn’t always wrong. In fact they’re correct more often than not, their biases are to sensationalism not ideological positions. If they have a major flaw it’s that they have a neutrality problem, instead of being objective. Calling things even isn’t always correct. Consequently alternative media, particularly right wing media, is incorrect deliberately and done so with purpose to mislead their audience because they can’t win an argument on merits. When you’re watching fox or listening rush, fact check what they say with the BBC and see if they’re telling you the truth…. you’ll be shocked to the point that you may run back into your shell. And yes, it is a ban. If it stood up in court it would becom permanent, he said he wanted to do this ont he campaign blatantly….

        2. Wrong. This is a temporary ban and if Job’s dad wasn’t a terrorist then he would have been welcomed into to the country. Your so dramatic. Are you a B actor? No one said SHIT when Obama did the same thing. Fucking hypocrites

          1. Obama did not do this… this is not the same thing at alll. There is a religious test I the document prioritizing christians, and ZERO terrorist attacks have come from any of those countries. The list was expanded by congress in 2015 but it was only for visa restrictions, people with existing visas could easily come through, but this order DETAINED RESIDENT ALIENS LIKE DOCTORS SCIENTISTS AND PROGRAMMERS….. and Obama requested 100,000 refugees to come in, there are 38,000 Muslim refugees from Syria in the pipeline, and 37,000 Christian refugees. You are wrong on the face of your argument, and stop giving false equivalencies that you’ve heard on Fox News.

            1. You are a moron.
              Obama all but DENIED Christians entry from that region.
              Go check it out.

              Now ALL religiously persecuted people are allowed for consideration, INCLUDING Christians.
              Since Christians are the MOST persecuted, they would then OBVIOUSLY be the most allowed, just opposite under Obama.

              Get a clue!! (and use some reasoning)

            2. No, you are massively incorrect, we admitted 38,000 Muslim. Refugees, and 37000 Christian refugees. Almost equal numbers. And WE DO NOT HAVE RELIGIOUS TESTS IN THIS COUNTRY. it is against the first amendment. The language in the previous travel restricts make no mention of that whatsoever.

            3. No, I’m not, and those of us on the left believe that all religions are equal. As in you can be whatever the fuck religion you want, and we show no preference as it says in the first amendment in the constitution. The nation is secular, and no matter what god tou pray to it doesn’t matter to me, no one’s faith is any better than any one else’s.


              38,901 muslims
              37,521 Christians
              Last year… how does that even come close to what you’re trying to assert?

            4. First off, we are not a secular nation, we are and have always been a society based one Judeo-Christian values that welcomes all faiths.

              Second, you still don’t understand the facts of the numbers. One set is of Christians from a all over the world, one from the Middle East.

              You are still a moron.

            5. First of all, the first amendment to the constitution makes it incredibly clear that this nation does have a state religion. Values aside, the United States was founded based on the roman republic, read the federalist papers. It was George Washington who added “so help me god” to the inaugural address, and “in god we trust” didn’t get put on anything until 1954, and it was done as a reaction to communism. One nation under god was added to the pledge at the time. We have not always been a “Christian” nation, in fact muslims have been in this country since the 18th century, and we have freedom of religion. Show me where in our constitution it states “this is a Judeo Christian nation” , it does not say that anywhere in the document.

              Those numbers are both from the entire world, the concentration of Muslim refugees is higher from the war torn areas, which happen to be in Middle East. But the fact remains that they are the same. And still, what Syrian refugee has committed an act of terror?

            6. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

              This is the exact text. Show me where it says it.

            7. I completely understand your argument, you’re just wrong. And you can’t answer the questions I’ve asked you because you know it defeats your argument.

              If you’re saying the USA is a majority Christian country, you are correct. But that is not the same thing as having a state religion, which every country in the Middle East has, and most western nations have had since at least the roman period. America was the first modern nation to be completely secular with the separation of the church from the state. We do not have religious tests for entry into this country, and the minute we start doing that, it loses us the high ground and inflames those would be enemies against us. Was there this kind of uproar over the last administrations travel restrictions from all over the world? No, there wasn’t. Why? Because all of those countries were fine with the language and understood the policy, and how you do that is run it by the state department so our diplomats all over the damned world can communicate the policy change to their counterparts, and those governments can be prepared. Do you see my point?

          2. You are factually wrong on several points.

            His name was Steve Jobs; not Steve Job.

            You clearly didn’t read the ban. MDN posted the whole thing in several articles here. The ban is temporary, but while in force, the citizens from these countries will NOT be admitted. Not with a tourist visa, not with a student visa, not with a H1B visa, not with a O or P visa. The only one where they backpedaled is a green card. If they already have a green card, they will now be admitted (although initially, even those were refused entry). To remind those without a clue about the green card, it can only be obtained if the foreigner has resided in the US legally, and paid taxes, for at least five years. Other conditions must be met, and quite heavy vetting takes place before it is approved. Steve Jobs’s father would have been denied entry if this ban existed at the time he came to the US.

            Obama never did the same thing; he never signed an executive order. What he did sign was the law that was passed by the Republican senate and Republican congress. Had he vetoed that law, you and other rabid conservatives would have been at his throat for endangering American lives by letting terrorists waltz in.

            1. Of the seven only Iran has a viable university system that could send HB1 graduates.

              The rest will be allowed as soon as a better vetting system is in place.

              I listened to a young Syrian woman on the radio yesterday discussing her hatred for all things that Obama did and didn’t do to make these countries worse. She also thinks the refugees shouldn’t leave the area and abandon their countries but return as soon as possible and fix the problems. Two things were amazing in her discussion; her disdain for Samantha Power allowing genocide was “Power-fool” and the fact NPR allowed this do be told.

              I happen to agree with the idea of keeping them locally and having the oil rich countries pay for it. We have been paying Jordan for years to ‘house’ Palestinians and now Syrians because Jordan can’t afford to and their economy is being over run by Iraqis, Syrians and Palestinians. Saudi, Kuwait and UAE should help take care of their own back yards. If the people eventually want to immigrate, let them get in line.

              As far as Apple, they are full of shit for using this as cover to act stupid. They need to get their own house in order.

              (and BTW, the green card issue was for people who keep going back and forth, and they will still be checked on and scrutinized as they should)

        3. Couldn’t agree with that comment more.
          To all the Trump dik suckers, this is about Apple. Employees are being denied entry due to these ridiculous Trump orders. They are not terrorists or whatever else you’re scared of.
          Steve Jobs never had to deal with shit like this so the anti-political stance wouldn’t hold these days.
          If it effects the company a CEO has the right to defend.

    2. botvinnik—

      Of course somebody elected Cook something. He was elected the CEO of a major multinational corporation. That means that he has to deal with all of the issues that affect that corporation, including the political issues. Jobs thought that he should stay out of purely partisan politics, but he never hesitated to leap in when the government took or proposed an action that affected Apple directly.

      If you, or MDN, or anybody else thinks that Steve Jobs would have passively rolled over and played dead in the face of an arguably illegal government act that adversely affected hundreds of its employees and tens of millions of its potential customers, you are astonishingly ignorant about who the man was. He did not back down in the face of bullies. Ever.

      What do you want Cook to do? Fire all these employees because they can no longer do their jobs because they can’t travel between Apple’s overseas and U.S. branches? Some of these folks are dual-nationals who haven’t set foot in any of the six listed countries for years. If they have a U.S. visa, they have already undergone “extreme vetting.”

      What additional screening could they possibly undergo that would satisfy you? Obviously, none short of an absolute ban on foreigners entering the U.S., which is what you clearly want. On another thread, you even advocated excluding Muslim U.S. citizens from entry if they visited one of these countries.

      Former Mayor Rudy, who helped draft this policy, went on national television to explain it as just the initial version of the Muslim Ban promised during the campaign. The President has gone on national television explaining that it will be his administration’s policy to favor one religion over another in immigration. That clear intent has severely damaged America’s standing in the world. I know you don’t care about that, but the CEO of a multinational corporation has to.

      At a minimum, this policy needs to be rewritten into a clear form that the screeners at our borders can apply uniformly and fairly. Ideally, it should be rewritten into a form that actually makes Americans more safe rather than less so. If the Administration will not listen to reason and fix a regulation that should be found invalid for vagueness, Apple and the other affected parties really have no choice apart from litigation

      1. It’s clear to anyone with common sense that tRump has no clue what he’s doing. He’s lived so long in his rich white ivory tower that he’s afraid of people with any other kind of culture (mostly brown people) or education even if it benefits him or his country in the end.

        Not only that his closest adviser is a white supremacist. You can tell a lot about someone by the friends they keep and the people they hire.

        Add in a little rich frat boy billionaire privilege, my way or the highway attitude, listening to the crazy voices in his own head and restating them as facts, delusion of crowds who simply adore him, endless nonsensical tweet, clear hate and objectification of women, and megalomaniac dictator tendencies, with large dash of pettiness and anger and we have train wreck coming our way.

        Even sane republicans are starting recognize that.

        The problem with tRump at the end of the day is temperament and character. And actual intelligence.

          1. Yeah because that’s a real thing, we have a conference call and sacrifice goats and everything….. I cannot believe that there are people who actually believe that kind of bullshit. Do you think the earth is flat too and science is liberal conspiracy? Do you even know what liberal means? Have you read a dictionary? You can’t possibly be that stupid.

            1. Yup are aware that the pizza gate thing is not real right? Even the guy with the gun admitted that… dude, the only exciting thing in those emails was his risotto recipe. Do you have a problem with all of trumps people using a private email server also? Because they do. Or what about the bush administration “losing” 22,000,000 emails after a federal subpoena was issued for the Iraq war? Either get a brain, and critical thinking skills, or stay ‘out of discussions with people smarter than you.

            2. Even if everything in those emails are absolute truth it’s irrelevant to the tRump’s problems. She’s not the president. Whatever issues she had or didn’t was manufactured or discovered doesn’t matter anymore. She can’t make policy. The election is over. So who gives a FF?

              The rest of us are trying to pay attention to the disaster in front of us.

              Just because the Dems had a horrible candidate doesn’t make the Reps candidate any better. Maybe she was bad. He’s clearly worse.

      2. Considering the order is 0-5 in court already just days after implementation, the fact that it was not run by any agencies tasked with enforcing it or explaining it, got green card holders detained, held a Cleveland clinic doctor, has cause over 1000 state department diplomats from all ove the world to officially dissent in a letter that is still collecting more signatures, has three national legal challenges (Washington state, San Francisco, ACLU) , and has prompted over a dozen mayors to denounce it publicly of both parties, and is adversely affecting the entire tech and science industries with MIT issuing a statement as well…. it makes sense that the worlds most valuable company would join some action on this. Apple has business all over the world and this will effect their bottom line and the travel of their employees, not to mention the black eye it gives us on the world stage which like it or not is the way the economy works. It also makes our troops unsafe in Iraq and Yemen, as well as us citizens travelling everywhere around the globe. Also it includes a religious test which we DO NOT DO in this country by prioritizing Christian that is unconstitutional on its face by directly defying the first amendment.

        My 96 year old grandmother (who grew up in Italy) said in September 2015: “this is mussolini, I lived through it once, I never thought it would happen in this country… this is how it starts”

        I thought she was crazy, but she’s not. The fact that a self professed “anarchist”, white nationalist, and “Leninist” is pulling the strings of this incredibly dim bulb who is a very useful idiot? We may be in for some real problems. All of you racist misinformed right wing idiots: this is what fascism looks like at the beginning if you’ve studied history. Not the false nonsense Alex Jones spread against our last president, nor the complete “nwo”. “Illuminati”, “Bilderberg”, “globalist” NONSENSE…. sorry BULLSHIT, that you have somehow swallowed and believed. Again, I hope you’re proud of yourselves, you may have done irreparable damage to our republic. At best this guy is as bad as Nixon towards the end, at worst…. it’s mussolini.

          1. I think you need to read 1984, or the newer revision 2014. Actually? Animal farm is more appropriate for you… you would be one of the sheep that pigs use to control everyone. You don’t even know how misinformed unthinking you actually are. The day the first amendment goes away, my words may very well be treasonous, but if that day ever comes? Then we aren’t America anymore. And I tt rust my grandma.

            1. If you can define double think or double speak for me as Winston says, and don’t see it in Kellyanne Conway or Shawn Spicer then you are one of the pigs sheep…. seriously, give me winstons definition (which is geobbels definition also btw). Do you think we’ve always been at war with east Asia?

            2. It is both actually, newspeak is how big brother defines it but Winston says something else…. tell me what that is without a google search. Clue chapter 4. Don’t ever question my reading.

            3. Maybe you should read the book before questioning a English lit grad….if you’ve only seen the movie, Josh hurt says something different, so that doesn’t count.

            4. The Four ministries are an example of doublespeak. For example, the Ministry of Love tortures people in Room 101, the Ministry of Truth over-writes history and disseminates lies, The ministry of peace creates war.

              From my memory, this is what Winston describes in chapter 4. If you want to argue semantics, the post 1984 edition (post film) uses double think, but all text prior to then include this.

            5. you idiot, “doublespeak” doesn’t appear in “1984” it’s “double think” and “Newspeak.” You know as much about that book as you do the Constitution…you don’t read, you watch teevee.

              Don’t bother apologizing, coming from a systemic liar like you it will mean nothing.

            6. You are an assclown. I’m not apologizing for anything, nor do I have to. You are one of the biggest misinformation peddling people I have ever read who disseminates false things about people you don’t even know. And called the president of the United States racist names for 8 years. And btw, I doubt you’ve ever read the constitution, or done more than a 2 minutes google search on the books I mentioned to you…. o ahead an quiz me on any article you want you troglodyte piece of shit, or in terms you’ll understand……IDIOT.

            7. By the way dumbfuck, George does not contain original texts of his work, it’s only the more modern versions. That’s like basing a Shakespeare argument on something other than the first folio…

            8. I like how you project when you know you’re wrong…. oh Bibbity Bobbity botty, I’ll just call people liars to deflect from the fact that I don’t what the fuck I’m talking about…. troglodyte.

            9. I quote from my edition of 1984, published in 1950 as handed down to me by my grandfather:

              Section 1 , chapter 5 (I was wrong about that part)

              His earlier thought returned to him: probably she was not actually a member of the Thought Police, but then it was precisely the amateur spy who was the greatest danger of all. He did not know how long she had been looking at him, but perhaps for as much as five minutes, and it was possible that his features had not been perfectly under control. It was terribly dangerous to let your thoughts wander when you were in any public place or within range of a telescreen. The smallest thing could give you away. A nervous tic, an unconscious look of anxiety, a habit of muttering to yourself — anything that carried with it the suggestion of abnormality, of having something to hide. In any case, to wear an improper expression on your face (to look incredulous when a victory was announced, for example) was itself a punishable offence. There was even a word for it in Doublespeak: facecrime, it was called.

              Maybe it’s a misprint in a nearly edition. Maybe it’s not. But it is in there. And, by the way, lying is the act of deliberately telling a falsehood (like the president is monkey, or musilim Kenyan for example) , being mistaken about something is not the same thing.

            10. “Maybe it’s a misprint in a nearly edition.”

              lol, you pussy, you’ve gotten delusional…just man-up and say, “O Mr. Botvinnik, Knower Of All Things, I apologize for daring to question your vast knowledge of the humanities. Please forgive me for being such a blatant and desperate liar just to save face on a tech comment forum.”

              c’mon, you can do it.

            11. No, give me an email address and I’ll send you a picture of the page of my book. I still can’t figure out how to load pictures on here. 10 years and I can’t do it.

              You are not a knower of all things lol. That’s seriously what the 1950 edition says, from my count it’s in there 8 times.

  1. Tim Cook’s arrogance leads him to start a fight with the Trump administration thinking that he can change the policy. Not gonna happen. What will happen is Trump will view Apple as adversaries, because thats how his brain works, and likely wont be good for AAPL. Do your f*cking job Tim, Apple COMPUTERS, remember them?

  2. Hey, Pipeline, how about focusing on making Macs, iPads, iPhones, etc. as best you possibly can and leave the social justice warrior and virtue signaling bullshit for others? Or, Pipeline, how about you just quit and go SJW-ing full time? I bet there are CEOs in their world who can manage to have new iMacs, iPads, 4K Apple TVs available when they’re supposed to be available.

    You are HURTING Apple, with your OUT-OF-STEP politics:

    Most Support Temporary Ban on Newcomers from Terrorist Havens
    Most voters approve of President Trump’s temporary halt to refugees and visitors from several Middle Eastern and African countries until the government can do a better job of keeping out individuals who are terrorist threats.

    57% of Likely U.S. Voters favor a temporary ban on refugees from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen until the federal government approves its ability to screen out potential terrorists from coming here. Thirty-three percent (33%) are opposed, while 10% are undecided.

    Survey conducted on January 25-26, 2017 by Rasmussen Reports. The margin of sampling error is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence.

          1. MDN – MDN – MDN – MDN – MDN

            So according to this guy, Tim Cook is “filth” and a “piece of shit”.

            Do you really think that is approriate for a site called “Mac Daily News”?

        1. Hey MDN. botvirnnik has just declared that he is no longer an Apple customer. He is repeatedly attacking the actual customers who would like to post here. As I keep saying, everybody is entitled to their opinion, but botvirnnik keeps citing “alternative truths” that require refutation. As long as he keeps posting falsehoods, people will respond with corrections. If he went away, we could all get back to discussing Apple and its products.

  3. Apple. Wise up. Trump is the path to repatriate your overseas $$$. Stop this nonsense now. The temporary ban is reasonable and makes sense. I swear if you continue down this path…instead of a long term fan I’ll become an advocate for your demise.

    1. How about you wise up? Apple is about to boost the US economy single handedly by repatriating more money than all companies combined.
      Chew on that and try and wrap your pea brain around the numbers and their significance…

      1. Exactly. Even if the U.S. changes its repatriation laws, Apple will be under no obligation to move its money out of countries that have a favorable climate for international business into one that does not.

        Ever since WW II, the U.S. has operated on the policy that the lightly-regulated movement of goods, workers, and money between countries is in our national interest. Even if somebody thinks that hasn’t worked out for the common man, it very clearly has worked out for the U.S.-based corporations that now dominate the world economy.

        If Apple and the other multinationals conclude that America has become a bad base for their world operations, they have no obligation to stay here. What do you think that will do to the U.S. economy and employment rate?

        Cook is a realist about the impact of Trump’s immigration policies on the operations of his company. No more that Steve Jobs, he will not be bought off with a possibly illusory promise of favorable taxation (which might well benefit Apple’s U.S. situation while killing its ability to compete in world markets).

    2. It makes absolutely NO sense whatsoever.

      Look at all the terrorist acts in the history of the US. Not a single one of them was committed by a national of ANY of the countries on the list. Saudis, Afghans, Egyptians… Countries NOT on this list.

      Look, the ban is likely to dissuade potential terrorists from these seven countries from attempting to travel to the US now, but that likelihood is significantly lower than the likelihood of this ban fueling the anger of young American-born Muslims who will see the ban for what it really is: a message to him that America hates him and his kind. That anger will efficiently be used to radicalize and weaponize those young men.

      What the ban does is create fresh new ISIS / Al Qaeda recruits right in the US, ready to strike as soon as training and indoctrination is complete. They will follow in the footsteps of Nidal Malik Hasan (Ft. Hood shooting), Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez (Chattanooga shooting), Syed Rizwan Farook (San Diego) and other Americans just like them.

  4. To me, this looks like a business decision. I don’t know how many of Apple’s work force are nationals of the countries affected, but considering the sheer size of the workforce, there must be quite a few. Cook did specifically say the other day that some of the employees are already affected. Apple’s policies have always reflected their goal to attract the best possible talent from the widest possible pool. Any policies that restrict the pool will generally be criticised. This is why Apple has always provided benefits for domestic partners, well before marriage equality became the law of the land.

    Cook may come across as liberal social activist, but make no mistake, that activism comes directly from the considerations for Apple’s primary mission: make insanely great products, which is achieved by attracting the best and the brightest from the entire world.

      1. I’m pretty sure he has no intention of ever running for office, for multitude of reasons. The most important one being, he prefers to do what he is doing right now.

        As for influencing government policy, in America, large corporations exert much greater influence on policy than elected officials. There is this process called lobbying; I’m not sure if you’re familiar with it. It allows companies to legally bribe lawmakers and elected officials by sponsoring their election campaigns in return for favourable legislation.

          1. I don’t think you know anything about courage and conviction. You may despise Cook with every fiber of your being for publicly admitting he was gay, but anyone with two working brain cells can plainly see that it takes courage and conviction to pursue policies that are right for your company even if they go against the government and its misguided edicts.

            1. Here’s courage and conviction: A private businessman who relinquishes his empire to win against all odds, against 16 Republican neocons and the most nauseating excuse for a human being ever to run for president…and wins again. Then, he has the utter audacity to actually deliver on his campaign promises to the chagrin of the established globalist shït that passes for American politics and American corporate leadership.

            2. He has yet to relinquish ANYTHING…. So far, nobody saw any legal instrument documenting his sale (or transfer of ownership) of any of his properties. All we heard is that he delegated management of his companies to his children (ethically as problematic as it could possibly get), but he still owns every square yard of every piece of real estate that he owned before winning the election.

              There is a reason why Saudi Arabia (or Egypt) are NOT on this list: there are too many Trump properties there that could affect his wealth.

            3. Read the article. Plugging your ears and yelling “la, la, la!” whenever someone says something you don’t like doesn’t make it not true.

              US President Trump was just paid off by the Russians. Fine president you have there….

  5. Hey Pipeline,

    Imagine what happens if Apple won some sort of lawsuit and delayed or reversed President Trump’s EO (won’t happen, since the President’s EO is perfectly rational and legal), and a terrorist strikes, killing more innocent U.S citizens?


    Wise up, Pipeline. STFU, stay out of things you don’t understand, and try focusing on being a tech company CEO who makes good, quality products that are available to buyers when they want to buy instead of coasting along on Steve Jobs’ fumes while sanctimoniously virtue-signaling 24/7.

        1. I believe that would be the same Secretary of Defense who is reportedly furious because he was not consulted (or even informed) about a policy that has devastated the relationship between the U.S. and regional military authorities.

          Example: the four-star general who runs Iraqi Special Ops moved his family to America to keep them safe and now he cannot visit them. He is not happy, and we cannot fight the War on Terror without him and people like him. If Iraq adopts reciprocal restrictions, the American military will lose the civilian contractors who provide essential support for the War.

          What happens if the Iraqi Government simply orders all the American troops to leave and replaces them with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard? I assume you don’t want to invade Iraq for the third time in 16 years. I don’t even have to assume the attitude of Secretary Mattis on the matter.

          I suppose we could use air power to fight ISIL, Al Qaeda, and their ilk… UNLESS all the Muslim-majority nations in the region (Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, etc.) close their air space to American operations because their citizens demand a response against the perception that America is anti-Islamic. They might not be able to exclude American aircraft and drones by themselves, but the Russians would be glad to move their antiaircraft missiles in to help.

          What will the consequences be for America if we are forced out of the War on Terror by a bumbling series of insults to Islam? They will not be positive, even apart from the encouragement to home-grown terrorists within our borders.

          Mad Dog is a really bright guy, but I don’t think he can fight World War III without massive American casualties.

            1. Wait; Trump asked Obama to make up the list??? Was Trump forced to pick that particular list, was he prohibited from modifying / expanding the list to include the countries that actually sent terrorists to the US? I thought this Executive Order was signed by Trump, not Obama!

          1. Try to pay attention here… OBAMA DID THE SAME BLOODY THING! You libtards are so bloody stupid it’s not even funny anymore. OBAMA CHOSE THOSE SAME COUNTRIES. I know that in 2011 he put a SIX MONTH ban on refugees from Iraq. Yeah, eat that fact libtards.

            The president has the authority to stop immigration permanently or temporarily from ANY COUNTRY. The Constitution gives the president that authority.

            1. Not quite. You should do your research.

              That law was passed by the Republican senate and Republican congress. Had Obama vetoed it, you and all other rabid conservatives would have been at his throat for jeopardising American lives.

              Your president has the authority to stop immigration from any country. He apparently chose to ban countries that had never exported terrorists into the US, and conspicuously omitted those that did. It wasn’t Obama who signed this order; it was Trump, and ultimately, it was HIS choice of countries. He could have picked any number of countries, but he conveniently didn’t (too many Trump properties in Egypt and Saudi Arabia… bad for business to ban those people).

            2. Okay if Obama did the same thing? Where was all the chaos? Where were the conservatives? Why no protests? I believe it wasn’t the same thing, and I am sure you are rewriting history.

              Putting a ban on refugees is not the same as blocking returning visa holders or any foreign national, regardless of country of origin who has the proper papers to enter. A six month moratorium is a pause to the accreditation of visas to enter. The EO is seriously disruptive.

        2. Your answer has nothing to do with the question.

          But… I’ll tell you what will happen.

          Trump will declare martial law, suspend Congress and the Constitution… and by doing so, our civil liberties/rights (yours included, btw).

          In all likelihood, he’ll also start jailing anyone and everyone he considers a threat. Probably anyone and everyone who disagrees with him politically… and has the temerity to do so. Or use the threat of jail/punishment to silence others.

          Why do I say this? Because throughout history that’s what petty little people have always done when they get too much power. It’s why the Founding Fathers tried to establish a system of limited government with controls on those in government.

          And where will you be, when all those you despise are out of the picture and they come for you… because a pissed off neighbor reported you?

            1. No, it isn’t. The choice of countries was Trumps; he didn’t have to take Obama’s. After all, he has continuously claimed that Obama was a disaster; so WHY pick his choice of terror countries, when CLEARLY none of those countries sent terrorists to the US???

              Because there are many big real estate Trump deals in Egypt and Saudi Arabia… Can’t ban those people, bad for business…

  6. If your employees can’t make in to work, based on a flawed policy, and you pipe up over it, that’s not politics, it’s a good reason to complain.

    The court system is no supposed to be “politics” though it’s treated as such. Filing a lawsuit is an apropriate action to have them weigh in on a subject perceived to be unjust.

    So far, I am only seeing partisan posts on this thread.

      1. No terrorist attack on the US soil was ever perpetrated by a national of any of the seven countries.

        More terrorist attacks in the US were perpetrated by Americans than by foreigners.

        This ban is exactly the same as the reason to attack Iraq after 11 September (remember, there was no Al Qaeda in Iraq, and no WMDs; there was only oil and Saddam Hussein, so US went after those two).

          1. And the current ban would have done nothing to prevent their return, as they were… wait for it…. AMERICANS!

            Let me simplify: this ban will have NO EFFECT on the number of foreign-born terrorists in the US. What it WILL do is create fresh new radical extremists out of young AMERICANS, who will follow in the footsteps of all those other American-born terrorists.

            ISIS does not need to ship their men to the US, when the US is quite efficient in breeding their own home-grown force.

            1. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck






            2. I hear you, guys, but I’m afraid MDN is laughing all the way to the bank.

              Political click bait is MDN’s cash cow. It is well known that right-wing click bait brings money. Heck, teenagers from the small town of Veles in Macedonia have figured this out and had made a small fortune by churning out fake right-wing news stories that went viral.

              Just look at the forum: highest number of posts go to political-themed stories. Put Obama (or Trump) in the headline and watch ad dollars roll!

          2. For the record, San Bernardino shooters: Male, born in U.S.; female, born in Pakistan, raised in Saudi Arabia. Orlando shooter: born in U.S. President Trump’s recent executive order would not have done anything to prevent these cretins from being in or entering the U.S.

            But your post raises a valid issue: Shouldn’t persons (whether U.S. citizens, permanent resident aliens or visa holders) who travel from the U.S. to countries where terrorists might originate (e.g., the seven named in the executive order, plus Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, probably others) be “vetted” extensively upon their return to the U.S.? Does not seem unreasonable, provided sufficient notice is given by U.S. government in advance of such trips that upon return to the U.S. the traveller can expect possibly lengthy interrogation. Policy would be applicable to all such travelers, whether the traveler’s surname is Kane, Cohen or Khan.

      2. Apple is America, as you and I are. But the EOs so far don’t exactly put America First. Partisan is party before country. That is un-American and frankly some of the BS that’s been happening over the past 8 years in congress and what’s happened over the election and right now with the choices being made in the WH are very tenuous and I think is worse than the Nixon years.

        Tim’s attempt to protect Apple and its brain trust should be expected and supported.

        Just because he’s against EOs that tend to be unsubstantiated and ineffective at best, doesn’t mean he should be blasted.

        You are like a Trump whore, and I don’t mean that to be disrespectful, but it’s a comment on your disregard for the rest of the nation, which happens to be the “majority.”

        Take it for what you want, but everyday we ready more about how our country is being damaged instead of great.

            1. uh, no they are not, “my friend” they are abusing H1B visas to undercut American tech workers and they are using Apple to politicize advocacy against the President defending our citizens…just like Jefferson did against the Muslim Barbary Pirates.
              “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to be libtards.”

            2. Those numbers don’t reflect actual people. They reflect your electoral system.

              Actual people voted for the other guy (girl). Millions more. Your guy won. But more more Americans chose the other one. Claiming you command majority has zero merit.

            3. Pirates – interesting you chose that, because history is full of sailers who were seen as “robin hoods” by the people and criminals by the authorities. The Colonies had lots of this. The British employed pirates to harass or terrorize ships on the Indian Ocean or elsewhere, the French and Spanish. Frankly any port was a “pirate” cove. So I am not real concerned over the Barbary Pirates in so much as you cared to call them Muslim. I don’t think that matters, back then or today, unless the goal is to judge them as Muslim first, over people or criminals.

              I understand the”abuse” of the H1B visa, but I don’t believe this represents Apple, not without further data.

              I think abuse should be curtailed. But you don’t shut it down to achieve your goals. You modify it and vote to the change. The EO was entirely meant to be malicious – a lot like shutting down the George Washington Bridge. Oh that seems to be a reoccurring pattern among conservatives – spite and malice. For the God fearing many of them – there’s a lot of hypocrisy.

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