Apple TV 4 jailbreak for tvOS 10.1 is under way

“Although the signing window for tvOS 10.1 closed yesterday along with that of iOS 10.2, those who are still on the penultimate firmware for the Apple TV 4 may also be receiving some jailbreak love in the near future,” Joaquim Barbosa reports for iDownloadBlog.

“A tweet from software development consultant Jonathan Levin confirms that one of the exploits used in the yalu102 jailbreak for iOS 10.0-10.2 can be run on tvOS 10.1, and that as a result, development of a jailbreak is under way,” Barbosa reports. “The exploits utilised in Luca Todesco’s yalu102 tool had been thought largely applicable to its tvOS counterpart, tvOS 10.1.”

“With a bit of luck and ingenuity, the yalu102 tool could be adapted to yield a jailbreak for the Apple TV 4 on firmwares up to and including tvOS 10.1,” Barbosa reports. “Hopefully, we’ll see a jailbreak tool take shape in the coming weeks.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Is your Apple TV 4 on tvOS 10.1? Is your Apple TV jailbroken?


    1. Be nice to see Kodi on AppleTV off of the Apple Store, but doubt that will ever happen. I think Plex is available though. Don’t think you can easily get Kodi on Roku either. Everyone seems to be buying up all of the Amazon Fire Sticks for Kodi!

  1. Now that there’s an App Store for the Apple TV, I’m much less inclined to jailbreak it. On the other hand, I have several Apple TV 4 devices and none are anywhere as critical to me as my iPhone, so if there were even a modest benefit I may be inclined. I’d definitely jailbreak for an Amazon Video app.

  2. I used to jailbreak every iPhone I had, for functionality… and now there is so little reason to do so, and I don’t. For my Apple TV4, I think the same issue exists, as little reason to do so. One thing I would worry about is security, as I use Apple TV as a Homekit server. It is only for lights right now, but if more got linked, that would be a big worry for any jailbreak.

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