Why Apple can’t lose the looming services battle

“While Apple is not going to be a pure play services company, there is no doubt services will play a much larger role in consumer experience in the coming years,” Ben Bajarin writes for Tech.pinions. “It is reasonable to believe one’s ability to compete in features around machine learning and, eventually AI, will depend on the depth and quality of data acquired to train your networks and AI assistants.”

“I believe it is essential that Apple is competitive with services like Siri, and many others, against those whose business models depend on more on data collection than Apple’s. While I don’t believe Google and Facebook are the bad actors Apple portrays them as (and neither do consumers via evidence from our surveys), the bottom line is their business model, the financial lifeblood of their company, depends on their ability to sell advertising with the data they collect on customers using their service,” Bajarin writes. “Where Apple’s business model does not depend on using customer data collection to sell advertising, it is necessary for their model to make products and services that delight their customers. Within this viewpoint, Apple is already a trusted entity with our privacy since their business model does not necessitate mining that personal information. Based on some recent research we did, Apple customers overwhelmingly listed Apple as the top company they trusted with their privacy over companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Samsung, Facebook, etc.”

Bajarin writes, “However, getting useful and good behavioral data is essential for Apple to make better products and services and, more importantly, compete with those services down the road.”

Much more in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: As we just wrote last week, “A lot of the gee-whiz stuff that other companies do is because those companies don’t give a whit about users’ privacy. It’s not that Apple can’t do some of these things, it’s that Apple won’t do them because they’re playing the long game.”

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  1. I am already noticing changes in Siri, like proving predictive text that is based on what I have typed before, address auto fill for appointments and leave time based on traffic for appointments and even map and time estimates for going home when I leave the appointment. Siri is getting better, but the need to speed up development.

  2. I want to use Apple products, but they are not competing with Amazon Echo or Google Home… I like those devices…I would much rather use an Apple alternative… I also like the ability to add ram or change a video card in my computer. Apple does not make an entry level desktop computer that allows this, buying a Mac Pro does not make sense for my uses and it’s not being updated. This makes moving out of the Apple Eco-System more appealing, but I don’t want to do that.

  3. As long as Apple’s services are (for the most part) exclusive to Apple devices they will lag behind the other companies that include Apple devices among those that can be used with their services.

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