Apple poised to return to growth with quarterly results on Tuesday

“Apple, the US technology company, is expected to return to revenue growth when it reports quarterly results on Tuesday, having recorded its first decline in full-year sales in more than a decade,” Tim Bradshaw reports for The Financial Times.

“Analysts predict that overall revenue will rise about 2 per cent to $77.4bn for the three months ending in December, the first quarter of Apple’s 2017 financial year,” Bradshaw reports. “Unit sales of the iPhone, the performance metric most closely watched by Wall Street, are expected to grow by 4 per cent to about 78m devices in the holiday quarter.”

“Top executives at Apple missed out on a portion of their bonuses for last year after the world’s most valuable company missed its internal sales and profit target,” Bradshaw reports. “Apple’s stock has risen by about 20 per cent over the past six months, with many analysts attributing the rally of the past few weeks to growing confidence that the iPhone maker will be able to repatriate its $200bn-plus of overseas cash at a lower tax rate under the Trump administration.”

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MacDailyNews Take: All-time quarterly record earnings coming tomorrow!

We’ll bring you Apple’s holiday quarter (fiscal Q117) results next Tuesday right around 4:30pm Eastern. Also, as usual, we plan to cover Apple’s Q117 conference call at 5pm ET on Tuesday, January 31st with live notes. That link will appear on our home page around 4:45pm EDT earnings day.

What to expect from Apple’s Q117 earnings call next Tuesday – January 26, 2017
Apple to release Q117 earnings, webcast live conference call on January 31st – January 18, 2017


  1. I wonder when the anticipation of a Trump overseas profits repatriation taxes rules change will effect the stock in advance into positive territory?

    Not good for the Democrats (in total disarray) if Trump succeeds here and in other areas making Dems look even more like the “can’t do!” party. (Hubris, belligerence and false assumptions can get you kicked out on your keister. Oh wait, it’s already happened! You keep making the distracting “alternative facts” jokes to get your jollies because you ain’t got much else on deck. BTW I AM a Democrat, a 60’s Democrat that is which the modern party does not reflect. Even Maria Shriver – a Kennedy – no longer endorses the Democratic Party and is now Independent. Pretty sad. You have really screwed your own pooch.)

    1. Can I ask a serious question? And I’m not wanting to get into a flame war or anything, just a civil discussion:

      When someone calls something an “alternative fact” in your daily life, and it’s something you know to be provably false, isn’t that a lie?

      Also so since you’re excited about the stock market under president trump, we’re you equally excited unde president Obama when the stock market rose 139% ? Or in other words a doubling plus 39%?

      I’m seriously trying to get a handle on your logic because there seems to be a disconnect. What am I missing?

      1. Simple. President Obama and Democrats were not able to address the repatriation of profits issue. Didn’t appear to be interested, along with their basic disinterest in creating a business climate to help the jobs situation. It doesn’t appear Obama went out of his way to improve that as much as Trump has now devoted himself.

        I appreciate any upward moves for the stock market but how much higher would it have gone (or will go) under someone like Trump? Time will tell. Dems generally have presided over better economic times it’s true (in Bill Clinton’s case just lucky to be in the Oval Office during the Internet boom). But Trump really is not representative of previous Republican presidencies so this could change. The economy is starting off well with the market generally favorable to Trump policies. Somethings Dems will be loathe to admit and live in fear of. Trump success = second term shoe-in.

        Liberals love mistakes like a conservative using the term “alternative fact” so they can use it to grind & disavow anything their opponents say into the dirt. In fact it wasn’t what she meant and she knew it was poor choice of words when she said it. Libs take every choice sound bite and use it ad nauseum for their own disingenuous self-congratulatory propaganda purposes at every opportunity. “Alternative facts” is irrelevant if in fact it means a different interpretation of the facts which is something both sides are guilty of.

        I’m not a Trump flunky but I am an observer. And we live in interesting times.

        1. Ok, two things. The repatriation issue was attempted to be addressed on 3 occasions by our last administration but the opposition party blocked their efforts and refused unless they would cut taxes significantly on top earners. That’s an ideological difference, but historically when the upper 1% pays more in taxes, the economy does better, so it was a ridiculous stalemate.

          Secondly you can’t say “libs” seize on these things when “conservatives” make up things like FEMA camps, and all kinds of other provably false nonsense that they never get called on like “voter fraud” (which is the stupidest crime ever and almost impossible to pull off). I think that this alternative facts nonsense is a way of distracting and placating the media to move on to other things. it may have been a poor choice of words on kellyannes part, but it was deliberate and has been her mo for a very long time, as well as certain sect of the right wing. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but facts are facts, and right wingers now defending this is insane when they have been lying about our last president for 8 years ( birth certificate nonsense and other shit) just because people believe it doesn’t make it true.

          You’re correct about the stock market and the economy doing better under democrats, but trump isn’t going to pursue those policies… his tax proposal will explode the deficit, and all of the unqualified people he nominated for his cabinet are troubling. As a long time NYC resident (everyone on here knows this) we know what he’s like, and can’t stand him. And it was never the social outrage things with me for him, it was his incompetence as a business man and the fact that over 90% of what comes out his mouth is false. So while if he does well, we all do well, and I am definertl in favor of that… we can’t just let these things slide or we won’t know what’s true anymore. The good thing with him and his people is that they have said things that are demonstrably false, and they’re easily provable. But we all have say “no, that’s not true” regardless of where we are ideologically.

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