Apple settles lawsuit with e-Watch

“Apple has reached a settlement with a San Antonio, Tex.-based firm called e-Watch, which claimed that the company was violating two U.S. patents related to cellphone cameras,” Roger Fingas reports for AppleInsider.

“A joint motion to dismiss the suit was filed in a Texas court on Friday, Law360 said,” Fingas reports. “The terms of the settlement weren’t immediately clear.”

“e-Watch launched a flurry of related complaints against electronics manufacturers in 2013, some other targets being Sony, Sharp, Nokia, BlackBerry, and Kyocera,” Fingas reports. “Apple is simply the latest to settle in the matter, and was accused of infringing through devices like the iPhone 4S.”

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MacDailyNews Take: All set!


  1. I also have a patent – filed before e-Watch. Here’s my filing:

    It will have a small round or square box, with – uh – some electronic bits inside and – yehhh – there will be a hole with a – uh – lens, and – uh – the light will fall on a sensor and get turned into a picture. Yehhh, that’s the ticket.

  2. Remember for a long time the patent office would let people file patents for things like “the Purple Corvette”. Chevy did not make a purple Corvette so if you got purple paint and painted a Corvette you invented something. Those kinds of patents are still around.
    Like Arthur C. Clarke should of never won the patent suit on the communications satellite. Yes he was the first to write about it. But, there is a big difference between writing about the existence of something and PAYING engineers and scientists millions to actually make one work properly.

      1. It’s obvious that RamiuSamseng is a still-current Note7 user. He should have known better, but when you buy a Note7 instead of an iPhone 7, you deserve all the karma you can get.

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