These next-gen Apple products could be as revolutionary as the iPhone in 2017

“The iPhone was first unveiled 10 years ago, so Apple may be due for another game-changing product,” Oscar Raymundo writes for Macworld.

“According to recent rumors, Apple is hard at work developing a wearable equipped with augmented reality,” Raymundo writes. “Last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook was very forthcoming about his interest in AR. Could Apple’s AR glasses be that far behind?”

“Apple might also be help revolutionize our living rooms with a Siri Speaker, a virtual assistant designed to rival Amazon Echo and Google Home,” Raymundo writes. “Or perhaps Apple’s next hit product will be something we haven’t even thought of yet. Do you think there could ever be another iPhone? If so, what might it be?”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’d buy an Amazon Echo echo (Siri Speaker) from Apple. Would you?


  1. Re: MDN take. Apple has to significantly improve Siri’s voice recognition and abilities before it can touch Amazon Echo or Google Home. Siri is stuck in about the same state she was in the iPhone 4S.

    1. Not really, have you used it on an Apple Watch or iPhone 7? Much improved, and much better than Alexa (that can’t search contextually or understand anything other jam specific phrases). Google now is very good however, but the google home product isn’t. I bought one and tried it and the microphones can’t pick things up from across the room, also it requires you to sign in with you google account at set up, no thanks. At least Siri is anonymous. Siri is in second place to google now, but much better than Alexa.

      1. I have a watch and iPhone 7. Siri can’t understand my daughter, ever. Alexa not only understands her, they can have a conversation. What Amazon has done with Alexa is impressive considering they don’t make phones or computers, but Google is king at actually answering questions. I’m with you in not letting Google that far into my house though. We all trust Apple more than Google or Amazon.
        Are you sure Siri is anonymous? It has to send recordings to Apple just like Alexa or Google. One big difference is that Amazon and Google give users a way to review and delete those recordings. Apple does not. Apple needs more transparency here.

        1. Yeah all of the audio sent to Siri servers are encrypted, and apple doesn’t record user data just the questions that are asked. I can’t believe Alexa works that well for you, that wasn’t my experience at all, glad it does. The contextual issue with it was my biggest problem and the echo didn’t seem to do much other being good at ordering stuff from amazon. I think google simply has a decade lead on information which is why it’s able to answer so many questions, and it does work well. But the home product doesn’t form an audio perspective, the mics simply aren’t that good. Other wise I basically agree with you

          1. I’m sorry, your first statement has confused me. If the audio is encrypted when sent to Siri servers, how does Siri know what you said? If you mean the audio file is encrypted during transport then the decryption key exists at the server and can be obtained by law enforcement. Also the server needs to know where to send the result so at that point your IP address if not your device info is noted at the server.

            1. Sorry for not being explicit, yes the audio file is encrypted as is the user data. But The user data is tied to the device ID and not a users Apple ID, in other words, apple doesn’t know who is asking the questions just the questions themselves. With the attached metadata of location if enabled, and time stamp. This is all explained on

              You like to nit pick about small grammatical errors but are rarely correct with larger criticisms.

    2. Siri could always be better, but right now it is very good. I can do very useful dictation in reply to texts and email with Siri. I would like to be able to add specific vocabularies of technical jargon for my field. I often ask Siri sports questions with my watch and always get a good response. Siri knows schedules, scores, remaining time and such.

      1. John, you and Siri must have known each other b4 she came to the iPh. To me, she’s an idiot. Yes, I speak English pretty well and I don’t ask things with my mouth full. With almost everything, I accomplish tasks faster w/o her and w/ far less frustration. Epitimizing her idiocy, she can’t seem to understand my e-address is .mac, not.mack. Inexcusable.

  2. …. whatever “experience” comes next from Apple inc., whether in terms of devices, software, evolution or revolution … people the world over will continue to buy and own the offerings because of the singular focus on personal security and that overriding desire to “delight the customer”!

  3. Apple has consistently redesigned the laptop keyboard to make the fingertip response of the keys feel more and more like a Taptastic vibration than key movement. It’s no stretch to surmise that the entire keyboard is planned to be replaced with a touch pad like the new function-key-whatzit.

    When does this happen? 2017 feels too early. I’d guess 2018 or 2019.

    1. Come to think of it, if iPhone 8 manages wireless charging through large glass panels the MacBook could naturally be next in line by making the keyboard a large glass panel. So Fall 2018 starts to make a lot of sense after a year of testing with iPhone 8.

  4. According to my sources, APPLE is getting ready to release a powerful new desktop computer unlike anything ever imagined.

    It will be less than half an inch thick, 2.75 inches square and contain one I/O port capable of linking into all of the RAM, storage, additional CPUs, GPUs, and add-ons any desktop user could ever dream of using.

    Yes, this is the 2017 Mac Pro desktop users have been calling for the last three/four years. Your wait is over. The time for super computing clusters is at hand and being brought to you by APPLE’s new desktop Mac called, NanoPro! The thinnest, lightest, wicked small super computer desktop Pro ever devised.

    Orders are being taken today with the NanoPro-Poquito priced at the stunningly small price of $6,795 and the NanoPro-Grande reasonably priced at $9,950.

    In keeping with President-elect Trump’s call for keeping jobs in the US, the NanoPro is being manufactured at APPLE’S new facility it is sharing with Fiat-Jeep-Chrysler in Toledo, Ohio.

  5. I really do not see the point in having extra hardware for something the watch, iPad, and iPhone already do when everyone already each has all of those in our house. That would be like expecting someone to buy a calculator, calendar, alarm clock, or any other utility that is clearly better to be built into existing devices.

    As technology advances, fewer things will be physical, physical things will convert more into digital ones. But what you’re suggesting with an Amazon Echo clone would be the exact opposite.

    Leading companies don’t copy other companies, they innovate their own path. They especially should never copy companies that make useless products with zero foresight into its certain failure.

    1. It’d make sense if the device also incorporated a router, perhaps the Apple TV as well. The advantage to a larger device could be the quality of the microphones. Personally I’d prefer for my Macbook to be my “hub”. Besides that I already have an iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods. Siri is best on the Watch, but still mediocre beyond the very simple commands that I know will work.

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