Using an iPad as a Touch Bar for your Mac

“Duet is an iOS app that lets you connect your Mac to your iPad or iPhone and use that device as a second screen,” Chris Roberts writes for “It works remarkably well and, considering that the iOS app is currently on offer on the app store at 50% discount (£7.99 / $9.99), it’s a great opportunity to begin exploring what the Touch Bar offers without the price tag of a new MacBook Pro (providing you’ve got an iPad available of course).”

“I have to say that, having spent a little time with the 15” MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, it’s very cool to see that this Duet-enabled version of it seems to respond just like the real thing; changing as you switch applications, offering suggestions and other options. Very cool indeed,” Roberts writes. “You can even customise your Duet-Touch Bar as you would with the real thing too; though it take a few moments for the edit window to appear and you have to counter-intuitively drag the icons down towards your keyboard to add them to the Touch Bar on the secondary display – but it does work.”

“It’s not as natural to use as the actual Touch Bar. Here you have to consciously disengage your hands from your keyboard or mouse to engage with the Touch Bar on the iPad, whereas from my experience with the new MacBook Pro it was much more of a natural thing just to tap the bar that sits between the keyboard and screen,” Roberts writes. “Here’s a great opportunity for everyone with a Mac and an iOS device to explore the potential of using the Touch Bar before the big jobs for 2017 begin rolling in and you consider purchasing that all new MacBook Pro.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Bring on the Apple Magic Keyboard with integrated Touch Bar! Our iMacs want real Touch Bars, too!

We use Duet Display when traveling with our MacBooks and can easily recommend the app.

Duet Display lets you add a virtual Touch Bar to any Mac – January 3, 2017


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