NPD claims Samsung’s exploding phones did little to help Apple’s iPhone

Despite “the massive financial and reputational hit Samsung took in the second half of 2016 with the global recall of millions of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones… Samsung sales didn’t plummet because the majority of Android loyalists are already entrenched in Samsung products, said Stephen Baker, the primary hardware analyst at the NPD Group Inc. tech industry research firm,” Nathan Olivarez-Giles reports for The Wall Street Journal. “‘Most of those who bought or wanted to buy a Note 7 opted for a different high-end Galaxy phone,’ Mr. Baker said.”

“‘Samsung was able to fend off other Android competition, and Apple, too, thanks to Apple’s own lack of a wowing product this year,’ Mr. Baker said,” Olivarez-Giles reports. “The iPhone 7 did produce strong sales for Apple, but Apple hasn’t said yet whether or not the sale will be enough to reverse its first annual revenue decline in 15 years, which the company reported in October.”

Olivarez-Giles reports, “‘Apple has the strongest ecosystem, with its hardware, software and app and content stores,’ said consumer tech and mobile industry consultant Chetan Sharma. ‘iPhone users looking for an upgrade stick with Apple. But in a year when Samsung dropped the ball in a huge way,’ he said, Apple ‘didn’t have a phone with a compelling enough feature set to lure Samsung owners away.'”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’ll pass on the baseless, fact-free spin and wait for the hard sales figures, thanks.

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  1. I happen to know that this is complete BS. There have been massive layoffs at Samsung as a result of this debacle, one was a friend of mine (an American working for them in South Korea) that gave me the skinny. Don’t believe anything analysts say, they exist to manipulate markets, not to inform us.

  2. “… its first annual revenue decline in 15 years”

    Nope. Revenue declined in both 2001 and 2002 relative to the prior fiscal years. NPD and the WSJ are both full of shit.

  3. NPD = Not Prediction Dependable or Nincompoops Predicting Doom

    And where will these market morons be when Apple sales figures makes them look like total asshats? (Retreating into their cesspool anal-cyst holes of course, until the next time.)

  4. Just because Samsung had a problem with the Galaxy Note 7, it really doesn’t make much sense for loyal Android smartphone users to switch platforms. They probably took Samsung’s generous trade-in offer or they’re simply going to wait for the next Galaxy Note to become available. There’s one thing Samsung has going for it and that is they’ll do practically anything to regain customers. Why blame Apple for consumer choices. These people always seem to draw the conclusion that Apple isn’t designing good enough smartphones. Not everyone in the world is looking for “Wow” smartphones. In many instances, a dependable product with good customer service works quite well to lure customers. I honestly don’t know what a “Wow” product has to have. It’s a smartphone. What kind of smartphone magic are consumers looking for. Tech critics are just stupid. I think it has more to do with product cost than anything else.

  5. Jeve Stobs says:

    All the great prognosticators get their statistics from the very spacial now reality encompassing everything; through real spacetime interaction with the psychic energy field emanating from the cosmic cloud centric superconscience collective intelligence; those special pundits, analysts, are able to attune their synergized minds to hyper-converge conceptual, virtual, visualized, insights of interlaced, infundibulistic logic, to realize statistical data and make predictions. Don’t believe it works? Just check their track record! 🔮/s

    PS: I write mission statements.

  6. Do not underestimate the “used car sales man ” and super aggressive/obnoxious sales tactics of sumsung.

    Walk into best buy and go to samsung area and start looking around…. you will be attacked by samy sales people , who without hesitation will knock Apple.. downtalk it to shit level and paint samdung as gift from gods..
    To the uninforemed layman this can be very effective..
    Go to Apple section and no pushy obnoxious sales tactics.

    At this point no one outside of Apple and Samdung know the facts about the numbers … its all speculation and mostly biased..
    Lets wait and see what the real numbers are.
    I hope Apple makes a point of giving us some insight and emphasizes the number of converts from S to A at the next earnings CC .

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