Apple device activations doubled beleaguered Samsung’s during holiday season

“Nearly half of all new mobile device and app activations across the United States during the week leading up to Christmas and the beginning of Chanukah were for the Apple iPhone, according to analyst firm Flurry,” Corinne Reichert reports for ZDNet. “Flurry reported that during the week, 44 percent of all new phone and tablet activations involved Apple devices, while just 21 percent were across Samsung smartphones and tablets, with the latter still feeling the effects of its global recall of the Galaxy Note 7 in September following incidents of batteries catching fire or exploding.”

Reichert reports, “A blog post by Flurry director Chris Klotzbach and Flurry marketing and analytics manager Lali Kesiraju… added that Google’s new Pixel smartphones were noticeably but ‘not so surprisingly’ missing from the activations chart, attributing this to its mixed reception.”

Flurry: Apple iPhone garnered twice as many mobile device activations as Samsung this Christmas; Google Pixel MIA

“Earlier in December, Kantar reported that iOS holds the greatest market share in Japan, accounting for 51.7 percent of smartphone sales during the October quarter; 44 percent of sales in the United Kingdom; and grew by seven percentage points over the year to reach 40.5 percent of sales in the US,” Reichert reports. “IDC last month report[ed] that Apple’s Australian mobile market share grew from 40.41 percent last quarter to 46.42 percent this quarter, thanks to the launch of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Looks like people may finally be waking up to the fact that an iPhone knockoff from a South Korean dishwasher maker is not a real iPhone.

If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone.


      1. Kahn – Samsung and their disturbed followers like you
        have to see the writing on the wall …..
        Their flagship reputation is shot, kaput and over.
        One last gasp is approaching with the Samsung S8 which will certainly show more omissions and errors with talk of the new iPhone 8 stealing their blather.
        Stay on the Porch Kahn – “YOUR DOG CAN’T HUNT”

    1. I don’t give a crap about who sells how much, I have no skin in that game. The extent of my loyalty is as long as my unit’s usefulness.

      That having been said, I’m surprised Samsung did even that good. Their flagship launched in the US on March 11th. March 11th! That’s a long time. Add the fact of the negatively explosive launch of the Note 7, they were like the Bismark. Dead in the water.

      And still, only twice? Wow!

  1. Lets ponder… shall we?

    90% + or – Market share for Android. Right? Android is a mobile OS. Right? Is it safe to say that Android is not mobile hardware? TRUE OR FALSE?
    TRUE. So, with all this MARKET SHARE…. where the FCK are all the profits for Android? Anybody? Bueller? And iAm not talking AD REVENUE btw.

    OK SO…. Apple has 40% + or – Market Share? Depends on who you ask. Regardless of these findings, would you not envy a 40% Market Share and 103% PROFIT SAHRE? Hello! That extra 3% is due to the fact that other (most) Android hardware OEMs operate AT A LOSS! WTF is wrong with this picture?

    For sure Apple is DOOMED!

    with no further ado….. G M A F B

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