HandBrake 1.0.0 released after 13 years in development

“HandBrake is a popular open source, multiplatform video transcoder,” Fossbytes reports. “After spending more than 13 years in development, this veteran software has finally hit version 1.0.0. It can process the most common media files and DVD/Blu-ray sources that don’t have any type of copy protection.”

“Being the version 1.0.0, it’s loaded with tons of features and bug fixes,” Fossbytes reports. “The most useful changes come in the overhauled preset department that features a new pile of presets for common devices.”

“The 1.0.0 release establishes it as a great choice for standard and high-quality conversion,” Fossbytes reports. “Please note that the HandBrake website is the only official source for HandBrake, except the Linux PPA. It’s available for MacOS X, Windows, and Linux.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: That didn’t take long at all! 😉

HandBrake 1.0.0 info and download links are here.


      1. No, I get that; my point is, over the years, there were 0.x point changes, and I don’t see the most recent change log (from the most recent 0.x version to 1.0) as such a significant jump, compared to prior changes, in order to warrant the gold master / production status.

      1. Let’s hope that on MDN in 2017 we can go back to staying on point. If you agree with a comment, say so. If you disagree, say why. Please quit carrying over personal attacks on the poster based on previous posts or opinions from the poster—those are immaterial to a fresh thread. And that goes for political flame wars. Don’t drag bickering unrelated to the subject of the original story. Maybe we can get back to having fun on this site.

  1. Optical discs may in many ways be becoming obsolete, but I still have a large collection I’m gradually transferring since there is no way I’m buying them all over again, PLUS discs are often way cheaper than downloads – especially if you have a little patience (something good will be as good in 6 months as it is now).

    1. Discs aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. I avoid streaming (and the “cloud”) as mochas possible.

      The love affair with both of these is fueled by convenience, coupled with a bit of generational naïveté (it’s our [current young generation] thing).

      1. In my own mindset, I would expect to agree with you. However, I discovered that, in reality, I cannot remember when was the last time I had watched one of probably 100 optical discs (DVD or Blu-ray) that I had accumulated over the years (although, in all fairness, most are kids’ movies). More importantly, in recent years, vast majority of my eventing TV viewing comprises of Netflix, rather than real-time (or on-demand) cable (optical rarely even figures there).

        So, while I’m an old guy who has fondness for physical media, the convenience, availability and simplicity of the streaming offerings makes optical media seem impractical and has turned me into a de-facto champion…

    2. Handbrake is a transcoder. It’s a very useful utility even if you are not using optical disks.

      ie. you want to convert a file for optimal viewing on an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch without the file size being larger than necessary.

  2. I used Handbrake years ago, and it produced good versions of DVDs that you still can’t buy as digital movies: House Calls, The Coca-Cola Kid.

    But the last time I tried to put it on my MBP, I could not do it. OS X told me it was not certified or trusted or something.

    Can we trust this version?

    1. It is your security settings. After you tried to download and tried to open, go to Security and Privacy / General. There should be at the bottom a button to manually accept loading of this program.
      Make sure you downloaded from their direct site. If it is from a third party site, something nefarious may have been tacked on.

    2. That just means that the author hasn’t registered with the Gestapo (Apple). Handbrake is used by millions of people worldwide. It’s safe. When you get one of those warnings by double-clicking on an installer icon try again, but hold down the Control key, click on the icon, and select Open from the popup menu that will show up. The warning box will come up, but it will have an OK/Continue button in addition to the Cancel button. Do be careful with lesser known software. As Apple continues to piss off more and more developers this may become more common.

      1. Apple makes sure that there are no unwanted bits of program tagged on like key loggers, malware, spyware etcetera. I trust Apple and have no use for your poorly conceived uninformed point of view.

  3. Always been a fan of HandBrake, and recently discovered that if you install Infuse on the Apple TV 4, it actually allows passthrough of DTS-HD. Been re-ripping my Blu Rays and the sound improvement was well worth the $17.

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