President-elect Trump to meet with Apple CEO Cook, other tech leaders today

“U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, who has made no secret of his disdain for the titans of Silicon Valley, will host executives from top technology companies for a meeting at his Manhattan tower on Wednesday,” Dustin Volz and David Shepardson report for Reuters.

“Tech luminaries, including Apple Inc Chief Executive Tim Cook, Facebook Inc Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg and Tesla Motors Inc Executive Elon Musk, will seek to find common ground on economic issues at the roundtable,” Volz and Shepardson report. “The meeting, organized by Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus and PayPal co-founder and Trump supporter Peter Thiel, is billed as an introductory session, four sources briefed on the talks said, all of whom requested anonymity to discuss a private meeting.”

“Other expected participants include Alphabet Inc Chief Executive Larry Page and Chairman Eric Schmidt, Chief Executive Jeff Bezos, Microsoft Corp Chief Executive Satya Nadella, IBM Chief Executive Ginni Rometty and Oracle, sources said,” Volz and Shepardson report. “‘If he can reform the tax code, reduce regulation, and negotiate better trade deals, the U.S. technology community will be stronger and more competitive than ever,’ Oracle Chief Executive Safra Catz, who will attend the meeting, said in a statement.”

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MacDailyNews Take: That’ll be an interesting meeting.

Tim Cook, other tech elite attend tech summit with President-elect Trump at Trump Tower in Manhattan– December 12, 2016


    1. Thanks for letting us know how you feel. I couldn’t disagree with you more. I’m thankful and much of the world is thankful that the warmongering hateful “first female president” did not win.

  1. Hey if Trump can help Apple and the technology industry make gains where the Dumbocrats were unable to under Obama then more power to him.

    I think what most libtards are afraid of is Trump, as unconventional and at times unsettling as he is, might actually accomplish good things their stillborn lost-their-way party is incapable of. (I’m not a Trump supporter nor did I vote for him but see this as an experiment and as long as it doesn’t kill us we may see some positive changes along the way, while keeping an eye on any negative ones.)

        1. And I think of anyone registered as Democrat to be ‘crap’ as in DemoCrap, my former term before adopting DumboCrat. BOTH parties are blatantly DISinterested in representing We The People. I was once registered with each. I wised up.

            1. I like to focus on the organizations knows as ‘Parties’. But I’m constantly inspired to be cynical watching the sheeple herds and their willingness to enter into the abattoirs of rationality. It’s clearly a decline into something on the order of Idiocracy.

              We’ve had lots of discussions here at MDN about what’s been going on and how it fits very well into previous historical events. ‘The past is prologue’.

              • Adoration and adoption of trash culture.
              • Decline and fall of increasingly lost and degenerate cultures.
              • Desperation created by socioeconomic events inspiring extremism, fortified by the perpetration of totalitarianism.

              That sort of stuff. It’s not so much a label as a system of behavior that’s predictable and self-destructive. To free at least one’s self from this nonsense is to, in some important way, awaken. It depends upon the person as to what perspective they gain in the departure from their ‘box’.

    1. I agree. Other than those confederate flag flying idiots, the rest of America is very cautiously optimistic. Loud and Clear from the disappearing middle class, America can no longer enter trade deals that are disadvantageous to American workers in exchange for some intangible modification in human rights or non pursuit of nuclear weapons.

        1. “Trolls live for the glory of stars of approval”.

          Yes, that is true. I do, I do, I do. I promise not to Troll if you just give me 5 stars.

          Trump is good, Hillary is good, Obama is good, everyone is good!

          Trump is bad, Hillary is bad, Obama is bad. Everyone here is bad!

          I agree with everyone. Now please, give me 5 stars!

  2. Except from Lexington, in The Economist:

    “The slogan America First thrilled enough voters to get Donald Trump elected. It is also true that Republican supporters of Mr Trump like to compare him to Ronald Reagan, gleefully predicting that he will use his rhetorical skills to sell a hard-edged conservative agenda to the public. But one of the reasons that Reagan was so loved by his countrymen was that he made them feel proud to be Americans. He was a master story-teller who delighted in recounting tales of American heroism and selfless virtue. Are Americans ready to stop being the shining city on the hill and become a transactional, self-first country in all circumstances?”

    Indeed, America will find itself rapidly losing competitiveness and respect the world over.

    To the article — why trust Trump on anything? Nothing he has proposed is good for international trade or technology companies’ growth or for talent acquisition. Carrier and Ford aren’t lauding Trump for his taking credit for production plans that have been in motion for many months before Trump ever heard of them. The defense industries are already universally against Trump since he is badmouthing them without adequate facts. And coal country is setting themselves up for a yuge disappointment — they lost their mining jobs because natural gas is cheaper, not because Obama disliked coal. The difference was that Obama sought and failed to get funding for career retraining programs. Trump isn’t going to spend a dime on domestic investment. People are just pawns in his transational deals, they will be ignored.

    Aside from Exxon Mobil, the business community is not enthralled with the prospect of Trump personally picking winners and losers, singling out his supporters for favorable deals and penalizing those he deems unloyal to The Donald. It will not take too long before the backlash cuts off the twitter fiend. Without the support of the business community as a whole, Trump will soon find his hands tied by the same corporate puppet Congress that stonewalled any progress during the Obama administration.

    Consider this: everyone cries out for tax reform. The Republican-led congress has had 6 years to implement legislative changes. They have not — since despite the public whining, the special interests that control Congress love the gerrymandered tax code just as it is. They exploit it for personal profit every day. They will now bow to Trump’s empty threats, he has no power as executive to enact any reforms. He can’t make tech companies set up new factories in the USA either — at least not unless he uses taxpayer money to bribe them.

    Blowhard Trump will be shocked to find that his Samsung phone and twitter account are powerless to change this. It is up to Americans to drain the swamp by voting the bums out. Instead, Americans retained their corrupt congress and then put a rabid fox in the executive mansion to guard the henhouse. It will be a great show but you will see the tech community will ignore everything The Donald says. Apple will continue to increase investments in China and India, Google and Microsofot will keep hiring immigrants, and Amazon will keep putting main street out of business with zero-service, cheap imported junk at low prices.

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