Android and iPhone reject female nudity app

“Google Play and Apple have rejected an app designed to help women post nude photos on Instagram,” BBC News reports. “Model Melina DiMarco has designed an app to provide simple illustrated ‘lady parts’ to post over your own, to get round the sites rules on nudity. She claims other options for censoring photos, for example black bars and crosses, encourage the sexualisation of the female form.”

“But the App Store and Google Play Store say her app promotes explicit content,” The Beeb reports. “Instagram’s policy on nude photos has come under attack a lot in recent years. Site rules ban ‘violent, nude, partially nude… pornographic or sexually suggestive photos.’ In practice, this means men can post topless pictures but women can’t.”

“Two years on, Melina DiMarco, who’s a model in the US, has come up with what she calls a ‘temporary solution,'” The Beeb reports. “She’s created an application called Nood. ‘It’s a photo editing app where you can upload a photo and put illustrated nipples over your nipples and an illustrated vagina over your vagina.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’re surprised Google Play Store is in on this. They usually don’t seem to care what’s in there.

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  1. Question… Isn’t the Apple Pencil able to do exactly the same thing….? Hmmmm….

    Google Play forbiddance? No problem at all.
    Google Play is not the only store. That’s the difference between curation and censorship.

    It does give a whole new meaning to sideloading though…

  2. OMG! Almost everyone has access to the internet and one can see all the female private parts they want. I can understand if the whole WWW was being cleaned up but trying to prevent nudity by banning some small app makes little sense at all. Exactly who does it hurt? A few bible thumpers are being offended? Again, it’s like the missionaries wanting to put clothes on indigenous people. Why do we remain so hung up on nudity in America when it’s so easy to access on the internet?

    1. Perhaps you don’t have a daughter but likely have a mother. How would you feel about seeing others ogle your daughter or mother or wife for the rest of your life when they made an unfortunate mistake and used such an app to post a nude photo of themselves?

        1. It’s not just about feeling and emotion… most of the time, it’s about its use for exploitation. It’s rampant, more common than you think, and has nothing to do with religious views.

          Fact is… it’s Instagram’s policy and it’s Apple’s policy. There are plenty of other avenues to increase personal revenue by selling off viewing rights to your body that don’t involve instagram… and who really appreciates the constant follow requests from professional purveyors of porn on their personal instagram feed. I report every single account that tries to follow me… and have a 100% rate on accounts that have been shut down. IG makes it super easy to report an account. 4 taps and you’re done.

        2. Although you may be able to make good choices for you and your family, there are many morally bankrupt people in the world who would sell their children, sisters and grandmothers for a few dollars. We don’t need to make it easier for them to make the kind of mistakes that will hurt someone for a very long time. We don’t have to make it seem like everyone is doing it and it is ok to post nude photos of your teen self.

            1. Every time I hear the phrase slippery slope I flash back to the scene in the movie Romancing the Stone, where the protagonists are precipitated along a mudslide in the Colombian rainforest to a preternatural introduction. I’d say more but the prude within me forbids further discussion.

            1. The only feelings that count are the woman’s. Anything beyond that are an expression of the woman failing to meet a man’s expectations. What right does a man have to define what a woman chooses to do? Does he own her? Should he remove her genitals so she doesn’t enjoy sex? Where is the end?

              “You don’t own me
              I’m not just one of your many toys”

            2. “The only feelings that count are the woman’s.”
              Complete and utter bullshit.

              Why, a man has no right to his opinion, preference, or disappointment? What if her mother/sister/aunt/ best friend were disappointed? Their feelings don’t matter? They don’t have the “legal” right to intervene, but they most certainly have the right to their feelings and opinion.

              The gender distinction is artificial bullshit. I would be disappointed if it were my brother, father, or son as well.

              That kind of politically correct, knee jerk reaction is oppressive.

      1. So if I understand you correctly, you think it is everyone else’s responsibility to protect your daughter if you fail to instill the morals and decision making skills you seem to think are so critical to her happiness. Or is it really your happiness or perhaps you have an Oedipus complex.

        Maybe you are the one who needs a reality check.

      1. Yeah, “hung up on nudity.” Seriously, it’s pretty childish to be so extremely concerned about what other consenting adults choose to do or not do. Why should you care?
        I forget, TT, are you a libertarian? If so, in which categories of life are you _really_ a libertarian?

        1. “Bible Thumpers” is a type of insult, a derogatory dismissal of evangelical Christians. Moral debates of every sort are too often accompanied by name-calling and stereotyping. Such contests can’t be settled when incendiary language reinforces the prejudices of the combatants. The sciences of rhetoric and diplomacy both emphasise this as a first principle. Wild denizens of the internet, on the other hand, sneer at science, social norms, common courtesy, or anything else that interferes with their infantile desire to make their point no matter what.

  3. How utterly Victorian of Apple. But blowing or bashing somebody’s brain all over the place is perfectly acceptable. So go dead yourself with the walking dead app. Don’t forget to add Lucille to your photo while your at it. And post THAT to instagram.

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