How to restart your iPhone without using the Home or power buttons

“Whenever you are unfortunate enough to have a busted Home button or non-functioning power button, it can become difficult to reboot your iPhone or iPad in a pinch, and considering reboots are the most common way to troubleshoot software problems, you should always have a way to reboot your device,” Anthony Bouchard writes for iDownloadBlog.

“In this piece, we’ll discuss a few ways you can reboot your iOS device without using the Home or power buttons,” Bouchard writes. “Instead, you’ll utilize nothing more than the touch screen.”

“There are a few effective ways to reboot your non-jailbroken iPhone without using any buttons to do so,” Bouchard writes. “Probably the most convenient way to reboot your stock iPhone without using any buttons is with Assistive Touch. This is one of the only fast and convenient ways of doing so without any side effects.”

Easy instructions here.


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