How Apple will make you really, really want an Apple TV

“The Apple TV is a quite powerful machine. It runs a dual-core, 64-bit A8 processor, which gives it plenty of oomph for apps, games, TV shows, music, and movies. And it’s not good enough,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “When it comes to television you want more.”

“You want faster and more detailed games. You want better graphics and animation. You want speedier apps,” Evans writes. “You want more powerful and more integrated personalization and predictive capabilities.”

“Apple really wants to give this to you. It is working pretty hard to lay the ground for the next edition of its front room computer,” Evans writes. “So, what kind of improvements can you expect, and how will Apple convince you to purchase an Apple TV (5)?”

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MacDailyNews Take: While we’d love Evans’ extensive wishlist to arrive, we’d be happy with just 4K, Netflix, and Amazon.


    1. The competition is orders of magnitude better.

      Besides, many people don’t even pay for content any longer, as there are a plethora of sites that continuously pop up that allow you to stream just about anything for FREE.

      The world no longer waits for Apple and the future looks bleak, as long as they continue to let Tim Cook allow Apple to fall to the ground at a scientific 32-feet per second!

      1. On Earth, that’s falling to the ground at an acceleration of 32 feet (9.8 meters) per second per second, aka G.

        I can verify there are constantly new sources for streaming an incredible array of media, illegally.

        As usual I have to point out that if the archaic, antiquated media oligarchy would catch up and join the 21st century, they could be providing all these streaming media à la carte over the net in a timely manner at fair and rational prices rather than effectively motivating crooks to foist the same media via what amounts to a black market.

        But the media oligarchy refuses to look in the mirror and place the blame where it belongs: On themselves.
        (0_o) | (o_0)

        1. 1. Why are you just reitterating exactly what I said? The last time I checked, whether falling or accelerating (purely semantics from my argument’s perspective), 32-feet per second = 32-feet per second. You are trying to hard to appear to be intelligent.

          2. In the United States, it is currently legal to stream media so long as you DO NOT actually download the content.

          With you the old adage applies, “Better to remain silent…”

          1. You clearly didn’t read what Derek said, or you don’t understand the difference between velocity and acceleration. Derek corrected your “fall to the ground at a scientific 32-feet per second” to the actual “32 feet per second _per second_” (emphasis added). He was pointing out that 32 feet per second is not the velocity at which a body falls on Earth, as you said (and you invoked science in so doing inaccurately). Instead, a body falls faster and faster, with the velocity increasing by 32 feet per second EACH second (although continuously through any given second). That is, until the body reaches terminal velocity.
            There’s a lot more to it than that, but I think it is fair to make a correction to something inaccurate when science is invoked. Derek actually did it in a friendly way, and you responded with anger and nastiness. Interesting.

            Furthermore, he also more accurately describes the current legal status of copyright violation in the U.S. I think you both would agree that streaming _should_ be easier/better than it is, and legal.

            Why all the unwarranted hostility, sir?

            1. Did I EVER mention the word “velocity” once in my previous post…. YOU F*CKING IDIOT?

              No, because I implicity understand physics, something you two idiots clearly do not.

          2. Your comment will be the stupidest one I read all day. Congratulations!

            1. Derek actually provided you with a link to show where you’re wrong about gravity. You ignored it, and went right into arguing against reality while being insulting and hiding behind a sock puppet. Nice.

            2. The first part of this statement is unqualified, so it’s meaningless. Legal to stream child porn? No. Legal to stream a Netflix movie? Yes. As far as the second part, streaming technically is downloading. The difference being semantical in that streaming is considered playing while it’s downloading and that the file would be cached as opposed to readily user accessible, although it may still be accessed. There’s no U.S. law that you can point to that shows any situation where streaming a file would legal but downloading the same file wouldn’t.

          3. JACKPOT! I win on both counts, QED. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
            1) Physics: I even provided a link to a page explaining the physics you FAIL to comprehend. But you were too lazy to read it and improve your understanding.
            2) Law: Streaming media = Downloading media to your web browser for consumption = DUH. Illegal. Thus my pointing out that it is illegal.

            Plus I get bonus points because I was attempting to be helpful, not criticizing our sad, pathetic little anonymous-coward ignorant troll from the wrong planet.

            This is what makes MDN ExTrA FUN! I get to take out my frustrations about deliberately stupid people directly on deliberately stupid people. IOW: I want you to feel stupid, you profoundly stupid person. What you give is what you get when you’re a dickhead to others.

            You could have taken my post in the spirit it was given, helpful information and insight. Try it next time. Learning and growing is the point of being alive.

  1. I used the Apple TV 3 for some time and I used to recommend it all the time over other options specially chromecast. Recently, I brought a 4K tv with Roku integrated, at first, I was using Apple TV on it, but I wanted to compare 4K videos vs 1080, even that I did not see much diference because of the excellent quality of the graphics card in the Apple TV and the upscale engine on the tv, I did noted that Netflix and YouTube appa work much better in Roku than it does in Apple TV. Shows or movies starts faster, easier to navigate, when you change the languages or add subtitles, the program resumes mucha faster in Roku.
    I think a very good feature for the new Apple TV could be the 4K and the improvement of the streaming apps.

    1. When one of my brothers asked what was the best TV streaming box on the market, I thought about telling him Apple TV. But I told him to get a Roku. I’m glad I did. Kind of sad. But I still hold out hopes for the Apple TV and champion it kicking everyone else’s ass. Apple has to want that as well and make it so. Maybe we should be kicking Apple’s ass…

  2. I have stopped recommending Apple products to my friends.

    I will keep buying them. But in the past the phrase “it just works” was true.

    But if I recommend them now, I am responsible for their decision. I no longer want to be. I no longer want to be the one they call with questions and complaints.

    1. Sadly I am in the same boat. Obviously I’m not recommending they go Windows or Android, but the last couple years has been very frustrating as Apple took away features from software and implemented incomplete solutions.

      I am more tolerant of these (barely; still pissed off Photos doesn’t have star ratings, keywords are NOT a replacement), but some of the people I support are not.

      This doesn’t even get into how the latest MBPs are more expensive *and* require extra dongles.

    2. I agree as well. Will keep buying (though at a slower rate) and will not regularly recommend Apple products and ecosystem as “superior”. Who is that Rob guy and how easy is it to confuse the two of us? We’re certainly not the same person, but we seem to agree a lot.

  3. Like WiFi routers and displays, Apple needs to drop the Apple TV and concentrate on finally giving us a new Mac Pro. I can’t get anything done with the apps available on the AppeTV; it’s worthless. Now, a new Mac Pro, I’d be able to get back to doing some real work.

  4. It looks like MDN has finally come to see what I’ve been pointing out ever since clueless Cook started coasting on product development in 2011. Apple is now being led by beancounters and hipsters, not enthusiasts who have passion for the best functionality and user experience.

  5. I’ve purchased Apple TV in the past. When it came to upgrade/purchase 2 more this past year, I went with ROKU. Apple TV too limited, too dated.

    I’m in need of an iMac upgrade and am seriously looking at Dell.

    My iPad 3, iPad mini need replacing and I considered the 12.9 iPad Pro. Except, cell service is only available on 128gb and 256 and there is no 64gb option. I refuse to spend $1.2k+ on an iPad. I’ll keep the mini and 3 and look at Cintiq windows tablet for drawing.

    Apple simply cares little about non-iphone products.

  6. I’d consider upgrade if they set Airplay free and allowed streaming to multiple speakers in sync, same time with option from Apple Music via iOS too with or without TV switch on.
    In NZ we don’t have the complete feature set as US 😭 so this would make me hold on but current looking to sell my gen 4 as my Smart TV provides all the apps I need right now

  7. Apple TV needs too many things to list in one spot. But I’ll try.

    Native UHD resolution (4K) with HDR, DCI-P3 — full color depth consistent with the latest home cinema standards
    Faster and more intuitive search and discovery
    Less app management and password overhead – ONE app and UNIVERSAL login, nothing less.
    A better, less fragile remote that allows for key entry not just dumbass Siriand the current worthless onscreen keyboard.
    Full on DVR functionality
    Expansion to allow management and playback of locally stored media
    a la carte media bundles
    support for all major media distribution — that includes Amazon, Sling, and Vudu now.
    more powerful processing for faster response
    more attractive interface – dark mode was absolutely necessary, but still a long way to go
    more stable airplay & mirroring options

    more outputs — HDMI 2.0, displayport, discrete audio
    more inputs — USB-C, TB3, etc

    I would even like expansion capability to plug in a BluRay drive for disc playback believe it or not. RedBox rentals are so easy and cheap, it’s just so much better to have the kids pick a video there than to scroll through endless apps in a vain attempt to find a movie.

    1. I’d mostly agree, except…
      UHD with both HDR-10 and Dolby Vision support
      More memory (up through 1.0 TB as an option for those who want it)
      Two HDMI 2.1 out (or at the very least two 2.0b)
      Gb Ethernet
      802.11ac with 4×4 MUMIMO
      Bluetooth 5

    2. A remote that I don’t pick up and hold upside down nearly every time. Looks over functionality. In the dark, I always pick that thing up the wrong way, try to push buttons only to realize later it’s pointing the wrong way. Put a texture of some kinds so we know which way is which on it. But hey, it looks cool just sitting there. And that is all that counts to Apple.

    3. Nice post! Here are some thoughts/reactions…

      Native UHD resolution (4K)…
      Yep, that should happen soon. There’s actually a lot that needs to come together. I know, “but… the competition has it”, true but nobody is really doing it right and nobody is doing it across what has become a rather large ecosystem that Apple has. Much of what’s needed has just recently been finalized in specs and then needs to be baked in hardware across all of Apple’s ecosystems, not just with HDR, but also HEVC and other specs that Apple would likely jump to in one go.

      Search, App Management, Password…
      Yes, Apple seems to be iterating on this at a steady pace.

      A better, less fragile remote that allows for key entry
      There are 3rd party keyboard remotes, and I could see Apple doing more to evangelize them, or even offer a “pro” remote themselves. Personally, I like the smaller keyboard-less remote with Siri.

      Full on DVR functionality
      There’s no way I see Apple ever doing this, and many reasons why. It would greatly add cost and complexity to the device. It would be a feature that would go unused by many. It’s totally contrary to the future vision. Also the Apple TV 4 allows for 3rd parties to take care of this. I use my Apple TV 4 to run Channels for live TV and Plex DVR for recordings off my HD HomeRun Prime. Again, this is something I could see Apple evangelizing/promoting rather than entering the business directly themselves.

      support for all major media distribution
      That’s really up to them. Sling is available now. Apple’s terms have changed and hopefully that brings around Amazon and Vudu.

      Maybe. It sure would be nice, but again alters what the box actually is. Apple seems to want the box to be $100 or so and for everything to be kept simple.

      I would even like expansion capability to plug in a BluRay drive for disc playback believe it or not

      Why not connect the BR drive directly to the TV or AV receiver? This is so much not going to happen that even wishing for it seems odd.

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