Apple files a patent application for a circular wearable

“Digging the squarish looks of the Apple Watch? Good, enjoy that while you can, as a recent patent application filed in by Apple with the USPTO hints that Cupertino could be entertaining the idea of coming up with a circular Apple Watch in the future,” PhoneArena reports.

“The patent description shows us a smartwatch that boasts a pretty traditional circular shape, similar to what most of Apple Watch’s rivals have been rocking for a while,” PhoneArena reports. “It makes sense that Apple could be looking forward to covering this niche as well, and a circular variant of its most personable wearable yet would fit quite nicely into its product lineup.”

“In order to avoid Moto 360-like flat tire looks, Apple wants to employ pixel rows and columns of varying lengths so that no space remains unused,” PhoneArena reports. “Additionally, such a pixel arrangement of the wearable’s display would save space and reduce crowding.”

Illustration from Apple patent application of a wearable with a round face
Illustration from Apple patent application of a wearable with a round face

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MacDailyNews Take: This is not necessarily for an Apple Watch. It could be for another Apple wearable, as hinted at by Tim Cook.

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  1. Of course its a circular Apple watch MDN. Its been the plan all along (the zooming UI) works well with square or circular faces. I dont need another square Apple watch- I think circular style would be great and a little more dressed up.

    1. And near useless to read anything remotely complex on it sadly. Reminds me of all those found or triangular screens in 50s sci fi designed to look alien and different rather than remotely useful. In this case it will just look like the others however. A simple health tracker or similar might be usable however where simple graphics or text is displayed. Otherwise something new altogether perhaps.

      1. Most of the time that I look at my apple watch I’m looking at the time and glancing at the temperature. I do glance at texts (which should be fine). I launch the fitness tracker. Use a stop watch. check a quick weather forecast. So yes, most of the stuff i need is not “remotely complex” and a circular watch would be fine. I have another screen for complex data: iPhone.

  2. I hope it is not a replacment of the square rather expantion of the watch lineup..

    plus on the square ..i think it would be much nicer if the band attachment point is moved up closer to the top surface… to create a more flowing smooth line from case to band. ..just a thought.

  3. I think Apple should make the digital crown a fraction smaller and a fraction tighter. On numerous occasions I find myself accidentally activating it when I bend my hand or I’m in bed.

    1. Had a similar problem with bending my hand inward and hitting the crown. I wear mine on the inside of my wrist because I always ended up scratching the crystal on previous watches. I solved my issue by turning the watch around and resetting it for the other arm.

      1. I tried that but then I found that if I had sleeves on they would often touch the crown and button as I pulled them back or just as they were covering it. It’s perhaps a bit easy to use.

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