Next-gen iPhone to feature wireless charging like Apple Watch

“2017 is the year the iPhone finally gets wireless charging,” Jeff Gamet reports for The Mac Observer. “That’s the word, according to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who says Apple plans to bring inductive charging to the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models with next fall’s refresh.”

“Wireless, or inductive charging, powers a device’s battery without needing to plug in connectors. The Apple Watch uses inductive charging by supplying power to a magnetic base where the smartwatch sits when juicing up,” Gamet reports. “It’s more convenient than plugging a charging cable to the watch, and saves from wear and tear on physical connectors.”

Gamet reports, “Wireless charging won’t be the only big change for next year’s iPhone refresh. Ming-Chi Kuo expects Apple will give the new models a glass body, much like it did for the iPhone 4, a redesigned form factor, and will add a new OLED display model, too.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Based on our Apple Watch experience, it’ll be a tad easier to connect your iPhone to a charger in a dark room. That’s about it. You’ll still need a wall plug and the proper charging cord.

Versus plugging in a Lightning cable, this is a bit more convenient at best and pretty much a wash as worst. True extended range wireless charging would be the real game-changer.

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    1. If Apple’s growing adapter list is any indication they might introduce a ‘new’ inductance charger for the iPhone similar to the Touchstone that PalmOne devices used.

  1. I hope it’s not a charging mat/cradle and no other method of charging. Would the amount of time to charge an iPhone Plus increase to something more than 5 hours? This configuration would also mean the user wouldn’t be able to use the phone at the same time the device was in-the-hand. Why would they take away this usability especially since the iPhone’s battery doesn’t last more than 14 hours with continued use?

    Hopefully, they will leave the current charging port and add over-the-air wireless charging.

      1. I use the iPhone Plus for 80% of my computing needs. This includes work and play (social, music, games, web, etc.). Most of the time the iPhone is in my hands. When I’m using the Mac sometimes the iPhone is used as a second screen. During those times it would be acceptable to have the device in a wireless charging cradle if the screen is visible.

        Not being able to use the iPhone for several hours would severely interrupt my workflow and fun.

  2. Let’s not forget how easy it is to get the charging connector backwards when trying to charge the iPhone, thanks to an ever so slight divot on one side that only the most elegant and Zen-like individuals can discern.

  3. There’s wireless charging as seen these days and then there’s wireless charging as we’ll see in the future. The only sort of wireless charging that makes sense for something like an iPhone would be the longer range wireless charging that Apple has been actively exploring recently.

    The magnetic resonance systems that Apple has been working on allow charging over a range of a few metres, which means that the iPhone only needs to be in the same room as the charger. I would expect the chargers to be both standalone and also built into things like iMacs. With a charger in your iMac, it could keep a wireless keyboard and mouse constantly charged and also recharge your iPhone while it’s in your pocket, bag or on your desk.

  4. Given apples need to eliminate ports, If the only way to charge your phone is carry around the cradle instead of a cord, this will be a(nother) huge step backward. What other functionality can they take away and tell us its new?

  5. I already charge my IPhone 6s Plus wirelessly. Love it and won’t go back to cables! In order to charge iPhone wirelessly all u need is a qi receiver (Amazon) and ANY qi charger (Amazon) Awesome. Not to mention newer cars have that capability now as well.

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