How a little of Apple’s iOS magic in every new Touch Bar adds security

“For years, people have speculated about whether Apple would ditch macOS in favor of iOS, shedding desktops and turning laptops into something like an iPad Pro in a fixed clamshell,” Glenn Fleishman writes for Macworld.

“A version of iOS has apparently come to the Mac, but not in a way that anybody expected,” Fleishman writes. “The new Touch Pad has a separate brain, a custom T1 ARM processor system-on-a-chip (SoC), that looks to be running a stripped-down variant of iOS, possibly derived from watchOS.”

“It makes sense, because Apple has paired Touch ID in iOS with its custom Secure Enclave chip, a tamper-resistent security vault that’s separate from but intertwined with an iPhone or iPad’s processing circuitry,” Fleishman writes. “There’s a Secure Enclave chip in every Touch Bar, just as in every iOS device with Touch ID.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Not only that, but you can play Doom on it.

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  1. The is a great example of the macOS/iOS device and software synergy for which I have been waiting. Touch ID and secure enclave on MBPs is a nice step forwards.

    It may not be everything that people expect or are hoping for from Apple. But credit should be given where it is due. Apple designers still have a long term mindset.

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