Apple: The Trump Effect

“Following the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, Apple’s stock fell to about $105 as it was widely assumed that Trump’s trade policies would be bad for Apple. Trump had threatened to force Apple to manufacture its products in the US,” Mark Hibben writes for Seeking Alpha. “In fact, it’s unlikely that Trump can compel Apple to do so, although he can make Apple products made in China more expensive by imposing tariffs. The harm this might do to Apple may be more than offset by Trump’s corporate tax policy: a reduction in the corporate tax rate to 15% and a one-time repatriation rate of 10%.”

“It’s unlikely a Trump tariff would ultimately succeed in bringing back US manufacturing jobs. It’s more likely that those jobs would simply move from China to regions such as Southeast Asia and India that are not under the Trump tariff. Fortunately, Trump has not explicitly threatened to withdraw from the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) that has been the fundamental regulatory mechanism for free trade, or from the World Trade Organization which administers GATT,” Hibben writes. “I consider this a hopeful sign that Trump will stop short of igniting an all-out trade war with China.”

“I think it’s likely that the Republican establishment will try to moderate Trump’s views, seeing the potential damage that a large tariff could do. But a tariff of some form is probably on its way,” Hibben writes. “So, there is some near-term downside for Apple due to a Trump tariff, which may cause some downward pressure on the stock. This is largely offset by the prospect of a huge repatriation windfall for investors. If Apple only gives half of its offshore cash (after taxes) to investors as a one-time dividend, it would still amount to about $18/share. This would make the lackluster YTD stock price gain of about 6% much easier to bear.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: There are currently too many variables regarding the trade issues to gauge the impact on Apple, but the tax issue is more straightforward and obviously a tremendous benefit to Apple and, in fact, all U.S. companies, their employees, and their shareholders.

Even with limited visibility, we don’t foresee any “trade wars” that would be so extreme as to negatively impact U.S. employment/job creation which seems to be a top priority of the incoming administration.


    1. Trump will loose tens or hundreds of millions to fix this country. The Hilderbeast wanted to be Pres to steal hundreds of millions as she did as Sec of State and the “Clinton Theft Foundation”.

        1. Maybe. But if he leaves office with America’s fortunes dramatically enhanced, it’s worth it. If American does better, he deserves whatever he can get (especially considering he’s only taking a salary of $1/year).

  1. Any tariffs would only affect products shipped into and out of the states. Since most of apples products are manufactured overseas is this really an issue for anyone except US customers?
    As for treaties, can a President revoke a treaty without congress approval?

    1. Ain’t is grand? I love liberal tears!! Americans took their country back from the Participant Trophy, whining, PC culture.
      With every crayon, safespace, trigger, andhot cocoa event, you remind us why we voted for Trump!!!!!

      1. “Carrier To Stay In Indianapolis” – New York Times

        THere’s ya’ some “Trump Effect”…that’s 2,000 American families that won’t have a crap Christmas this year.

        The Marxist Horseshit of The Magic Muslim is nearly over.

          1. fück you and your “racist, homophobe, islamophobe” bullshit, it’s a lie and you’re a liar.

            The bottom line is 2,000 American families will not have a crap Christmas directly because of the will, intervention and policies of Donald Trump.

            1. “With one month of 2016 to go, the Obama administration has admitted a total of 14,172 Syrian refugees into the United States so far this calendar year, an increase of 625 percent over the same 11-month period in 2015.”

              data source: CIA World Factbook

            2. Big deal. Canada, with one tenth of the US population has welcomed more than twice as many Syrian refugees. These are people running away from a 5 year-long civil war. They are not coming to take over your country.

            1. Screaming out & using the liberal racist card too often is like the boy who cried wolf and is now meaningless and suspicious. (Overused to the point if a genuinely racist situation pops up no one listens.) So congrats on your basic doofusity! Used mostly when they are devoid of any real argument to try to shut down the conversation. Problem is, no one cares anymore and see’s through this tactic. Extreme liberals can be their own worst enemy. And in their own misguided way are the real racists.

            2. Well said, Peter.

              The last generation of good liberals grew up in the sixties — pretty much everything and everybody was cool, with the main exception of the Vietnam war.

              A hybrid of liberalism grew up in 1990s worshipping at the altar of political correctness.

              And today, another extreme hybrid of liberalism has emerged. All one has to do is turn on the news and see the street blocking riots, destruction and intolerance at a level that is unprecedented.

              The destructive liberal of today seperates, not binds people together. They stereotype, always divisive, split people into groups of those they support and those they HATE. Certain lives matter over other lives, not good for anyone.

              The sad part is — they don’t see it.

              For those reasons, your last sentence rings true.

            3. To the point where even many blacks have become disenchanted with Democrats and think they have been used by liberals, and so ate beginning to vote elsewhere. You’re right the party and liberals are not what they were. I am a Democrat and frankly some of their self-righteous smarminess “makes me wanna barf.” Political correctness I think is finally being met with the indifference and angry backlash it deserves. How else to explain Trump winning, among other things?

            4. Totally agree. Their self-righteous indignant attitude is off the charts like never before. When confronted with logic, first they squirm and then go on the attack, typical name-calling, etc. and offering no rational counter argument. Not a very enlightening attitude for what they see themselves as the chosen ones. Snort …

              Lifelong registered independent voter here and some Libertarian philosophy makes sense, as well as, platform parts of the two major parties. Same as you, I want to barf at their attitudes.

            1. That’s the same 1,100 I reported, but with 300 that were never going to leave, only 800 jobs were saved. Not even close to 2,000 as you originally asserted.

      2. Ah the big Con is everywhere: participation trophies is the new boogey man. Why didn’t you say Thanks Obama? Apple became the most valuable company in the world under Obama. The stock maker nearly tripled in value and it ain’t over yet. OnlyBill Clinton and Ronald Reagan had better job creation rates and neither of them took over in an nth where 750,000 jobs were lost! I am so sick and tired of stupid conservatives ignoring the numbers and using stupid memes like “participation trophies” to describe the ills of America. Billionaires running Washington from the Oval Office to Treasury to Commerce are going to take care of billionaires not you. Take that participation trophy and shove it up your USB hub.

      1. Is that your greatest contribution? To complain about somebody who is no longer a factor? Get over it. Let’s move forward. If you’re going to complain, at least complain about real things.

  2. I et $1 mil. to your $1 that any money repatriated would benefit top management and investors, not workers who would actually spend that money which would go a long way to stimulating this economy. The wealthy would simply hoard it overses where so that it is unable to stimulate the economy. Truth.

    1. Uhm, that money is foreign profit. That’s the money left over AFTER expenses, which includes paying employees. It’s nonsensical that it would ever go to workers, since they’ve already been paid.

      The shareholders, would never hoard the money overseas, once it’s back in the US, since, it’s been taxed on its way into the US. And, it’s been taxed as a dividend, presumably, that’s how it got to shareholders. Why would they then ship it overseas, when it’s already been taxed twice in the US?

      Your post made no logical sense, whatever.

  3. An MIT study showes that iphones will be 5% to 12 % more expensive if assembled in USA…. given particular senarios .
    That amounts to about 40 to 100 dollars increase per phone on average…..

    This study does not include tax insentives Trump seens to have shown interest in in his conversation with Tim Cook recently.

    Given the above…..It does not seem too far fetched that Apple could manufacture a portion of the iPhones in USA at a minimal price hike.

    I for one would not mind supporting the effort by paying a few % more for an iphone .

    Trade wars though can be dangerous… !!

    1. There’s a problem here. Apple competes with Samsung. Trump would have to add a tariff to their products as well, or they would have an unfair advantage simply by the fact that they are not an American company and therefore do not have to manufacture anything in the US. It’s complicated. But he’s got smart people working for him. I’m sure they’ll figure it out…

    1. The American people, themselves, are what makes America great. They just proved that by speaking their minds at the ballot box. They know there will be painful consequences to their votes. They will either suffer those consequences bravely, or they will organise in opposition—time will tell! Americans are unafraid of probing the future; they fear only the ugly past that haunts them and provokes the rest of the world to judge them as unworthy to lead the free world.

      1. With all do respect, I hope you are aware that there are two ways to achieve greatness, one is to help people to the extent that others call you great of their own free will. The other is to call yourselves great and bully others into calling you great. I’ll leave it up to you to figure out which best represents your country.

        The fear is everywhere, it’s not only the ugly past it’s the current situation, the status quo and its the projected future.

        Consider this recent tidbit made by the chump: “Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag – if they do, there must be consequences – perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail!”

        So according to that statement, someone in Iceland burning your flag would lose their citizenship or get a year in jail.

        All I can say to that kind of oppressive statement is Sieg Heil (Hail Victory).

        Your nation hasn’t been part of the free and civilized world for some time now, and you certainly don’t have the greatness required to lead it.

        You cannot obtain freedom by removing it from others, something your nation fails to recognize.

        So go ahead

        1. From Newsweek:

          “What many may not know is that a decade ago, Hillary Clinton called for a similar punishment (Note: flag burning). Then a United States Senator for New York, Clinton co-sponsored the Flag Protection Act of 2005. Senator Robert Bennett, a Republican from Utah, introduced the bill to the Senate in October 2005.”

          From Fox News:

          “She (Hilliary) co-sponsored a bill in the Senate to criminalize it in 2005.

          I guess what you are saying is when liberals propose a law it is righteous and godlike good policy.

          But when Trump tweeted the SAME he is mocked, ridiculed, disparaging names among other things.

          Not my definition of fairness that applies equally to both sides.

          You do know the world of difference between Hillary actually co-sponsoring a bill in the Senate vs. a Trump tweet? 🤔

          1. You guessed wrong GoeB, what you are trying to put in my mouth won’t work cause I think hilarious is as crude at the chump. Furthermore hilarious has never been president elect, while the chump is.

            Frankly I don’t care if that country makes flag burning illegal for citizens of that country. It’s your country, do what you want to your own people.

            What I do care about is this arrogance that comes from the soon to be leader of that nation that says “Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag”. What arrogance, and once again a demonstration of a lack of respect for the sovereignty of other countries. If some country like Iceland allows their citizens to burn the American flag, it’s their business. That’s one reason why I care, a decent leader would have said something about “No citizen of our country should be allowed to burn the flag of our country” but instead we have this arrogant global bully approach that nobody can burn it. Sounds like global dictator speech, or you think that others on the planet aren’t really people.

            The other reason I care is that the chump has the potential to make gwbush look good, hilarious could not even come close. I’m keeping an open mind, we’ll see how the walk matches the talk.

            Frankly I don’t know the difference between hilarious doing a co-sponsoring and chump tweet, all those terrorists groups act pretty well the same to me.

            1. Put words in your mouth!?!

              Talk about delusional.

              So, for the record, you seem to have a problem with President elect Donald Trump tweeting flag burning should be illegal and then called him a chump. Fine.

              While I have provided evidence Hillary co-sponsored a bill to do the SAME, no comment? Crickets? No fair moral equivalency?

              I see how you are … 🤔

            2. Can’t you read?

              I don’t have any issue whatsoever with any government making their country’s flag burning country illegal for that country’s citizens. That’s not my point, and you seem to miss the point I’ve been making totally. It’s not of your business what other countries do in regard to flag burning, unless you are a global bully, and in the case of that pathetic nation, it fits.

              “While I have provided evidence Hillary co-sponsored a bill to do the SAME, no comment? Crickets? No fair moral equivalency?” I did make a comment. Allow me to be redundant: “Frankly I don’t know the difference between hilarious doing a co-sponsoring and chump tweet, all those terrorists groups act pretty well the same to me.”

              Maybe I have to explain it to you, again. I use chump as a term for your newly elected president to be, and hilarious as the opposition person who ran against the chump.

              There is a fair (lack of) moral equivalency, they are both losers that ran to become the leader of a loser nation.

              Clear enough for you or are those crickets in your brain?

            3. What do you suppose should be the punishment for the United States Postal Service, who desecrates the American Flag by stamping cancellations upon posted letters?

              I feel certain that Trump or Clinton would answer, as pragmatists, that blackening an image of the Flag is not the same as an impudent act of resistance to authority.

              The critical point of jurisprudence here is the INTENT to violate a lawful, or moral, standard of conduct. Intent is notoriously difficult to establish in court.

              Throwing it all out the window is the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision that flag-burning is protected as free speech under the Constitution. Trump was shooting from the hip when he spoke upon the issue, and will need to holster his weapon until after he has succeeded in packing the Court and it has overturned its own decisions.

              Once we as a people have arrived at that point, Pinochet-like federal power will have gained enough confidence to attack the second amendment, our only recourse against a repressive government gone rogue. The NRA cannot stand alone against a tripartite monarchy. If elections are cancelled four years from now, immigration will be the least problem of the U.S.; it will have become a nation of refugees, fleeing to Canada, Mexico, the Maldives, anywhere but the country of a man named Washington.

            4. Flag burning is protected as free speech under the Constitution of your country, other countries have their own constitution and flag burning may or may not be protected as free speech. That’s their sovereign right to make their choice for their country. That should be easy enough to understand if one is thinking globally.

              If I say “Nobody lives forever” it fits pretty well with what humans have observed, not only about humans but for other living things.

              “Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag – if they do, there must be consequences – perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail!”

              He did not say “None of our people” or “None of our citizens” he said nobody, and that infers everybody, in fact “Everybody need to respect our flag” is a positive spin on that statement.

              This is what it might infers “Nobody [On the planet]. It’s a plausible interpretation and actually that’s just a snippet of a stream of loud obnoxious nationalism reeking of fear and hate, it’s everywhere. You are an exception and there are a lot of others here on MDN that are thinking along those lines as well. Reread some of the mud people have been slinging at me, they simply don’t get that I am biased against both hilarious cliton and the chump. However, as with Tim Cook’s leadership I’m looking at keeping an open mind, so here is a top ten list of things I’d like to see from the chumnp:

              – Get off the potty and bring the residents (or whatever you are calling them to circumvent the Geneva Convention) of Guantanamo Bay to trial or let them go. You’ve had them for over a decade and you still can’t process them, what arrogance and hypocrisy coming from the so called land of the free.
              – Don’t start a new war.
              – Bring gwbush and cronies to trial to answer crimes against humanity.
              – Learn how to be a gentleman on the global stage.

              Actually that’s about it, the rest, well I’d be a thumbs up on keeping the jobs in the country, getting the wheels of industry going but for what happens internally, heck do what you want, you can even let people walk around with guns.

              This being a win win situation for on the other hand the chump was my pick from day one. You folks love a show and he was it. Brilliant. The thing I like about the chump is of all the other candidates he was the only one in my humble opinion that has the potential to make gwbush look good.

              If you seriously believe that the second amendment of your constitution is the only recourse against a repressive government gone rogue then you are seriously missing out on the power of the people. Your constitution that so proudly go on about every chance you get is totally useless on a global scale.

            5. Donald Trump is not a gentleman and I don’t respect him for his throwback views. He may be naïve, playing into the hands of the vast right-wing conspiracy, or he may be cannily staging his own takeover of them, hollowing them out from within. We’ll see.

              I don’t underestimate the collective power of the people. But as an individual woman with the Constitutional right to bear arms, don’t you underestimate my determination to protect and defend my person.

            6. To herself: Exactly, he’s a chump, but as you’ve said, we’ll see. I certainly don’t underestimate your ability to defend yourself with your massive arsenal, thing is your massive arsenal is used to attack attack attack. Number of Iraqi civilian fatalities in the gwbush invasion is in the thousands or tens of thousands. Number of civilians from your country, zero. That’s not defensive action, that’s aggression.

              So with history and your constitutional right to bear arms no one underestimates your nation’s determination to invade and attack others.

              Of course when one is so intent on defending themselves one usually finds an aggressor to defend themselves against, or imagined an aggressor to attack or just attack anyone to teach everyone a lesson. It’s the bully patriotic way of your nation.

              If you want to continue this further start at the bottom. You seem a bit more distressed than usual and in spite of our differences I can be a shoulder to lean on, even if I am unarmed.

            7. I believe you are a chump.

              What blinders-on liberals like yourself don’t get and will never get is President Elect Donald Trump.

              –Trump with zero political experience, not one atomic particle, beat 16 resumed career politicians in the Republican primary.

              –Trump beat the most biased mainstream media in the history of journalism, clearly in the tank for Hillary.

              –Trump beat the “Never Trump” Republicans like Romney, Kaisch, Ryan, et al that slammed him in the media and did not campaign with him.

              — Trump beat the three decade Clinton political establishment machine, after she spent three times more money and backed by the media, Hollywood, unions, et al.

              –Trump saved Carrier from moving to Mexico pulling the rug out from under the current clueless in chief. And this will continue.

              Trump: The greatest chump of all time!!! 😆

            8. “I don’t have any issue whatsoever with any government making their country’s flag burning country illegal for that country’s citizens. That’s not my point …”

              That’s not my point either. We are talking about U.S. flag burning and not going off into the weeds regarding the rest of the United Nations. You called Trump a chump for his tweet, not exactly a ringing endorsement for his thoughts on the issue.

              “Frankly I don’t know the difference between hilarious doing a co-sponsoring and chump tweet …”

              Of course you don’t! It’s obvious. The difference between a stream of conscience Trump tweet, and Hillary standing on the Senate floor proposing a bill her staff worked on for months — does night and day work for you? Sheez, at least do some homework. The news stories and videos are available all over the Internet and can be found with a five-word search.

              “I use chump as a term for your newly elected president to be, and hilarious as the opposition person who ran against the chump.”


              “There is a fair (lack of) moral equivalency, they are both losers that ran to become the leader of a loser nation.”

              You have said this a lot about the U.S. lately and frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.

              “Clear enough for you or are those crickets in your brain?”

              Clear as mud in your response. Nice weave and dodge, not up on your history of flag burning amendments in the U.S. and the most striking lack of understanding — you don’t know the difference between a random tweet and a Senator sponsoring a bill … whoa. 😈

            9. I’m not the one going off the weeds regarding the rest of the United Nations, your chump is. He did not say “None of our people” or “None of our citizens” he said “Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag – if they do, there must be consequences – perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail!” and that implies everybody. Newsflash for you GoeB, the other countries can do as they well please regarding the burning of your flag.

              Yes it should be obvious that I don’t know the difference, what you do with your view and laws on flag burning is your country’s business. If you think you can dictate what other countries do regarding the burning of your flag you better get your armies ready, though I suspect you’ll try to do that, your nation has demonstrated that level of stupidity for quite some time.

              You are hilarious, on the one hand I’m telling you that I’ve used the term chump to describe your newly elected president. You response is so and then you try again to put words into my mouth by wayins that I’m calling him chum for his tweet. It’s not just a tweet, he’s a chump through a through, an appropriate leader for a chump country.

              And if you don’t give a damn, well then take off and join the rest of your pathetic nation that does not give a damn for the rest of the world. You’ve demonstrated that time and time again.

            10. I’m going to try this one last time.

              What is the difference between a flag burning stream-of-conscious tweet from chump that you posted a high indignation response and Hillary standing on the floor of the U.S. Senate co-sponsoring a bill against flag burning? Hmmm?!?

              Take your time, do some homework, and I expect an intelligent response not drifting into the DEFLECTIVE partisan weeds … 🤔

            11. To GoeB:

              Wow are you ever thick. Yes give it one more try and if this doesn’t do it, just consider yourself a blind moron or whatever.

              Here’s the difference, now pay attention.

              1. The bill that hilarious sponsored refers to preventing citizens from her nation burning the flag.

              2. The tweet the chump made refers to preventing everyone in the world from burning the flag of chump’s nation.

              Got it? Comprende? Capiche? No? Good, you get to the top of the moron class.

            12. So, which is more egregious?

              A bill proposed, or a stream-of- conscious tweet with ZERO LEGAL BACKING, ZERO CONGESSIONAL VOTES.


              Your chump hate is evident for all to see, as well as your skewed interpretation of fair and balanced between a Senate bill and a friggin’ tweet!

              Take a deep breath and hopefully, get a grip … 😎

            13. Typical typical typical.

              Before I got down your path of answering another one of your questions, which I shouldn’t have to do because you previously stated “I’m going to try this one last time.” you might courtesy of answering mine. Then again your nation no longer belongs to the free and civilized world should I am not surprised by your behavior.

              So again, I’ll repeat the question. Do you understand it now moron? Comprende? Capiche? Understand? Are you capable of answering a simple question?

              Oh and he’s not my chump, he’s your chump, and yes his hate is evident for all to see.

              Let go of that deep breath and see if you can get a grip on answering a simple question. Here’s a bonus hint. It’s an yes or no answer, so pick on, if you can.

            14. I repeat, which is more egregious?

              A bill proposed, or a stream-of- conscious tweet with ZERO LEGAL BACKING, ZERO CONGESSIONAL VOTES.


              Your typical liberal hatred combined with a typical dodge to a direct question, is what is typical … 😝

            15. I repeat, do you understand my reply? Typical for someone of your nation to be so hateful that you dodge a simple question and show off the arrogance by asking another and shooting off with a big bang insult that misses the target.

              I understand if you are not ready willing or able to answer my simple question, after all it’s a feature of civilized behavior that you so obviously lack.

              Once again, before I answer your question, answer mine nimrod.

            16. I have posted the same question to you since my first response.

              I understand you are slow, so here it is again: which is more egregious? A bill proposed by Hillary to criminalize flag burning, or a stream-of-conscious random tweet with ZERO LEGAL BACKING, ZERO CONGESSIONAL VOTES.


              This is a simple question. If you choose to dodge an answer over and over — my next response will put words in your mouth since you are obviously incapable and I already know your answer.

            17. Your first question and I quote:

              “You do know the world of difference between Hillary actually co-sponsoring a bill in the Senate vs. a Trump tweet?”

              I’ve tried several times to answer that question. The last attempt and I quote: “Here’s the difference, now pay attention.

              1. The bill that hilarious sponsored refers to preventing citizens from her nation burning the flag.

              2. The tweet the chump made refers to preventing everyone in the world from burning the flag of chump’s nation.”

              You’ve made no effort to acknowledge that my answer addresses your question. Instead you are going on with another question.

              “which is more egregious?”

              That’s now how civilized conversations work, so this conversation is terminated. Feel free to hit my ass on the way out, it’s the terrorist way.

            18. “1. The bill that hilarious sponsored refers to preventing citizens from her nation burning the flag.”

              Partial answer and another dodge that clearly does not understand the DIFFERENCE and GRAVITY between the two candidates.

              Hill’s bill was an official act submitted to the U. S. Senate to be voted on and become law with criminal consequences for all time.

              Now pay very close attention: President elect Trump, sent a couple words in a friggin’ tweet, with no legal or law creation weight whatsoever. Not even sworn in. The difference is as stark as Lake Superior and a birdbath.

              “2. The tweet the chump made refers to preventing everyone in the world from burning the flag of chump’s nation.”

              I did not read he suggested a law for every citizen on planet Earth. Possibly your liberal reality distortion field overheated the vacumn tubes.

              President elect Trump in his stream-of-conscious tweeting style does not always precisely nail down precision specifics — but sometimes he does. He has said he needs to be FLEXIBLE.

              Those that hate him interpret the worst always, that would be you, and those that love him know exactly what he is doing. Neurons bait for detractors and food for fans, and yes, opinions vary greatly between the two camps.

              What you fail to see because you focus all your attention on liberal globalist socialist views is the man is a shrewd genius that can pivot in a New York minute, hit back, and then invite his biggest detractors, (Romney on R side and Gore on D side), to his private hacienda for tea. You don’t get him and you never will.

              “Feel free to hit my ass on the way out, it’s the terrorist way.”

              Wow, what an ego. Like I need your permission for anything … 😈

  4. Trump is having an unbelievably harmful effect on the world and it is going to get much, much worse. Not going by to be good for Apple, and believe me, you ain’t seen nothing yet. The 60’s will look like a nap in comparison, I don’t even want to think about it right now. There are no cracks to let any light in from what I can see. What a nightmare. This is not about politics, and everyone should know that.

      1. That is a good thing, to be sure. More announcements like this are certain to reduce the hand-wringing laments of liberals. We should all give the man a chance. — Let’s put matters into an ordinary human, Panglossian perspective. Either he makes things better, or he ruins everything. Either outcome benefits humanity, in slightly different ways of course, but collectively we will have learnt a valuable lesson—one way or the other. It isn’t all about winning; it’s about learning.

        1. I just do not understand the mentality that is down on American jobs for Americans…I guess they’ve never been the breadwinner of a family with your children dependent on whether you have work.

          I just don’t get how that can ever be a bad thing.

        2. Wow, one of very few sane and balnced comments in the sea of heated overdramatic statements. Neither him nor her are the devil or the angel – they are just regular sleazy politicians and I expect it won’t make much difference in the end and it certainly is not the end of the world as the hysteria of some folks would suggest. Certainly not worth throwing crap at each other and stop bein civil in discussions.

    1. “Trump is having an unbelievably harmful effect on the world and it is going to get much, much worse.” 🐂💩

      — Carrier not leaving for Mexico, preserving U.S. Jobs.

      — Stock market breaking records consecutively.

      — U.S. Dollar worth more since high in 2009.

      — Breakneck speed cabinet appointment schedule never seen before.

      Bottom line: Provide a list of facts to back up your ridiculous, unsubstantiated, accusation. 🐂💩

      I’ll save you time — you can’t, because it does not exist.

  5. Mac Daily News is a rabidly conservative propaganda machine at least partially financed by Rush Big Fat Idiot Limbaugh. Why else would they plaster his full body shot and bio on a regular basis when quoting him? Spinning technology for the racist homophobes on the right. Tim Cook is gay, therefore, “distracted by social issues” to the detriment of Apple. Seems to me that MDN’s conservative agenda is a distraction from coherent, objective technology reporting. The level of discourse is, of course, Trumpian.

    1. auramac is a rabidly liberal propaganda machine.

      “… at least partially financed by Rush Big Fat Idiot Limbaugh.” Prove it!

      While I disagree with your post, I do agree with the last sentence. “The level of discourse is, of course, Trumpian.”

      I guess your level of discourse, “Rush Big Fat Idiot Limbaugh” is far superior and a model for all to emulate … get a grip!

    2. I think MDN promotes Rush Limbaugh for his Apple views more than for his conservative views. Rush is a rare public figure who names names; and he names Apple as a worthy computer platform. I wish other celebrities would put Apple front and center the way Rush does, especially since Apple protects our privacy more intentionally than the Googles and Amazons of the world, who want nothing more than to subject you to a barrage of targeted adverts for the rest of your life.

      1. Seem to recall Rush has an inside track with Apple and guessing he may be a beta tester.

        He does giveaway Apple iPads and iPhones to his callers after new versions debut, for many years now. He also talks up Apple a great deal, and delves into serious tech issues from time to time — mostly, if not all, Apple related.

        I caught 15 minutes of his show today running an errand outside the office where he announced numbers for his website in November broke all-time records for page views, up well over 3 million from October.

        He also enjoys the largest radio audience as well as a daily listeners that exceeds CNN, MSNBC and many other national media outlets Including ALL daily newspapers in the U.S. Also, if you combine the daily circulation of the Top 10 newspapers, his audience numbers are much bigger. That’s a ton of free Apple speak.

        So, politics aside, love him or loathe him, Rush is the largest positive voice and advocate for Apple in the media today.

        Sidecar: Fox News and the Drudge Report both reported all-time record audience numbers in November, as well.

        Take that, New York Slimes … 😆

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