Apple’s iOS 10.1.1 is rapidly draining some iPhone batteries

“Apple launched iOS 10 back in September to mostly positive reviews, but with the recent release of a 10.1.1 update, something has gone wrong,” Matthew Humphries reports for PC Magazine. “A growing number of users are reporting that their battery is no longer functioning correctly, and there’s no obvious reason as to why.”

“As reports, the issue stems from how quickly the battery is draining coupled with the battery percentage readout no longer being accurate,” Humphries reports. “A discussion on Hacker News describes multiple instances of the battery issue occurring, with reports of an iPhone 6$549.95 at Amazon running extremely hot and the battery usage list offering no clue as to what is causing the huge increase in power draw.”

“All eyes are now on Apple to track down the problem and issue a fix,” Humphries reports. “Hopefully that can be done before iPhone batteries start failing.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As you can see below, this is q recurring iOS issue for Apple. In a nutshell: SNAFU.

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  1. Both my iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus are drained within 3-4 hours. Normally I charge my phone at night and is usually at 30%. This is not gooed (again). Apple come on, fix this asap.

  2. I doubt these reports are a “SNAFU” or anything new. This phenomena has occurred rarely in several of my iPhones over the last 9 years. Usually quitting all open apps and then doing a hard restart (hold down power and home/volume key button until the Apple logo appears) will resolve the issue. In a system as complex as an iPhone with the unpredictable interactions of billions of possible combinations of apps with the system software, it’s not unreasonable to encounter occasional instances when an infinite loop, or similar, occurs with runaway processing causing heating and battery drain. For me this problem has never required a trip to the Genius Bar to resolve.

    1. Stop using common sense and basic troubleshooting skills.
      How are websites supposed to make money suckering people in without click bait?
      Why do you hate the internet?

    2. I call it “The Apple Tax”.

      Yes, it’s unfortunate that after interacting with a few iphone apps you have to quit all open apps and do a hard reset to avoid iphone battery drain. That sucks.

      iPhone battery drain isn’t rare, it is a sure thing, it happens every time after interacting with a few apps. That sucks and it is a big problem that needs to be addressed.

      It isn’t Apple’s fault necessarily but, it is unreasonable to encounter instances of apps causing battery drain very often, whether cpu abusive, network abusive, or infinite loops. Simply, loading the built-in Stocks app alone can drain your battery very quickly.

      So, welcome to the Apple iphone ecosystem with billions of mobile apps, where battery drain is here to stay, unless Apple and developers fix it or you have to do a hard reset to avoid it.

  3. Unrelated…but my nephews iPhone 7 wouldn’t charge past 10%. It had a lot of pocket lint in the port. Cleaned it out and now it is fine. Wonder how many people have this issue and take in for repair 😉

  4. This is the first I’ve heard of this. My 6 Plus and my wife’s iPhone 6 are running just fine on10.1.1. In fact, I’ve really been impressed with mine playing my Apple Music all day at work, and in the car.

  5. I’ve had some issues with this update. First, iTunes keeps trying to RE-install the update…and failing. When I check on the phones themselves (I have three in my family), they report they’re already at 10.1.1. Also, one night I went to bed with my phone at 90%. When I woke up eight hours later, my phone was at 13%. Huh? Let’s hope a fix is coming soon…

  6. Leave it to Cook to screw up another update. This guy can’t do anything right. At least it didn’t brick the phone. I suppose.

    Apple quality has dropped way, way, way down. Jobs would cry if he could see how Cook has destroyed Apple. But hey, who needs quality when you have a cool UFO campus?

  7. I have this exact problem with my 5s that started about a month ago. Get to 30% or so, then the phone suddenly shuts down or I get to 30% and the battery % drops like a rock suddenly down to 10%, then 7% then 3%, then dead in a matter of about 15 minutes.

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