Apple is missing out on holiday sales of Air Pods

“Shares of Apple were slightly higher in early-afternoon trading today, as the tech giant offers gift cards for certain products, including the iPhone, iPads, Apple Watch Series 1, Macs or Apple TV, rather than discounts for Black Friday.,” Natalie Walters repots for TheStreet.

“Recode senior retail editor Lauren Goode said on CNBC’s ‘Squawk Alley”‘ on Friday morning… [that] these gift cards can help Apple move products off the shelves,” Walters reports. “The gift cards will also help encourage customers to come into the stores as they consider buying a product or products that they were previously hesitant about purchasing due to price, Goode said.”

“While Apple is trying to push products off the shelves, it has still not released its bluetooth headphones called Air Pods that were due out at the end of October,” Walters reports. “They are to be paired with the iPhone 7, which is the first model missing a headphone jack, Goode noted. The company is ‘missing out’ because bluetooth headphones have been on the upward trend even before the new iPhones came out and is a ‘hot gadget’ this season.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Unfortunately, this is certainly not a new issue with Apple.

As we wrote a year ago:

Sometimes Apple, the world’s most profitable and most valuable company, still operates as if they only have five guys from NeXT working around the clock trying to do all the work on a shoestring budget.

Can’t manage to have a compatible Remote app or Apple Music-capable Siri for the Apple TV launch… Can’t have enough Pencils and Keyboards for the iPad Pro launch. Seriously? Can’t have any stock on hand for two months after the so-called the Apple Watch launch date. Can’t update their professional Mac for nearly two years and counting?

Why are these amateurish mistakes and lapses happening with startling regularity? You know, besides mismanagement?

Oh, you say, but Apple is making tons of money! Why, yes, they certainly are!

Listen, let’s be honest, Steve Ballmer could’ve generated the same kind of money “running” Apple Inc. given the massive momentum Steve Jobs handed over at his death. Sometimes, in fact, it looks like Steve Ballmer is running Apple. Although, no, it doesn’t really, because even Ballmer would have updated the Mac Pro by now, made sure he had enough Apple Watches ready so as not to pretty much totally kill launch momentum, and also had enough Pencils and Keyboards on hand for the iPad Pro launch. Of course, Ballmer would have never had the handle on the big picture that Tim Cook has – our issues with launches under Cook have to do solely with launch supplies and software polish.

We’re coming up on two years now (this December 19th) since the Mac Pro debuted with no updates which, along with the rest of the string of snafus (going back to John Browett, Apple Maps, no iMacs for Christmas 2012, no iPad 2 units for launch, etc.), is what understandably prompts this sort of “joke” and “failure” talk and the feeling that Apple is a bit sloppy in recent years.

We hold Apple to a high standard and we expect the company to execute better than they have of late. (read more) — MacDailyNews, November 27, 2015


    1. Same here, I patiently waited for 6 weeks until the end of October and…dud, nothing. It’s probably a spurious rumor based on those mockups some designer did, but it’d be great if they at least released black ones when they finally do.

        1. Not sure why your post was downvoted, it’s a legit question. It’s probably less this year. Apple is such a behemoth though that a billion $ in lost sales here and there doesn’t really move the needle, they’ll make it up over time. Long term the sloppy execution will come back to bite them when superior alternatives appear at better prices and in a timely manner.

    2. Was looking for Apple Watch 2, Black, Stainless Steel, 42mm. Could not find. Pink ones would pop up here and there. Finally opted for a much better looking better functionality watch for less money. And you can take and make calls with the watch.

      1. I came close to ordering an Apple Watch 2, but changed my mind due to the case design. I’ve always worn a watch and can’t stand one that looks like it’s a lump laying there. As much as I detest Samsung I liked the Gear S2, but of course it didn’t integrate with iOS and no way am I buying one of their phones. This S3 Classic is lovely in a conventional way, and the rotating bezel is the perfect control in my mind. But at 46mm it’s just way too big for many people, including me.
        What phone are you using, or does it really matter?

    3. Tim Cook needs to study Steve’s reality distortion field, which merely means disagreeing with common conceptions of what is possible. All great artist distort reality — it’s what makes them great. A dose of this would do wonder for today’s Apple, at least in terms of delivering products in a timely fashion.

        1. In a conversation with Tim last week, he told me that it’s important to remember that superiority in business is of a form of bigotry. Also, when somebody wins, somebody always loses and that’s very painful. With that in mind, Apple wants to be at peace with all of its neighbors to make the world a better place-especially during this holiday time. We don’t want to inflict pain on any individual or business with a startling new product or outrageous sales numbers…people are still recovering from the election and many need a safe space during this time of reflection.

    1. Sorry, you don’t get credit for it because credit accrues only to an identifiable individual. I’d have thought that obvious even to an idiot.

  1. But Steve Ballmer never would have helped organize the world to let men, including people like Ted Bundy, into the Ladies Rooms of America. Tim Cook has a different idea of “one more thing”.

    1. Kindly refrain from using women’s vulnerability as an excuse to condemn Tim Cook for his beliefs. I dare say, most of us are not as helpless as you seem to assume, and do not require special government regulations to protect us. Our Constitutional rights, including the Second Amendment, already armour us against such predators. If you don’t believe me, test us by entering a crowded ladies’ room today, and report back.

      1. No one gives a shit about “women’s vulnerability” you ignorant jackass. Parents are pissed about 50 year old men who espouse being “women” so they can tinkle next to your 8 year old daughter.

        fuck you.

          1. A gentleman cares about protecting a girl’s virtue, and your sentiments in that regard are well-placed. As an older woman, on the other hand, I feel capable of protecting myself and wish to assert that fact. The central point of the whole bathroom debate is the vulnerability of children to predators, and I would like to think we all agree on that.

  2. Missing the sales season is the Tim Cook way.
    However, in all fairness to Tim Cook, he did get a MacBook Pro out in time for the holiday season. It is a half-ass MacBook Pro but it is here for the season.

  3. “The company is ‘missing out’ because bluetooth headphones have been on the upward trend even before the new iPhones came out and is a ‘hot gadget’ this season.”

    Sorry, that simply cannot be true. The Internet says so.

    (Refer to the risible uproar over the “missing” analog jack on the iPhone 7.)

        1. lest not forget what a fool carl icahn made apple look as he lured cook into buybacks then dumped $4.5 billion overnight, cook has continued this program to save face while overpaying, it’s major mismanagement imho. btw jobs was adamantly against such use of apple treasury.

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