Analyst: ‘Apple is about to embark on a decade-long malaise’ or something

“iPhone sales are expected to peak with the release of Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone next year, according to models from Oppenheimer analyst Andrew Uerkwitz, who predicts 245 million iPhones will sell in Apple’s 2018 fiscal year” Jennifer Booton reports for MarketWatch. “That would reflect an increase of 9% from the fiscal 2017 FactSet consensus estimate of 225 million, and an increase of more than 15% from the fiscal year that ended in October.”

“However, Uerkwitz believes next year’s iPhone cycle will present ‘one last growth hurrah’ before consumers begin to drift away from the high prices Apple commands for it smartphones. Apple may struggle to raise iPhone prices meaningfully beyond the next cycle as it deals with fewer hardware breakthroughs and a narrowing performance gap between the iPhone and its closest premium-tier competitors, Uerkwitz wrote,” Booton reports. “‘The risks to the company have never been greater,’ said Uerkwitz, who has a perform rating on the stock. ‘We believe Apple is about to embark on a decade-long malaise.'”

“Other uncertainties loom, such as the new White House administration. While president-elect Donald Trump’s proposed repatriation tax ‘holiday’ would make it easier for Apple to return cash to the U.S. and put that money to work, other Trump policies that might make Apple build more iPhone components in the U.S. could offset tax-related financial benefits,” Booton reports “Last week, Japan’s Nikkei Asian Review reported that Apple reached out to supplier Foxconn Technology Co. Ltd. about studying the possibility of moving some production to the U.S., which Cakmak said might have negative implications.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Just getting this one in the data base for copious future use. 😉

Despite our occasional kvetching over Tim Cook’s Apple, one overarching fact remains: Slow and steady wins the race.

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    1. This last 6-years under Cook has been nothing short of an unmitigated disaster for Apple and its consumers.

      Cook couldn’t have screwed up worse if it was intentional, and actually many like myself feel as though that may in fact be the case.

      Cook cares absolutely nothing about Apple, that’s why he wont move out of the way and let a real CEO save the company. I truly believe that Cook’s goal is to destroy everthing that Jobs built. My theory is that he secretly hated Jobs and was/is jealous of his legacy.

      He knows that deep down he’s just an incompetent freak of nature… someone who’s not fit to wash Jobs’ jockstrap (although he would probably enjoy smelling it).

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    1. Most people seem to think chip innovations happen all by themselves: they just happen. Same for software. But these improvements are really the fundamental reason why people buy new hardware/devices. If u want, u can always wait for the next model. But eventually u will realize the chip is just slow, and u will upgrade. Malaise, my ass.

    1. “iPhone sales are expected to peak with the release of Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone next year”

      That’s odd. I seem to remember that we were being told that peak iPhone was definitely going to happen last year and subsequently that without a doubt it would be this year. However we now learn that peak iPhone will actually be next year, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see predictions that peak iPhone will be every “next year” well into the future.

    2. Let me explain, snowflake. Apple is not “doomed” per historical relevancy. The term used is “malaise” which simply and perfectly describes a company that has lost its vision and commitment.

  1. They have already been in it. Just look where the stock trades as opposed to its peers. Tim Cook has been riding the tail of a massive Comet named Steve Jobs. His detours the watch have been failures. 9 billion R&D V’S 400M for the iPhone. Every senior I executive unloads 100% of their stock. You saw this at Dell 1998. You don’t see this at Google Amazon or Facebook or Microsoft now. Apple will flat line to down until Tim Cook is fired or leaves. He is terrible and Wall Street to showing the investor this. Eddy Cue is an arrogant clueless greedy disaster. The malaise started years ago

  2. Apple Malaise…confirmed by the hordes of crybaby entitlement junkies that have taken over MDN.
    Quite how MDN has the gall to post their take since “occasional” kvetching like a blowhard is now de rigeur policy.
    Congrats, you now have the lowlife whingers permanently infesting the site.

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        Reality is far more complex than that. Your viewpoint is far too narrow, and overly simplistic. You can apparently only comprehend simple thoughts couched in sound bites. In other words, a perfect political tool and general fool.

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        2. I actually welcome the election of Donald Trump, because he said, and I quote him, that no one respects women more than he does. I have waited a lifetime to hear that from a man. OK, yes, it came upon the campaign trail, so it may be mere electioneering, but a lot of us voted for him and I would appreciate some acknowledgement, to replace the disgrace of the feral catcalls of a hundred generations past. John Lennon addressed the problem in one of his lesser-known albums. I expect you would be familiar with it.

  3. Just like the preceding 10 year malaise from 2007 to 2010, where Apple inc. went from “they’re not just going to enter the phone market”, to absolutely pulverising the competition either into extinction (Nokia, Motorola et al) or putting the whole market in a zero sum corner, whilst they take virtually all the profit!

    Lest we forget, Apple inc. and the iPhone are so far ahead of the competition that the word “competition” is meaningless; the iPhone 8, 9, 10 and onwards will “delight” customers around the world for the next 10 years, so buckle your seat belts for the ride!

  4. “We have exciting things in the pipeline.” – T.Cook 2012
    “We have exciting things in the pipeline.” – T.Cook 2013
    “We have exciting things in the pipeline.” – T.Cook 2014
    “We have exciting things in the pipeline.” – T.Cook 2015
    “We have exciting things in the pipeline.” – T.Cook 2016
    If malaise is patiently waiting for something exciting to come out of the pipeline (sorry, that watch was hardly it), it seems we’re already 5 years into it.

    1. Gotta agree with this comment. Every year there are is exciting things and every year I’m less than impressed. To come out with a TV for without 4K was just plain stupid. Thousands of 4K televisions being sold and have been being sold for a year plus now. Touch Bar looks cool but the machine is too damn expensive.

    1. At least the people whom you disparage are able to back up their opinions with facts and thoughtful analysis while you can only resort to misguided insults and petty complaints.

      1. Fair enough, if you’d only admit that you are equally as petty with your opinions. Insults do stand in the way of reasoned discourse, but it is excruciatingly difficult for anyone to avoid making them—it is human nature disparage one’s opponent. I would like to think that you are not my opponent, but the palpable insolence keeps me a few steps back.

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  5. Tim Cook needs to do his job and stop pretending he is CSJWO. His Leftist b.s. will not cut it for the next 8 years—there will be a purge of this mental illness known as liberalism and silicon valley needs it the most. Get back to bean-counting, Tim.

  6. Whenever an analcyst predicts Apple-Doom, go visit this page and remember…

    Apple Death Knell Counter @MacObserver

    The past repeats itself over and over and over and over and over and somehow certain analcysts never learn.

    BUT Apple has definitely lost focus on the Mac. I also dare say that Apple is now swayed more by marketing numbers than enthusiasm for invention, which is a very bad trend toward the point where I start spewing Apple-Doom as well.

    NO Marketing-As-Management Apple! Unless of course you have a death wish.

  7. I get that in the future, we will all be using a large multi-touch interfaces, with on screen keyboards and voice input.

    Mouse input will go the way of the dinosaurs.

    This is what Microsoft and Apple are working towards.

    Apple is slowly making the iPad more sophisticated, making the screens bigger, pen input etc, whilst deprecating the Mac.

    Microsoft have the same idea, but they are merging the mouse interface and the touch one into one device.

    The big issue is that Apple need to move a LOT quicker in this.

    Tim wants people like me to use an iPadPro for work – it’s currently impossible Tim.

    No access to file system, no pro-level apps, the screen just isn’t big enough, the OS is too simple, the list goes on.

    Microsoft however have just released the SurfaceStudio.

    Whether you like it or not, they are very quickly shipping their idea of what the future is.

    Apple will take so long that by the time they release an iPadPro that we CAN use for pro work, the customer base will have moved to Windows.

    That will be Tim’s legacy – moving too slowly, assuming that the customer will still be there when they finally ship their end product.

    1. I am not giving up on mice. In fact, I am not trading my current mbp for a gimmick bar to touch. If this is the best Apple can do with the Mac, then they will lose another formerly loyal customer. Macs need to offer more value than the competition. Pushing iOS and iCloud idiocy onto the Mac is not value, it’s annoyance. And while Cook pushes subscriptions, Windows has actually come a long way in closing the usability and stability gap. Windows is actually ahead in file system and interoperability.

      1. That touch bar may seem like a gimmick, but I see it as an ingenious replacement for the function keys that power users have, for a very long time, bent to their intricate purposes. The touch bar replicates the old idea of plastic overlays that we used to identify specific actions within an application (absent those overlays, we consulted a cheat sheet, or consigned key combinations to memory). The venerable GUI has begged for a facelift, an escape from the tedium of navigating drop-down submenus or remembering their keyboard shortcuts, and this touch bar is it.

  8. Here we go again, “iPhone sales are set to peak”. How many times do these IDIOTS say this and then Apple has record sales of iPhones. There are a billion people without smart phones or those wannabe ones that catch fire. iPhone sales will NEVER peak and these guys have there heads in there asses!

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