Apple rolls out new ‘TV’ app to tvOS beta testers in the USA

“Apple’s new ‘TV’ app has begun rolling out to Apple TV owners in the USA. Apple explained last month that the app is intended to bring together shows from multiple TV apps into a single view,” Ben LoveJoy reports for 9to5Mac.

“Several readers have reported seeing the app appear,” Lovejoy reports. “Reader Tyler made the reports in the comments to a tvOS 10.1 developer beta 3 post last night: ‘The TV app just appeared on my Apple TV. You can change the function of the tv button to take you to the TV app or to the home screen in settings under remotes and devices.'”

“On the iPhone and iPad, Apple appears to be introducing the TV app as a replacement for the built-in Videos app,” Lovejoy reports. “The old Videos app is seemingly hidden as the new TV app replaces it.”

Read more and see the screenshots in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, this is the beginning of a true unified interface that will, someday, include all of our content, not just some.

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  1. The TV app took the place of my Videos app and now I can’t play videos via “Home Sharing” from my iMac. I re-downloaded the Videos app but “Home Sharing” is gone from it too. The “Settings” panels are identical for both. This is not good. I’m hoping that I will still be able to use “Home Sharing” on my Apple TV4 as that is my primary use for it.

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