Apple patching Safari flaw revealed at PWNFEST

“Security conference organizer Vangelis has tweeted that a joint team of Pangu and JH hackers have successfully claimed the maximum $100,000 prize on offer at the PWNFEST event for finding a Safari exploit that gave them root access on macOS Sierra,” Ben Lovejoy reports for 9to5Mac.

“Safari wasn’t the only browser to fall victim at the PWNFEST conference: Microsoft Edge running under Windows 10 was also hacked,” Lovejoy reports, “and Google saw its latest Pixel fall to a team which was able to achieve remote code execution to win a $120k prize.”

Lovejoy reports, “All systems hacked were running the latest versions. Details of all the exploits will be passed to the companies concerned to enable the software to be patched to prevent black-hat hackers using them for nefarious purposes.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: And Safari gets even more secure!


  1. MDN, you hypocrites. When Safari, is pwned, it makes Safari more secure. When Google Pixel is pwned, it is open in all the wrong ways. FYI, WebKit is open source. Open, open, open. Got it? Open.

  2. On a related note I have been getting a redirect warning while using Safari on certain websites that tries to send me to a .myspace website, obviously some kind of spam or malware. I’ve only seen discussion of this as relates to Chrome. I’ve run my Avira antivirus and cleared my cache without effect. Any clue what else I might do to get rid of this?

  3. Nothing here about the OPERA browser. I’ve been using the Opera browser for sometime now, I like the built in VPN and a slew of other things. Opera beats Safari on Mac any day, Opera is far more HTML 5 compliant than Safari. Go figure.

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