Analyst: Apple’s iPhone 8 to feature larger, curved, bezel-free display

“A new note from Barclays Research claims next year’s iPhone will be bezel-free, enabling the company to introduce a 5-inch and 5.8-inch smartphones that will be around the same size as the current 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models,” Jonny Evans writes for Apple Must.

“They also note that only the 5.8-inch model will boast OLED display tech,” Evans writes. “Other recent reports have claimed Apple supplier, Foxconn, has been testing wireless charging for next year’s iPhones, with Sharp confirming the company plans to use OLED displays.”

Evans writes, “Barclays today also confirmed Apple plans a curved display.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Oh, yeah! We’ll take those in 5.8-inches, please!


    1. Why? None of the VR headsets I have used have curved screens and all of the phones touting VR support have flat screens.

      In order to be better for that kind of viewing the screen would have to curve the OPPOSITE way than a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge… in other words the wrong way because it would be awkward as shit to hold and therefore fairly crap as a phone… unless I am missing some vital piece of information that you used to come up with that hypothesis I cannot fathom why apple would do something so stupid. More likely the curve is just the only good way to truly facilitate a bezel less display.

  1. Stop with the Iphone 8 BS… we have a great phone available right now…. and we know exactly what it is… and its the best !
    its called iphone 7.

    Hate this distracting rumors that are designed to take attention away from this years iphone…. !
    ……and some playalong without any care ..!
    Mind boggeling .

  2. Here a review of the new iPhone8… Ooops no. Sorry… It’s Xiaomi.

    The certainly took a time machine to steal Apple’s design. Right? Or maybe it’s will they have stolen it… Or have they will steal it?

    These time travels makes things so difficult 😛

    Oh… And before you say it’s just a prototype that can’t be bought… It’s available for pre-order:—Black-Gold-373537.html

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