Apple CEO Cook emails employees, calls for unity after Donald Trump presidential win

“Apple CEO Tim Cook broadcast an all-hands memo to U.S. Apple employees Wednesday evening calling for unity amid the uncertainty inspired by Donald Trump’s upset presidential win,” John Paczkowski reports for Buzzfeed News.

Cook “tells Apple employees that ‘the only way to move forward is to move forward together,'” Paczkowski reports. “And he reasserts Apple’s commitment to social progress and equality.”

The Apple CEO also quotes Martin Luther King, Jr.: “If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”

Tim Cook’s full memo, verbatim:


President-elect of the United States Donald Trump and First Lady of the United States Designate Melania Trump
President-elect of the United States Donald Trump and First Lady of the United States Designate Melania Trump
I’ve heard from many of you today about the presidential election. In a political contest where the candidates were so different and each received a similar number of popular votes, it’s inevitable that the aftermath leaves many of you with strong feelings.

We have a very diverse team of employees, including supporters of each of the candidates. Regardless of which candidate each of us supported as individuals, the only way to move forward is to move forward together. I recall something Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said 50 years ago: “If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” This advice is timeless, and a reminder that we only do great work and improve the world by moving forward.

While there is discussion today about uncertainties ahead, you can be confident that Apple’s North Star hasn’t changed. Our products connect people everywhere, and they provide the tools for our customers to do great things to improve their lives and the world at large. Our company is open to all, and we celebrate the diversity of our team here in the United States and around the world — regardless of what they look like, where they come from, how they worship or who they love.

I’ve always looked at Apple as one big family and I encourage you to reach out to your co-workers if they are feeling anxious.

Let’s move forward — together!



MacDailyNews Take: It is, after all, The United States of America.

Regarding the “uncertainties” Cook mentions, as we outlined back on October 25th:

Donald Trump’s position paper states the following regarding H-1B visas:

· Increase prevailing wage for H-1Bs. We graduate two times more Americans with STEM degrees each year than find STEM jobs, yet as much as two-thirds of entry-level hiring for IT jobs is accomplished through the H-1B program. More than half of H-1B visas are issued for the program’s lowest allowable wage level, and more than eighty percent for its bottom two. Raising the prevailing wage paid to H-1Bs will force companies to give these coveted entry-level jobs to the existing domestic pool of unemployed native and immigrant workers in the U.S., instead of flying in cheaper workers from overseas. This will improve the number of black, Hispanic and female workers in Silicon Valley who have been passed over in favor of the H-1B program.

· Requirement to hire American workers first. Too many visas, like the H- 1B, have no such requirement. In the year 2015, with 92 million Americans outside the workforce and incomes collapsing, we need companies to hire from the domestic pool of unemployed. Petitions for workers should be mailed to the unemployment office, not USCIS.

· End welfare abuse. Applicants for entry to the United States should be required to certify that they can pay for their own housing, healthcare and other needs before coming to the U.S.

· Immigration moderation. Before any new green cards are issued to foreign workers abroad, there will be a pause where employers will have to hire from the domestic pool of unemployed immigrant and native workers. This will help reverse women’s plummeting workplace participation rate, grow wages, and allow record immigration levels to subside to more moderate historical averages.

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  1. “… social progress & equality.”

    Translation: “I like in the backdoor and everyone should consider that ‘normal’.” Love me, accept me… validate me.

    Glad to see Tim using this as an opportunity to push his own worldview rather than making products that delight customers.

    Never let a ‘crisis’ go to waste.

    1. Give the man credit for displaying a calm demeanor instead of the celebrity meltdown videos rampant on the interwebs.

      The shawdow of divisiveness needs to dissipate. We need to get to work building America. Instead of redistributing our wealth and jobs (“globalization”).


      1. Tim Cook is a decent, wise and civilised person. He understands that during an election campaign, people on both sides say things that are hot-headed and go beyond what would would be likely to happen. The actual number of votes ended up close to 50/50, so it’s now important to draw people together. There is more uniting people than there is dividing them and much more to be gained by working together than by in-fighting.

  2. Here is a certainty:
    Corps will bring money home and invest in OUR COUNTRY with a 15% rate instead of an INSANE, draconian 35% rate.

    I don’t “agree” with cook’s lifestyle, but i feel a sincerity in his words and feel he is a good and decent man. I commend and respect him for that and am grateful he’s not sunk to the gutter rhetoric of some of his peers.

    The “not my president” and flag burners are showing us their true feelings about the democratic process. They do not love the country that affords the
    The freedoms they take for granted.

    I guess that whole “love trumps hate” thing was just talk.

    Also, Siri still is not reliable, and the phone feature on my ⌚️ ‘s phone function is terribly unreliable.



    1. If they understood the first thing about the republic, and its spectacularly brilliant and resilient design, they wouldn’t be who they are. These are not critical thinkers here. They are simply emoters, They are lacking in any integrity, character, or fortitude. They are Infantile invertibrates irresponsibly released upon society by their new age helicopter parents, looking for a nanny state to change their diapers and warm their bottles.

  3. Oh for the love of Pete grow up! Dear lord. Apple has become a fecklessly moist mediocrity factory under Cook. No wonder no one is innovating. The oatmeal isn’t warm enough nor soft enough, and there aren’t enough stuffed toys to go around. Now it is clear where their childish obsession with emojis is coming from. Maybe the new campus should be called The Romper Room. I hope there are enough safe spaces for all the dewy-eyed diversity new hires. Do they have nappy time as well? Does Uncle Cookie Wuss read soft stories to a room full of thumb sucking engineers at break time? No wonder iOS often seems more like it was designed by Fishcher-Price.

    What a ridiculously miserable story. Talk about an indicator to sell your stock.

  4. You deserve Everything Trump dishes out Cook, you out of touch, crooked, left wing ass kissing “CEO” who does nothing but remove useful features, jack up prices, and push your personal agenda, Trump is right, boycott Apple products, I’m shopping around to replace mine, now go donate some more of your blood money from Chinese workers to Adolf Hitlary, by the way, a lot of that money came from Americans buying Apple!

  5. What kind of emasculated American feels “anxiety” that the U.S.A. might again finally be run as if it is the greatest country the world has ever seen? Oh, right, Cook is talking to his thousands of imported H-1B cheap employees that he might actually have to finally pay as if they’re Americans or, God forbid, actually employ Americans first since he won’t be saving any money by importing cheap labor under a real administration.

    Welcome to reality, precious snowflakes!


      1. She has vowed to combat cyber bullying. You and I had best brush up on the details of that, so as to preserve our purity in commenting. 😏 Washington has acquired a new Morality, but it could be a two-edged sword…

        1. Interesting question.

          What is the difference between cyber bullying, cyber defense or cyber commentary?

          Possibly, another slippery slope.

          That said, Mrs. Trump is a class act and appreciate her noble cause, Godspeed … 🤗

  6. I’ll just say one thing about these protestors. Just don’t block roads and freeways (cali) to try and get your point across. Burn the flag, bitch and moan, but do it in an orderly fashion. By blocking roads, etc, you risk actually killing somebody, say that has an emergency and cannot get through, etc. You have the right to protest, but you do not have the right to interfere with peoples right of way.

  7. Cook and the Apple goodthinkers should spend less time signalling virtue. I’ve been a looooong time Apple consumer and aapl shareholder, and I’m starting to have serious doubts about Timmy.

    Enough is enough.

  8. Apple Employees,

    There will be chill closets at all entries/exits for all you little snowflakes.

    Peace Out,

    If Hillary would have won, there would have been no drama and no need for this emergency.

  9. The only “intolerance” I see is from the liberals. What exactly do they think the protest are accomplishing except spreading more hate and discontent.

    Last night in Seattle, while all the cops had to gather to keep the protesters at bay, five people were shot just blocks away. The suspect was not caught because all the cops were busy trying to manage the mob.

    For all those celebrities and liberals that said they were going to leave the country if Trump won……time to pack your bags. Don’t forget to pay the millions in taxes you already owe this country before you go and we’ll make sure to lock the door after you leave.

  10. You all had better pray for Apple stock. DJT will not forget that Apple came out against him. All those companies who came out against him will likley suffer losses, and rightfully so. Apple’s federal government contracts will likley be over, as in not renewed. If individuals or groups of individuals want to come out against a candidate, there is no problem with that. An entire company, not right.

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