Who’s winning the video streaming wars?

“I have a pretty clear idea about what I want my modern TV experience to look like: access to paid video apps for on demand content, a primary app for streaming live TV, and access to this on all my devices at home and mobile,” Zac Hall writes for 9to5Mac. “You can get pretty close to this experience on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac today, and there are services coming soon that will add to the competition, but there’s no clear winner in the web TV war yet.”

“I hope Apple’s upcoming TV app will eventually evolve into an actual video streaming service,” Hall writes. “Apple could deliver the best solution on iOS, tvOS, and macOS because it cares about the app experience.”

“So far I’ve tested Sling TV and PlayStation Vue,” Hall writes. “They both offer access to live TV through their own apps on iOS. Sling TV has an Apple TV and Mac app; PS Vue does not (yet) but offers access to paid video apps and websites from supported channels.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple TV improves with each update, but, for now, it’s firmly stuck on Input 2. Hopefully, sooner than later, the deals get struck and Cupertino’s real idea for Apple TV becomes a reality.


  1. If we’re talking devices, I have a feeling the Chromecast and Fire Stick/TV are being used more than Apple TVs now. For services, Netflix and Hulu probably are way beyond Apple/Google/Amazon partly because they are available on all three platforms among other TV connected devices.

    1. Uhm, you can get TCM on SlingTV, which is an app on the AppleTV. Costs $5/month in a movie pack that also includes Epix1,2, Sundance, HDNet movies. Of course, you have to buy a basic channel pack, like Sling Orange for $20, or Sling Blue for $25. I have the combo pack which is both Orange and Blue for $40, and includes all the Sports channels I watch like ESPN1,2,3 and FoxSports1,2, about 50 channels in all.

      By going SlingTV on my AppleTV and Roku, I’ve dropped my TimeWarner plan from $140/month to a $40 SlingTV plan, and I get all the channels I watched before, except for broadcast channels which I can get with an antenna. While TimeWarner had an iOS app and could stream on my Macs, the SlingTV iOS app and Mac app seem to work better.

  2. The other thing I wish, is that we could get a large screen TV without the terrible Smart TV that is in them. I can’t even switch the input on my Sony 55″ until the smart part wakes up. So when smart dies the TV is useless.

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