In just one month, Apple Pay becomes 5th most popular online payment platform

“Just over a month after launching Apple Pay on the web, an effort to bring the payments service to website checkouts via its Safari web browser on iOS and Mac, new data shows Apple has already made it into the top five payment technologies online,” Jordan Kahn reports for 9to5Mac.

“SimilarTech tapped into its platform that tracks over 30 billion webpages each month and shows that Apple Pay is already the 5th most popular payment platform used by the top 10,000 websites,” Kahn reports. “Since launching in September alongside iOS 10 and macOS Sierra releases, the data shows that Apple is now available on 0.25% of the sites.”

“That puts it at almost 10% of leader PayPal which has 2.36% of the top websites (although PayPal’s subscribe button is also #2 and adds an additional 0.98%),” Kahn reports. “And it puts Apple well within reach of #3 Stripe with 0.35% and #4 Braintree with 0.32% of transactions.”

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