Why Donald Trump bests Hillary Clinton on key tech policies

“Solely based on media coverage, you’d think that all of Silicon Valley and the tech world at large was undoubtedly behind Clinton in this critical election. But as has been reported in muted fashion by a few outlets, there is such a thing as the ‘silent majority‘ which is going to surprise many this election,” Derrick Wlodarz writes for BetaNews. ” I’m confident that polls are having a hard time capturing the factor that quantifies this part of the electorate which isn’t being vocal about its Election Day preferences, but will deliver a decisive blow come Tuesday, November 8.”

“I’m a small IT business owner and a decade-long IT pro, and I’m standing with Trump on the issues closest to my heart: technology issues and their related policies,” Wlodarz writes. “From my perspective, if Hillary could not properly handle crucial decision making on critical IT systems handling our nation’s secrets, how would she possibly fare better with such decisions as the leader of the free world? History speaks numbers, and Hillary’s track record with confidential IT platforms is pathetic at best.”

“I’m extremely proud of the fact that I can give jobs to deserving local Americans… As an employer, yes, keeping my payroll full of American-based labor is expensive by every token. I probably could cut labor costs by 1/3 to 1/2 by outsourcing my key positions to H-1B visa holders, or better yet — hiring talent that is based solely overseas. But being a small business owner for some time now has given me considerable satisfaction in the notion that we can make a profit all the while employing local, deserving, and extremely motivated Americans,” Wlodarz writes.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
“Donald Trump is the one making it very clear that companies taking advantage of foreign labor at the expense of qualified deserving Americans will pay the price. Not only should H-1B caps be lowered, but policies should be enacted that force companies abusing this loophole to pay equitable salaries that are comparable to what they would have paid for hiring local talent — thereby eliminating any financial benefits from this scourge on the IT industry.”

“There is no such thing as the perfect candidate. You’ll never be able to say that the leading candidates check off every box on your mental tally list of policy stances,” Wlodarz writes. ” Yes, he’s said things which are indefensible… [but] I’ve compared, contrasted, and added up the positions which matter most in my eyes, and Trump is the one which stands tall above Clinton on numerous policies — most importantly, tech policy which is near and dear to me both personally and professionally.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Once again: Blessedly, the race for 2016 is almost over! (Even as the race for 2020 has already begun.)

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  1. A big question of course, one that is repeatedly asked with every statement he makes, is:

    Does Trump Know What He’s Taking About?

    Considering the consistent vagary of Trump’s statements, I can make no other conclusion than: NO. He’s a con man, and a lazy con man at that. He says what people want to hear. Knowing facts is irrelevant within his method of communication.

    [But of course shout me down. BFD. Watch the future and witness my being correct in this insight. I only point out this stuff in order to help others observe and understand. My ego has far better concerns than public acclaim, if you haven’t noticed.]

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