Kohl’s to sell Apple Watch at 400 stores starting November 15th

“Kohl’s has landed a brand new partner to help it win a super-competitive holiday season: Apple,” Phil Wahba reports for Fortune. “In a major step forward in the department store chain’s efforts to build up its activewear and wellness business, Kohl’s will start selling the Apple Watch at 400 of its 1,100 stores on November 15, hoping to drum up shopper traffic and attract more well-heeled customers during the Christmas period and beyond.”

“The announcement comes just a few weeks after Macy’s said it would sell the watch within Apple boutiques at 180 of its stores,” Wahba reports. “But in one key difference, Kohl’s will place the watches in its activewear and wellness sections, rather than with other electronics.”

“For Apple, the Kohl’s partnership is a way to add hundreds more distribution points beyond the city centers that typically house Apple stores, and reach a more modest-income shopper and a wider-ranging clientele,” Wahba reports. “Kohl’s will stock 10 different kinds of Apple Watches.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Boom!

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  1. There are a lot of naysayers about the Apple Watch on MDN. But there also seem to be a lot of retailers interested in selling it. I don’t think these folks would give valuable floor space to a product they weren’t sure would contribute to their bottom line.

    1. Maybe you’re kidding. A loss leader is a popular item which draws people in the front door because it’s priced below the retailer’s cost. I seriously doubt if Kohl’s will be allowed to sell this significantly below any other retailer, so it’s not a loss. And if it’s as unpopular as you seem to suggest, it won’t bring anyone i the front door. So either you’re smarter than Kohl’s management or you’re wrong. Time will tell.

  2. Bad idea. Apple can’t keep stock at Apple Stores and now will supply Kohls. I finally bought one after going to Apple stores 5 times with none in stock. I may have purchased another style if they had them. One style in men’s. Not cool Tim.

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