Someone just used the Mirai botnet to knock an entire country offline

“Last month, the Mirai botnet emerged from the shadows and directed its fury at security expert Brian Krebs. A few weeks later, the DNS servers at Dyn fell victim and many of the biggest sites on the Internet went dead for millions of Americans,” Lee Mathews reports for Forbes. “Now it appears that Mirai knocked an entire country offline.”

“Only temporarily, mind you, and the target was a very small one: Liberia, with a population of around 4.5 million,” Mathews reports. “Fewer than 10 per cent of its citizens have Internet access and the entire country is served by just two companies that share a single fiber optic cable. Who would want to DDoS a country like Liberia? One strong possibility is someone who’s testing the Mirai botnet’s capabilities.”

“The attack on Krebs’ website was easy enough to understand. He’s a respected security researcher and has doggedly pursued and helped expose numerous cybercriminals over the years,” Mathews reports. “Taking a good chunk of an entire continent offline could be the next step. Then again, they could have a much bigger target in mind. Given the pace of attacks so far, we may not have a long wait before we find out who Mirai’s next victim will be.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Warm ups.

Internet outage: A massive DDOS attack against Dyn DNS is causing havoc online – October 21, 2016


        1. Do you just pretend to be clueless or are you really that ignorant?

          The only thing that was transferred was the administration of the domain name registrations. Which has absolutely nothing to do with the DDoS attacks and the ability of anyone (US or others) to prevent them or fight them.

        2. It looks like the American presidential election is causing you mental health problems. You really don’t need to be that worried; your country has survived eight years of Clinton and another eight of Obama (with those eight years of Bush squeezed in between); it will definitely survive four years of another Clinton. It certainly lived through much worse (and don’t forget, there are congress and senate, too; your country still isn’t a banana republic just yet).

  1. For those interested:
    Mirai has infected millions of IoT (Internet of Things) devices which are being used to create these unprecedented DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. In effect, Mirai has been enabled by the worthless security built into the majority of IoT devices, AKA irresponsible shite-mongering crap companies.

    Avoid buying any IoT devices that have not been verified to use proven security methods. Even then, it’s a great idea to keep IoT devices on a separate home network from your computers in order to avoid cross-infection/botting.

    1. The country of subject, is Liberia. As a test I don’t think this would even come close to a mid sized town in NA or EU. With that said. Interesting how this is playing out. Stay safe. 🙂

    2. Thank you Derek for the voice of reason yet again. I enjoyed reading your post among all of these other posts. It’s the highlight of my Mac daily news reading comments each day! 🙂👍

  2. Email I got from WordFence concerning the DNS attack: This may have been an attempt to disrupt or influence the US election. The US election is on November 8th, less than 1 week from now. Some candidates may benefit if fear, uncertainty and doubt are cast on the election itself or the results. Launching a massive DDoS style attack on DNS providers on November 8th would achieve that objective. It would take many services off-line, including news, exit poll results, official candidate websites, official announcement sources and services we rely on like banking.

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