Apple debuts masterful new iPhone 7 television ad focused on stereo speakers and water resistance

Apple has debuted a new television commercial on U.S. broadcast and cable TV networks.

Educated guess: Look for it during the World Series’ Game 7 tonight. A big league ad for the Big Leagues!

With this commercial, Apple wants viewer to know that they can turn it up with stereo speakers on the iPhone 7, even around water:

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: This rather masterful ad is captivating. It grabs viewers’ attention immediately with the music and visuals and keeps eyes locked on it, watching straight through to the end. This is what successful television advertising looks like.

The only thing we would have added would have been an Apple Watch to our intrepid diver’s wrist. You don’t even have to mention it, just have it there.


    1. Superb; It actually tells a story, and succinctly. Very Jobs-like in that it’s masterful and it tweaks you with the girl/phone ambiguity.

      Deserves some kind of award.

  1. To augment MDN’s Take, the long walk up the stairs could have been shortened a bit to provide space for the diver to pop up to the surface and tap on his Apple Watch to see (and quickly respond to) a text invitation from the lady in the nearby lounge chair to join her for lunch.

    Now that would have been an Apple finish!

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