Apple releases iOS 10.1.1

Apple today released iOS 10.1.1 which includes Portrait Camera for iPhone 7 Plus (beta), transit directions for Japan, stability improvements and bug fixes.

iOS 10.1.1 introduces new features and improvements including:

Camera and Photos

• Introduces Portrait Camera for iPhone 7 Plus that creates a depth effect that keeps your subject sharp while creating a beautifully blurred background (beta)
• People names in the Photos app are saved in iCloud backups
• Improved the display of wide color gamut photos in the grid views of the Photos app
• Fixes an issue where opening the Camera app would show a blurred or flashing screen for some users
• Fixes an issue that caused Photos to quit for some users when turning on iCloud Photo Library


• Transit support for every major train, subway, ferry, and national bus line, as well as local bus systems for Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya
• Sign-based transit navigation including layouts of all underground structures and walkways that connect large transit stations
• Transit fare comparison when viewing alternative transit routes


• New option to replay bubble and full screen effects
• Messages effects can play with Reduce Motion enabled
• Fixes an issue that could lead to contact names appearing incorrectly in Messages
• Addresses an issue where Messages could open to a white screen
• Addresses an issue that could prevent the report junk option from displaying with unknown senders
• Fixes an issue where videos captured and sent in the Messages app could be missing audio

Apple Watch

• Adds distance and average pace to workout summaries in the Activity app for outdoor wheelchair run pace and outdoor wheelchair walk pace
• Fixes issues that may have prevented Music playlists from syncing to Apple Watch
• Addresses an issue that was preventing invitations and data to appear in Activity Sharing
• Fixes an issue that was allowing Activity Sharing to update over cellular when manually disabled
• Resolves an issue that was causing some third-party apps to crash when inputting text

Other improvements and fixes

• Improves Bluetooth connectivity with 3rd party accessories
• Improves AirPlay Mirroring performance when waking a device from sleep
• Fixes an issue where playback would not work for iTunes purchased content when the “Show iTunes Purchases” setting is turned off
• Fixes an issue where certain selfie apps and face filters used with the FaceTime HD Camera on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus did not display a live preview
• Fixes an issue in Health where individual strokes are converted to separate characters when using the Chinese handwriting keyboard
• Improves performance of sharing websites from Safari to Messages
• Fixes an issue in Safari that caused web previews in tab view to not display correctly
• Fixes an issue that caused certain Mail messages to be reformatted with very small text
• Fixes an issue that caused some HTML email to be formatted incorrectly
• Fixes an issue that in some cases caused the search field to disappear in Mail
• Fixes an issue that could prevent Today View Widgets from updating when launched
• Fixes an issue where Weather widget sometimes failed to load data
• Fixes an issue on iPhone 7 where Home Button click settings would not appear in search results
• Fixes an issue that prevented spam alert extensions from blocking calls
• Resolves an issue that could prevent alarm sounds from going off
• Fixes an issue where audio playback via Bluetooth would cause the Taptic engine to stop providing feedback for some users
• Resolves an issue preventing some users from restoring from iCloud Backup

For information on the security content of Apple software updates:


  1. Are you sure that there is anything new here? It looks just like iOS 10.1.

    I have not been able to get Location Updates to work in background mode in any version of IOS 10 using Apple’s own built-in GPS for example. So, in three versions 10.0, 10.1, and 10.1.1 this ordinary utility is bricked. Very sad. Very bad for Apple.

    SteelSeries Stratus wireless game controller has also been bricked in iOS 10. Quality control seems lacking…bigly.

    1. You have some other issue, I’ve got 4 phones in my family on 10x, and they all do locations fine, if your merely a troll that has nothing better to do then blame Apple for a problem that is more than likely yours, not Apple’s, you’d do a lot better to actually find out what’s wrong than assuming Apple is causing location services to fail for millions, when its clearly not.

      1. I’m not a Troll. I am an app developer and what I said is absolutely true. Perhaps there are some changes in iOS 10 that did not affect apps in iOS 9.3. I can accept that, but not to be informed of the changes that must be made to legacy apps in order for them to run in iOS 10 is not good practice, IMHO.

  2. There are two types of comments:
    1. Small update is an indicator that iOS is falling apart. oh no, tim cook should be fired, etc.
    2. Look! Apple quickly addresses an issue with an update. Hooray for snappy and fast Apple software team!

  3. Great information You Shared. My issue is, as the redundancy for the Gmail app is quite common among all users now, I have two Gmail inboxes including one redundant in them, If I receive all emails in both, then how I can be able to delete the redundant inbox?

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