Three new Mac laptops appear in Russian regulatory database ahead of Thursday’s ‘hello again’ event

“In case there needed to be any more smoke to the fire, Russian trademark filings reveal that Apple is readying the release of three new Macs running macOS Sierra,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac. “The products have apparently passed the Russian registration, labelled as ‘portable personal computer models’ with model identifiers A1706, A1707 and A1708.”

“This all but confirms Apple plans to launch three new Mac laptops at its media event on Thursday, corroborating a KGI report from over the weekend,” Mayo reports. “These product identifiers likely correspond to two new MacBook Pros and a new ultrathin 13-inch MacBook as a sibling to the 12-inch MacBook.”

Mayo reports, “The existence of the products in the database indicates that the devices will be available to buy very soon, likely going up for order the same day as the unveiling event on October 27th.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Depending on dimensions, that new ultrathin 13-inch MacBook just might be Macs to replace our 11-inch MacBook Airs in our backpacks.

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    1. Desktop Macs seem to have gotten short shrift. Hate to be a “Bobby Bummer” but it doesn’t look good unless it’s a OMT. Looks like WWDC or spring upgrade now for desktops. How much more patience do they think we have left? It’s getting agonizing.

    1. Jokes aside, the DNI/DHS report (that accused Russian government of the hacks) had to use phrases like “we believe” and “activity consistent with” in its attempt to tie the hacks to the Russian government as they can not just blatantly lie and claim that they have any actual evidence in that regard.

      It is just that the government very badly needed to support Clinton’s neo-MacCarthyist propaganda campaign. Ironically, it is based on the same type of fearmongering, xenophobia, and bigotry that they accuse Trump of; the only difference is that Clinton has replaced religion/ethnicity with nationality.

      Not that the oligarchic “free” media ever reports the reality of any of this. So the government has lied without lying, and the lapdog MSM did the dirty job for them.

  1. I’ve been holding out for an iMac upgrade for over a year and now I’m hit with a double-whammy 🙁

    The video card on my 27″ iMac died last week and the repair is going to run $537 since it is out of AppleCare warranty. Had to go ahead and ok the repair since I can’t be without a machine. I don’t want to buy the current iMac configuration without USB-Type C and Thunderbolt 3, and there was hope that new iMacs were being announced in a few days. Not fixing it would leave me with a very expensive paperweight. Guess I’ll be holding on for at least another 6 months and can hopefully recoup my repair cost.

  2. I just ordered a new 27″ iMac with 4.0GHz i7 & 512GB SSD. I’ve been running a mid 2011 Mac Mini Server w/2.0GHz i7 & 2x500GB HDD’s since late 2011 & need more performance for my work. I’ve been wanting to upgrade for a couple years but only now have been able to come up with the $$$ for it.

    Was initially going to hold out to see if they announce a new iMac but with the speculations I’m seeing about no new iMac & the fact that when announced they’ll probably do away with legacy USB-A ports & replace TB with USB-C style port(s) I’d just as soon go with the late 2015 design. The above specs with an additional 16GB RAM (for a total of 24GB) should be more than fine for quite a while. I use an Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt audio interface, an expensive piece that’s Thunderbolt 2 & the external drives I’ll be using are all USB 3 & will work as designed with the old style USB-A plugs so I see no need to hold off another 6 months to wait for a machine that will only marginally improve performance while requiring me to enter the Dongle Jungle. Unfortunately I ordered it from a Jewish run business during the Jewish Sukkot holiday so now gotta wait until that’s over for ’em to ship it. LOL!!

    1. Also, my main Mac work is recording music using Logic Pro X, the only video work I’ll be doing will be editing relatively short 1080 videos in either iMovie or FCP X (haven’t decided yet if I’ll purchase that) & this machine should handle that just fine (editing video on the 2011 MMS is beyond painful LOL!!).

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