Computerworld reviews Apple Watch Series 2: Delivers on first generation’s promise

“When Apple jumped into the wearables market last year with the first Apple Watch, it delivered a device that offered a lot of promise, while at the same confusing and confounding many early adopters,” Michael deAgonia reports for Computerworld. “App loading times were sluggish; the UI was wholly unfamiliar to longtime Apple buyers; connectivity was sometimes an issue; and fitness tracking didn’t always work as it should.”

“This year’s Apple Watch Series 2 — unveiled last month when the iPhone 7 was previewed — builds on last year’s model and addresses most, but not all, of the issues early adopters faced,” deAgonia reports. “With the inclusion of GPS, a faster system architecture, better water resistance and support for more activity profiles — including swimming and wheelchair support — the Series 2 turns the Apple Watch into a more complete fitness band. And the system’s overall responsiveness, in concert with watchOS 3, largely delivers on last year’s first-generation promise.”

“watchOS 3 went a long way to make the Apple Watch much more user-friendly and Apple-like in its utility. The hardware update finished the job,” deAgonia reports. “If you’re already an iPhone user and in the market for a fitness band, or for a way to filter out digital distractions, this year’s Watch models are worth checking out. They’ve come a long way in a year.”

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  1. Other than the fact that the Ui was unfamiliar, the negatives about version one are not true. I have version 1 and I have never found it to be as they say it was. The write up is a lie to “kind of” say something like, “we told you to stay away from version one and, SEE! We were right!. Now, the next time we say so, LISTEN to us”.

    We all know, the next “version one” that Apple releases will also have the same negative press. It is already written regardless of what it actually may be”. This is just a way for these unscrupulous outlets to make themselves powerful.

    I don’t intend to replace my version 1 with version 2 for all the lies in this article. But I might get version 2 for a completely different reason.

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