Sonder refudiates report: We did not meet with Apple CEO Tim Cook ‘on Wednesday 12th October 2016’

Sonder Design has refudiated a report from The Guardian via press statement as follows:

The Guardian’s article ‘Apple in talks to acquire Australian startup Sonder’ contains a number of factual errors. Sonder founder Francisco Serra-Martins did not meet Tim Cook on Wednesday 12th October 2016, although we would very like the opportunity to in the future [sic] [recte we would very much like the opportunity to do so in the future].”

“The team at Sonder is pleased with the incredible response from the industry as we continue to present our story. We are not able to comment further on information on any single company or customer.”

“Sonder’s E Ink keyboard provides infinite possibilities right at your fingertips and releases later this year.”

Source: Sonder Design

MacDailyNews Take: “Sonder founder Francisco Serra-Martins did not meet Tim Cook on Wednesday 12th October 2016.”

How about on any other day, for example: October 11th?

The Wall Street Journal today reported that “Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, discussed the MacBook plans with the heads of Foxconn and Sonder on Oct. 11 in China,” citing “people familiar with the plans.”

Sounds like Apple, as usual, doesn’t want competitors working on dynamic keyboards before they show up on new Macs. Hence this obviously rushed press release from Sonder.

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  1. As a physical device that has a lot of wear and tear I wonder how the keyboard will fare with daily use. Response time also concerns me for those that are accustomed to typing quickly. Even more so as a fixed keyboard in a laptop vs wired/wireless keyboard.

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