U.S. air passengers who try to take Samsung’s exploding phones onto planes face fines, confiscation, criminal prosecution

“Airline passengers who try to carry Samsung Electronics Co. Note 7 smartphones on flights will have them confiscated and may face fines under an emergency U.S. order that significantly expands restrictions on the devices linked to almost 100 incidents of overheating and fires,” Mary Schlangenstein and Alan Levin report for Bloomberg. “The devices won’t be allowed aboard passenger or cargo aircraft even if they’ve been shut off, the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration and the Federal Aviation Administration announced Friday. Flight restrictions will be extended to each of the 1.9 million Note 7s sold in the U.S. starting at noon New York time on Saturday.”

“‘We recognize that banning these phones from airlines will inconvenience some passengers, but the safety of all those aboard an aircraft must take priority,’” U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said in a statement. ‘We are taking this additional step because even one fire incident in flight poses a high risk of severe personal injury and puts many lives at risk,'” Schlangenstein and Alan Levin report. “The government urged passengers not to side-step the order. “Passengers who attempt to evade the ban by packing their phone in checked luggage are increasing the risk of a catastrophic incident,” the DOT said in a release. ‘Anyone violating the ban may be subject to criminal prosecution in addition to fines.'”

“The government now considers the Note 7s “forbidden hazardous material” under U.S. law. Anyone observed with one of the phones will be prohibited from boarding an aircraft, the release said,” Schlangenstein and Alan Levin reports. “Consumer agency Chairman Elliot Kaye on Friday also renewed calls to consumers to take advantage of the recall. ‘The fire hazard with the original Note 7 and with the replacement Note 7 is simply too great for anyone to risk it and not respond to this official recall,’ Kaye said in the Transportation Department statement. ‘I would like to remind consumers once again to take advantage of the remedies offered, including a full refund. It’s the right thing to do and the safest thing to do.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Then take that full refund and get a real iPhone.

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MacDailyNews Take: Yeah, this won’t hurt Samsung’s sales at all. (smirk)

Samsung’s products are permanently tainted.🙂

Karma, we’re in love! 💖

Here’s what’s now etched into the collective mind of the public:

A plane full of Apple iPhone users:
iPhone 747

A plane full of Samsung phone users:
Samsung plane

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        1. This is absolutely what is wrong with this country, no semblance of morality or decency. I despise android for what Google did, and I get angry at trolls, but dang, I can’t see talk like that (killing, death, execution) serving any purpose on a forum like this.

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            There is no other way to say it.
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      1. And yes I was being a bit glib and facetious. But a line in the sand will be crossed if a Note 7 fan causes people to be hurt unnecessarily, and after all these warnings and bans. It’s the Fandroid mentality in general that creates this clueless moxie when it’s time to stop being a spoiled child, act like an adult and do the right thing.

        1. Too late. You exhibit “Fandroid mentality” to an extent that elevates the object of your scorn far above the plateau you slither upon. You weren’t being “glib and facetious”. You were being a lowlife.

          “it’s time to stop being a spoiled child, act like an adult” … Try taking your own advice.

        2. michaele11111:
          You cannot, repeat, CANNOT out troll the troll.

          Loons like peterbulge lives for this stuff.
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  1. “Passengers who attempt to evade the ban by packing their phone in checked luggage are increasing the risk of a catastrophic incident.”

    I voiced this concern a week ago and the higher instance of danger potential with a fire in the plane storage hold. And Fandroid would be just the stupid type enough to do it.

    1. Im not a lawyer, but would think the negligent Samsung user would pay whatever costs are associated with the delay. This could include compensating all the passengers’ ticket fees, crew pay, plane maintenance expenses, baggage handeling costs, etc. Passengers could also probably sue the individual Samsung user for any other inconveniences like nonrefundable hotel fees, cruise packages, lost business deals, etc.

      1. In that extreme case I would imagine the counter argument the defendant would have to give is that all due diligence was made by the airline in informing the defendant on the policy before passing through the gates and/or at ticketing. There can be no doubt that the defendant willfully ignored the notices given. As with serving subpoenas, it is hand delivered and verbal confirmation made to eliminate any doubt that the individual was ‘not informed’.

    1. It might better to charter a special flight on a derelict plane flying over the ocean with just all infraction feckless Fandroid passengers, and all have their Note 7’s onboard on a full flight nervously awaiting their inevitable doom.

  2. Apple could not buy better marketing if they spent every penny of their 200 billion dollars or so in the bank – anybody caught trying to board a flight with a specific model of their competition’s (Samsung) phone gets told to surrender it or get booted off the plane…

    Those people will most likely buy an iPhone..

  3. Not to be outdone by either of the antennagate or scuffgate scandals, the hobbled South Korean dishwasher maker bring us boardingGate.

    “There is no such thing as bad press…”

    It’s a deal, it’s a steal — it’s the scandal of the century. #samsung #glassmeetings #grassmeetings


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