Analyst estimates 5-7 million ex-Samsung phone users to switch to Apple iPhone

“Apple appears to the be the primary beneficiary of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall blunders, with replacement devices also prone to catching fire which eventually resulted in the company cancelling production of the Note 7 entirely,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac. “This means Note 7 customers have no choice but to choose another type of phone.”

“Ming-Chi Kuo estimates that 5-7 million ex-Note 7 orders will convert into iPhone 7 sales, predominantly iPhone 7 Plus, thanks to the dual camera,” Mayo reports. “KGI says Note 7 users will have lost faith in the Samsung brand and have a tendency to like iOS and camera features, making the new iPhone an attractive sale.”

Mayo reports, “Out of approximately 12 million Note 7 orders, KGI claims Apple will be able to reap about 50% of the customers with the rest being shared amongst Android manufacturers like Huawei.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Now, to replace your dangerous Samsung Android iPhone wannabe, should you get an actual Apple iPhone (with all that comes with it: #1 App Store, Apple Pay, Messages, Apple retail network, etc., etc. etc.) or a Huawei Android phone (with all that doesn’t come with it)?

It’s like an IQ test.


  1. Uh, Oh… here come the riff-raff…
    They should stay with their Android infested ecosystem and not dilute our ideologically pure ecosystem.

    To anyone wondering, that was pure sarcasm in an effort to pre-diffuse certain comments.

  2. The Samsung brand is damaged goods. Part of owning a smartphone is status and Samsung is now considered a flaming turd. Have you seen all the comedian jokes about Samsung over these past few weeks?

    The latest survey from Branding Brand says 40% of ALL Samsung customers will not be getting another Samsung device, and 30% of those will get an iPhone. This survey came out before the banning of the Note 7 on many airlines, and a $180K fine with up to 10 years in prison for attempting to bring this bomb phone onto planes.

    So, let’s do the math: 350M * 40% * 30% = 42M iPhones.

  3. Many people who like to fly are going to think twice about buying a Samsung S7 Edge as wall as the note, because they are look alike models, and who wants the hassle, so I think that these numbers are low and will extend beyond the Note model.

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