Apple debuts Apple Music ad

Apple has posted a new ad, “Explore the All-New Apple Music,” to their YouTube channel.

Listen anywhere — even offline. Over 40 million songs. Thousands of handpicked playlists. Exclusive music and video premieres. Shows from the best artists and DJs on Beats 1, radio live or on demand, and more. New members get three months free.

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s gone all-in on the exclusives, smartly!


  1. The exclusives are an excellent strategy.

    My older daughter (now in high school) allows me to get a pulse of the teen market for music, and through her I can see that many teens, who were heretofore on Spotify, are slowly embracing Apple Music in order to gain access to the music they want, which is often these exclusives.

  2. Meh. I still find the app ugly, the interface unwelcoming and ungainly, and the process too difficult to get enthused about. I guess the old iTunes iterations spoiled me. But maybe the young people can enjoy it more because they don’t remember the old days (not that I’m saying Ping was ever useful or successful, of course).

    You, there! Get off my lawn!

    1. Apple Music’s interface is indeed extremely ugly and a bitch to use. I would never have thought that Apple could have designed such a miserable experience. But they have and even after one “update” Apple Music fails to bring a positive experience to users..

      Tim Cook is responsible for the dismal state of Apple Music.

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