When are we going to get a new Apple display, new AirPort, or even a new iPod touch?

“We know that Apple will revamp some products on a pretty regular schedule: the iPhone, for example,” Dan Moren writes for Macworld. “Others get slightly less frequent updates, like the iPad or MacBooks.”

“But what about the Apple products that seem to sometimes go years without a refresh?” Moren writes. “There are more than a few of them, and while some occasionally find themselves in the rumor spotlight, others just continue chugging along as they are—perhaps doomed to an evolutionary dead-end, or maybe to be resurrected when Apple decides the moment is ripe.”

Moren writes, “Let’s take a moment to praise some of these unsung heroes, and hope that they may one day earn a press release or perhaps, unlikely as it might be, some stage time at an Apple event.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Good Jobs, we hope that, of the three mentioned in the headline, that new Apple 5K display is right around the corner! Of the three, it seems the most sadly overdue by a large margin.


  1. I am in the market for an additional AirPort Extreme or Time Capsule, but the current one is so old that I’d rather wait for an update. Hopefully it’s within a year. I have bad signal in my bedroom until then.

    1. The Airport extreme is up to AC protocol. Newest Apple devices are AC. If you have 2 APE’s in your house (one extended wirelessly) you will have more than enough coverage, unless you own a mansion. There is no point waiting, since AC protocol is the latest now and in the foreseeable future. New specs for next Gen wireless A(x) or gigabit wireless are not ready for primetime and would also require apple to change all chips to take advantage of it.

  2. Apple could be killing it with the iPods, but Cook has let it go stale. For instance, we could have a headphone/iPod in one wearable that tracks your movement, etc.

    We could have a large Apple Display that’s 5 k.

    We could have a one operating system world where things like the iMac have touch screens and a pivot hinge to bring it in close when interacting with touch.

    On and on. For now, I’m settling with my iPad Pro which is as close as I’m going to get to a large touch screen with a bit of power.

    I can’t wait for the day when there is longer two operating systems. Where multi-touch and other inputs are merged into one with the hardware to complement.

    1. An iMac with a pivot hinge? No, please, never!

      Headphone/iPod? Wouldn’t that be practical for jogging! You think those Google Glass looked dorky?

      Only the 5K display has a reason to see the light of day.

      1. Sparkles:

        Don’t ever be a Product Manager.

        Wearables are in and a big market. Apple could design a beautiful set of headphones that have an integrated iPod in them (4 GB storage, SIRI-like control, motion tracking…). They could be optimized for sport (water resistent and stay in the ears).

        When it comes to a pivot desktop with a large touch screen, this is the future of desktop computing.

        It required a one operaring system approach since it will utilize multi-touch.

        Watch, wait and see over time what happens.

  3. The iPod touch is kind of an interesting product. Obviously at one time it was the “iPhone without a phone” for people who didn’t need/want a data plan (for me, perfect for my younger kids). But then the iPad mini kind of supplanted it for that purpose. If you’re a runner, you probably want something smaller. If you’re young gamer, you probably want something bigger. Even still, re-engineering it from time to time to support a more modern chipset would be nice . . . . the fact no one really complains for such a product might tell Apple it’s not worth devoting a lot of resources to.

    1. Jony Ive is going to try to make the iMac as thin as a deck of cards because he thinks that’s fashionable. Forget a high-powered GPU because it might melt the thinning case. I can understand that for a portable computer but he’s being absolutely ridiculous wanting to build a desktop computer like that. I’d honestly like to know what’s going on inside of his head when it comes to building practical computer products. Maybe if I could just understand the logic behind his choices.

  4. I keep thinking that Apple can only do one thing at a time, but in reality, they are concentrating on the glamorous products and neglecting the unglamorous products that we need and use every day. It’s like software bugs. Even if they are very irritating to the user, but won’t impact sales, they don’t fix it.

    1. Like Caterpillar or John Deere machinery the Mac may no longer be a glamorous product line (matter of opinion) but it’s still majorly important as an economic driver & production tool. And you can still take pride with that alone as Caterpillar & John Deere do giving people the tools needed to do their job or be creative or both.

  5. Any product Apple comes out with will be declared immediately behind the times. Why should Apple even bother? Anything Apple could think of has probably already been done by some other company. I’m really frightened to see what Apple is going to offer as a new Mac Pro if it’s been designed by Jony Ives. It’ll be in some weird shape that won’t accept any standard components.

    Just who is running Apple when it comes to those decisions. It’s probably embarrassing for Apple to give out Mac Pro sales numbers. It’s as though Apple is trying hard not to appeal of professionals when it comes to computers. Would it really be all that difficult for an Apple Mac Pro to use SLI graphics cards. How can a company have so much money yet be so retarded?

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