Apple Pay launches in Russia

“Apple launched Apple Pay in Russia on Tuesday, extending the payment platform’s reach to ten countries around the globe,” Jake Smith reports for ZDNet.

“Apple Pay, which allows users to pay with an iPhone or Apple Watch through a contactless sales point, will be available through Sberbank and MasterCard,” Smith reports. “Apple Pay launched in [the U.S.A.] 2014, with the gradual global rollout making the service available in Australia, Canada, China, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland and United Kingdom.”

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“‘Apple Pay is driving the popularization of contactless payments in Russia and globally. Many of Sberbank clients actively use new technologies, and an increasing number of them will prefer cash-free and contactless payment using their smartphones,’ Alexander Torbakhov, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of Sberbank, commented on the news,” TASS reports. “Apple Pay works with iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and later, and Apple Watch.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Slowly – glacially, even – Apple Pay rolls out around the world! Поздравляю, Россияне!


  1. Not that Apple is doing business with the devil, but doesn’t it sound weird to do business with Russia? Apple should soon dump the banks, and become a creditor, issuing it’s own credit card. Hey, they are in the power business, side ways like.

    Apple should give up the pretense, building large data centers to create power plants. Power is a money maker and the cleaner the production the better. The low radar stuff, to keep oil and coal off their backs, is unnecessary. Just buy an oil company or a coal company, fire the management, and then the others will not go running to congress and state houses to block those clean power build outs.

    1. How come Russia is “devil”?

      What you “know” about the country is what you “learned” from the same media that brainwashed people into believing that Saddam had WMDs and was tied to 9/11 (68% of Americans believed in both lies in 2006), so guess how truthful it is.

      For example, lets take a couple of the most typical claims against Putin such as him supposedly killing politicians and journalists.

      In reality, not only the claims have no evidence behind them, but there is no even a motive.

      The politician that was killed last year had only two percent of popular support, ignored by people, let alone Putin, for decades; Putin always ratings from high to very high, even according to Western pollster organizations. The politician was not a threat to Putin in any way.

      Journalists that were killed critiqued Putin just as literally thousands of others in the opposition media and blogosphere, who were never harmed. Also, among journalists that were killed the majority did not critique Putin. Whole thing is a function of a violate crime rate — which, by the way, is down many times, comparing to Putin’s predecessor, Yeltsin, when journalists were killed at nearly four times higher rate than during Putin’s tenure.

      The trick is that those fringe politicians and journalists who were killed were engaged in things besides critiquing Putin; for example, they critiqued/attacked/insulted Caucasus region, and this was wrong choice of theirs since the ancient code of honour of the people of that region requires that insults should be revenged with the blood of the one who has make the insult.

      Of course, all of this is horrible barbarism anyway, and the culprits get caught and have their trials for that, but nothing of this really connects to Putin in either evidence or even motive.


      The “free” Western media would never present you with a true picture since the oligarchy and the military industrial complex need a boogeyman to control the population, to milk it for more and more of the taxpayers’ money, as well as to push it support the hawkish neocon/neolib neoimperialist policies that have lead the USA to arm jihadists in Afghanistan that later attacked the country on 9/11, that continue to arm the same jihadists in Syria right now to use them as a “regime change” tool against secular non-sectarian government there just as they did in Afghanistan thirty years earlier.

      With Hillary as President, the world will see more of this.

      1. Hi, Putin. WOW on macdailynews, go figure.

        “Not that Apple is doing business with the devil, but doesn’t it sound weird to do business with Russia?”, I said.

        How come Russia is “devil”? , you said.


        Stop hanging out with Donald. He’s a bad guy. Birds of a feather flock together. gamblers hangout with gamblers, rich people hangout with rich people, thieves hangout with thieves. You don’t want us to associate you with a bad guy do you? Hey, by the way, I’m looking forward to a new president in Russia soon, see I’m kind of concerned about world peace. Hey, it’s just personal.

        1. I do not support Trump, and I do not like almost any of his policies. On international matters, though, he is better, so no wonder that all of the neocon/neolib maniacs and war criminals starting from Kissinger to Negroponte to Albright to Cheney came out to support Hillary.

          And I am not a fan of Putin either. He has cemented the oligarchic system that has legalized the incredible robbery of what was built for people in the USSR, the income inequality in Russia is horrible (as bad or even worse than in the USA), Putin signs absurd anti-LGBT laws that pander to the main religions (thankfully, they are not applied much in practice).

          However, on internation matters Putin is quite good — and the world sees it; a recent global poll indicated that Putin is by far the most popular politician on the planet. (This is unthinkable to anyone who is among the golden billion in the West due to the Orwellian media, but the rest of the world gets much less brainwashing.)

      2. Prominent Russian dissidents and lawyers have been murdered in the U.K. by Putin’s government. Care to explain how Polonium poisoning in Mayfair is somehow linked to a high Russian crime rate? Or do you think it just amazing coincidence that the only death on U.K. soil by this method happened to a prominent critic of Putin?

        Seriously, stop watching Russia Today. It’s nothing but propaganda. Even people who used to work for it say as much. And if you are one of Putin’s paid little troll boys, typing away in St. Petersburg to try and make the bare-chested one look good on the Internet, please be aware that you’re not fooling anyone of any importance.

        1. Litvinenko was at hands of Mi-6 when he has died, and an Italian radioactive parts smuggler was around him on the day he could have been poisoned.

          This much is known for sure; everything else is told by the UK government, the “conclusions” were made with the use of “evidence” that was partially secret and never contested in a court. There was never an independent confirmation, analysis or testing of anything the UK government has claimed about the case. And considering UK government’s prior claim about how Saddam had WMDs and was tied to 9/11…

          Besides the lack of evidence, the whole narration that Putin supposedly killed Litvinenko makes no sense since there is no motive. Litvinenko did not possess any secrets, as let go from the country after being fired for corruption and abuse of power from the FSB many years prior his death, was always ignored as a lunatic that claimed batshit crazy things like Putin is a paedophile and that Putin has ordered 2004 London metro bombings.

          There is no even theoretical reason why Putin would bother to all of sudden kill this irrelevant clown all those year later after letting him go, many years after his crazy theories were made public. There literally no motive.

          The Snowden-exposed NSA troll army has an instruction that if a soldier does not have anything in essence to say on a matter then he/she has to accuse the opponent of ties to Kremlin. Considering that this has long been exposed, you Fort Meade guys should know that you are not fooling anyone with your “look away!”, “Kremlin!” deflect tactics. People can read and judge things on their own.

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