The top ten iOS 10 features you may not have discovered yet

“Hidden among the updates to the Messages app, Apple Music and everything else we’ve all heard so much about, there are a handful of new iOS 10 features you may not have stumbled across,” Ste Smith writes for Cult of Mac.

“By now, if you’re one of the majority of iOS users, you’ve already started using iOS 10,” Smith writes. “While the new iOS 10 features in our video aren’t necessarily game-changers — which is probably why Apple hasn’t spent time bragging about them — they’re definitely useful.”

Smith writes, “Ultimately, it’s features like these that help make iOS 10 Apple’s best, most powerful, and perhaps deepest mobile OS to date.”

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MacDailyNews Take: iOS 10 is certainly the deepest, most powerful iOS yet.


  1. The force touch implementation is confusing to me. I can’t tell when I’m supposed to tap and when I’m supposed to push, particularly on the lock screen.

    Also there’s a learning curve with iOS 10 that has me feeling more like an idiot than I’m comfortable with. I’m dealing, but also trying to figure out Maps for example, where everything is moved and it’s not clear to me how to do half the stuff I knew by rote in the old system.

    The lift to turn on thing is also weird to me. Like it’s constantly turning on. And I’m resting my thumb, pressing my thumb, tapping my thumb to try and get things going.

    Also, I get notices — you know, sliding down from the top, or appearing for a moment on the lock screen — and then I can’t find them. Where did Notification Center go? I see some there where you swipe down from the top, but some aren’t there or anywhere.

    So it’s all confusing to me. Sorry. Like I say, I’m hoping to get it soon.

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