13 things you can do with macOS Sierra you couldn’t do before

“macOS Sierra is here and available for everyone — well, at least anyone who owns a Mac made in the last six years,” David Nield writes for Gizmodo.

macOS Sierra, the latest major release of the world’s most advanced desktop operating system, is available as a free update now from Apple’s Mac App Store. macOS Sierra supports all Macs introduced since late 2009. For more information, visit: www.apple.com/macos/sierra.

“If you’re wondering what’s new in Apple’s latest software update, and want to head straight to the fresh goodies after you download it, we’ve rounded up nearly everything new you can do in one handy list,” Nield writes. “Here are 13 things you can do with macOS Sierra that you couldn’t do before.”

1) Talk to Siri
2) Copy and paste universally
3) Unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch
4) Rearrange everything on the menu bar
5) Do more with Messages
6) Find your photos more easily
7) Share notes across iCloud
8) Use Apple Pay on the web
9) Optimize your Mac’s local storage
10) Keep your desktop in iCloud
11) Enable picture-in-picture mode in Safari
12) Add annotations to your pictures
13) Use tabs instead of windows in desktop apps

Full explanation of each feature in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’ve already used #7 with grocery lists and it works! Being able to have more than one person out shopping – even in different stores, with each checking off items on a single, shared grocery list is a big timesaver!

Of course, #1 is extremely useful and so is, somewhat surprisingly, #2.

Of the 13 items listed above, what’s most valuable to you?


    1. That was an interesting discussion… but what did they mean when they were discussing double-clicking a window title bar to maximize a window?

      I do that and it simply puts any window in the dock.

      1. In System Preferences > Dock (in El Cap, I presume option is there in Sierra too), the checkbox options at the bottom let you choose whether double-clicking title bar will minimize, or zoom.

    2. Related … in email:

      On a mailbox that’s already been listed (alphabetized) by sender or subject, be able to start typing and have the pointer jump to that letter/word.

      Or in other words – – the same exact UI behavior that Microsoft has had in MS-Outlook for the past decade.

  1. The OS speed is dramatically improved even on older, slower Macs. The in-place upgrade went smoothly with No Glitches. Even old programs like Quicken 2007 and older devices like ScanSnap printers worked flawlessly. So Far, So Good.


  2. #4 is the only thing that fundamentally improves my efficiency. Siri is as annoying as ever, definitely not appropriate for open offices.

    I really wish Apple would offer font options and more skeumorphism. The white/grey Ive interface still sucks.

  3. I wish when I go to save a file, the Mac would remember what folder I’m working in, not what folder I was working in the last time I wanted to save a file. I’m constantly working to go back to the folder I’m currently working in when dealing with file creation. It’s a pain.

  4. What’s sorely disappointing is that the coverflow view option is still gone in Finder for attaching files. It’s there when I open Finder, but not when I’m attaching something to an email, making locating files much more time consuming. I’d honestly give up all of the above features to have that one back (I think it disappeared with El Capitan). If this is some kind of setting that I can switch back on, I would be very grateful for anyone who can tell me how.

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