Hidden features in macOS Sierra you may have missed

“Siri, Universal Clipboard, Auto Unlock with Apple Watch — these are just three of the features that Apple showcases for macOS Sierra, the latest version of the company’s Macintosh operating system that made its debut last Tuesday,” Roman Loyola writes for Macworld.

“We go over the marquee features in our review, but there are a few features that go unheralded,” Loyola writes. “We’ll shine a little bit of the spotlight on them in this slideshow.”

Loyola writes, “These are less glamourous, but they make your Mac a lot easier to use.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’re already heavy users of Apple Mail’s new Quick filter.


  1. Good article. I think Apple relies way too much on 3rd party reviewers to educate the user than they should. Modest improvements here but I do think Apple’s GUI continues to become slower and less consistent with each iteration. Clearly a design by fragmented committees at this point….

    1. Messages read receipts – checkbox hidden in upper right “details” text link. Is there a master control in the Messages preferences pane? Good luck.
    2. Mail filter – small unlabeled grey icon button hidden in header bar reveals a pull-down checklist. Multi-filter requires several user pulldowns instead of one well-thought out smart filter box.
    3. Coordinated Alerts supposedly stops the “cacophony of alerts” when all your iClouded devices all chime notifications at once. Where are the user controls? Good luck.
    4. Notes collaboration – another cryptic grey icon added if you want to invite others to edit a document with you. In current Apple style, the user can’t modify the toolbar to select on the sharing platform he wants to use, he must do the Apple-two-click now. You know, because Ive doesn’t want to have any toolbars showing actual one-click tool buttons. That would take away from the emotional power of a blank grey bar with grey bubbles sprinkled along it. !@#!@#$%##
    5. Time Machine SMB. About eff’ng time. Welcome to 2011, Apple.
    6. Auto caps & periods – buried in system preferences on the second of five tabs under “Keyboard”. Seriously, is there any reason a preference pane has to be arranged into so many tabs? It’s like Apple is trying to make the user hunt as much as on Windows.
    7. New dictionaries in the bundled Dictionary app preferences — you’d think this would be under system preferences, wouldn’t you?

    There you go — great tools foiled by clumsy user controls and GUI.

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