Apple’s iPhone 7 camera is very nice, but iPhone 7 Plus’ new dual camera system is amazing

“Apple’s latest iPhone 7 and 7 Plus make significant strides in improving the quality and versatility of photos you can take, as well as in reproducing them in Wide Color,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for AppleInsider. “You can capture more detailed and nuanced pics in low light, you can confidently pull out your phone in wet environments, hand jitter is cinematically smoothed away and the new dual camera system on iPhone 7 Plus opens up entirely new ways to shoot.”

Dilger write, “Somewhat surprisingly, some early reviews failed to notice many of these enhancements. Writing for Consumer Reports, Terry Sullivan preliminarily reported that shooting with the standard wide angle lens on iPhone 7 “did not outperform the cameras on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus,” and stated that in the magazine’s low light testing, “the new phones seemed to perform no better than the iPhone 6s for still photos.”

“While the advancements in iPhone 7 are substantial, the new dual camera system included on the larger iPhone 7 Plus really ices the cake. When I first saw the dual camera specs of iPhone 7 Plus, it seemed disappointing that the telephoto lens only offered 2x optical zoom. I was also skeptical of the value of the “up to 10x” digital zoom, because digital zoom simply crops your photo and blows it up,” Dilger writes. “I have always refused to use digital zoom, because I know I can always crop it manually later. Digital zoom is destructive in-camera editing. Trying out the iPhone 7 Plus, I’ve found that the 2x optical is actually quite useful in composing shots.”

“The 2x optical zoom (but not digital zoom levels) can also be used when capturing a panorama. The result is a narrower image, but it’s also less distorted; sort of like looking out of a narrow slot window rather than looking through a super wide angle peephole,” Dilger writes. “For mobile users who love capturing photos, the new iPhone 7—and in particular the iPhone 7 Plus—deliver a series of significant upgrades and new features that contribute to one of the biggest leaps ever for a new iPhone generation.”

Tons more, including many photo and video examples, in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: Consumer Reports knows photography like Samsung knows fireproofing.

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  1. My 7Plus is stuck in Korean Hell. Shipped last Friday and as of this morning, was still in Korea and bound to go back to China. Apparently Apple made too many units to fast and UPS doesn’t have the capacity to move them.

  2. It is a very nice camera, but other than that, everything else is just nothing special.

    Apple knew they didn’t have anymore new tricks up its sleeve, so they had to focus on the camera as their star attraction. Problem is, the general public doesn’t care about depth of field. A camera is a camera to them and what they have is good enough for their needs. Their dual lens trick camera was just filler for Cook’s presentation. Without the camera, there would be nothing for Schiller to talk about.

    I suspect the real prize will be the 10th anniversary iPhone. That one may have something special, like 3 lenses.

    1. “Apple knew they didn’t have anymore new tricks up its sleeve …”

      No, they leave all those brilliant and innovative tricks for Samsung to sell. You know, like built-in barbecue grilling.

        1. So, you’re saying your Samsung has dual lenses and is waterproof? I’m pretty much saying with certainty that you’ve sure as hell never owned an Apple product, but have belly crawled here to enlighten us.

  3. Just like the headline title says.

    Both cameras are truly amazing and are righly earning superlative rave reviews by professional pohotographers wordwide.

    The proof is in the pudding and the photos speak for themselves. Stop ito any Apple store, pick up a 7plus and take aphoto of anyone accross the table, then take the same photy with a 7, which you’ll find right besides the 7 plus. You will be amazed at hte color and sharpness. After you realize this is a phone camera, you will understand that Apple iPhone is simply king.

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