Wide iPhone 7/Plus availability expected at Apple retail by October 8th

“Apple retail store managers have been informed that all models, colors, and configurations of the iPhone 7 will be available for walk-in customers on Oct. 8 after an international freight logjam holding up arrival of the devices by container ship was partially cleared up,” Mike Wuerthele reports for AppleInsider.

AppleInsider has been told by multiple sources in the Apple retail supply chain gradual improvements in the stock condition across all of Apple retail are expected ‘shortly,’ with the iPhone 7 situation clearing up first,” Wuerthele reports. “A mass infusion of stock is expected in the beginning of October, leading to full shelves by Oct 8.”

“Wuerthele reports, “AppleInsider has seen documents proving that the ongoing Hanjin freight company bankruptcy backing up international shipping delayed some containers full of iPhones and assorted Apple Watch models from arriving prior to the Sept. 16 availability.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Slow boat from China.


    1. I’m in that same boat; getting my preorder in four hours after the window opens shouldn’t have been such an outrageous handicap, but yet I have several friends just walk into Best Buy and grab one off the shelf… but mine is slated for shipping some nebulous time in November. I’m getting the impression I stood a better chance standing in line at AT&T.

      1. Same thing happened to me with my iPhone 6 Plus. Had it on order for delivery weeks later and then walked into a local Apple Store and they surprisingly had it so I cancelled the online order and picked up one on the spot. Not bothering to order online this time. By Nov. 5th there shouldn’t be a supply issue especially since I just want the (flat) black and not jet black one.

        That jet black one was Fingerprints City when I saw it at the Apple Store. No thanks! Though law enforcement might love it making it so easy to lift fingerprints. 😉

  1. In other words, after the initial 27 people in line bought their phones, there was plenty of inventory that wasn’t sold and now it’s suddenly available.

    Reality is, the phone doesn’t have enough for people to upgrade. Yeah, it was faster, waterproof and had a dual camera. Duh, the competition has had that forever. Nothing new there.

    Thank goodness there is competition. Otherwise, Apple would have nobody to copy.

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