Apple debuts two new ads for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Apple debuted two new television commercials for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus during last night’s Emmy’s, major sports events (Boston Red Sox’s sweep of the New York Yankees, NFL Monday Night Football, etc.), and other high-profile network and cable broadcasts.

The first, “Morning Ride,” is a 30-second spot that features iPhone 7 in Jet Black and the iPhone’s new water-resistance capability. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are splash, water, and dust resistant and were tested under controlled laboratory conditions with a rating of IP67 under IEC standard 60529.

Brave the elements with the water-resistant iPhone 7. It’s practically magic.

The second spot runs 60-seconds and features Apple’s flagship iPhone 7 Plus, also in Jet Black, and focuses on the new iPhone’s low-light photography capabilities.

The all-new iPhone 7, with low-light camera. It’s practically magic.

MacDailyNews Take: Both ads work well and serve to remind those who might be living under a rock – or who have recently returned their potentially explosive Samsung mistake – that the new iPhone is here*.

*Currently in extremely limited quantities, especially in Jet Black (ships: “November”). Can we interest you in another color (ships: 2-3 weeks)?


  1. All of these commercials are not only lame, but irrelevant.

    Everyone… a bunch of hipster Americans that nobody cares about. They’re forgettable. I’m left not knowing what these products are about.

    For the idiot who goes phone shopping that doesn’t know any better, he may just choose a Note 7. These commercials do nothing to explain or convince the viewer that the products are not only better than the rest, but that they’re worth buying.

    1. They aren’t the target market. These commercials aren’t sniper shots at a tiny specific demographics; they are to tell the vast masses that know full well what an iPhone is that the new one is out, it’s water proof and it has an amazing camera.

      The entire world knows what is an iPhone. The only people who still don’t are among the ones that will never be able to afford it. Let us not forget; this is a commercial for the American market, and literally all Americans know by now that there is the iPhone, and then there is everything else.

      One more point is that these serve to bring over the Samsung 7 buyers whose phones just got recalled.

      Emotional messages always work much more powerfully than facts. Look at Trump: apparently, 85% of everything he says is false mostly false, or at least half false (, higher than any election candidate in history (by a wide margin), but they are delivered through a powerful emotional message.

      One of the most successful campaigns that transformed Apple as a brand was Think Different. It never mentioned a single product, or feature, it was just a very emotional message about the brand, and it worked.

  2. I know a lot of tech writers are saying that Samsung did the water and dust resistance first. There is some truth to this. What they won’t say is that the iPhone use to kick Samsung’s ass in underwater test until Samsung quit using removable batteries and memory. You remember the things most the writers use to say was so important. Not saying that it made: the phones weaker; a hell of a lot easier to steal; and only a complete idiot would pay to buy the replacement battery and charger when they could buy a universal battery pack for a third of the price. No none will say this. Some, like Consumer Reports, keep giving points for having that shit when they know that they make the phones thieves wet dreams. No all you will here is Samsung did it first.

  3. Pedrag:

    You old fanboy you… the Think Different commercial you’re referring to was a moment in time. Aside from the switcher side-running commercials, the commercials that Apple mainly used for its products focused heavily on those products, abstracting people and the environment away. They were effective.

    These commercials are forgettable and offputting. Some hipster with a helmet in a gas station parking lot taking a picture of a deer who can’t act for crap.

    There’s the deer again! And rhe media labeled Apple’s first commercial ceom last week a horror film.

    These commercials are creepy; unfocused; not consistent with their brand.

    As an iPhone 6 Plus owner, I get nothing from these that I need to upgrade. Better camera? Better phone? Not apparent at all.

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