Apple debuts new TV ad for Apple Watch Series 2

Apple has debuted a new 60-second television commercial for Apple Watch Series 2, titled “Go Time,” on U.S. network and cable broadcasts.

Apple Watch Series 2 is designed for all the ways you like to move. With Built-in GPS, Water resistance up to 50 meters, and a super fast Dual-Core processor, it will inspire and motivate you every step, stretch, jump and pedal of the way.

Naturally, as the Apple Watch is now swimproof and features built-in GPS, the ad shows the Watch performing amidst much water:


MacDailyNews Take: This is an excellent ad which, as is normal, will also be cut into a 30-second spot for more frequent rotation. This ad is well-titled: With Apple’s wearable now having come of age and into focus, it really is “Go Time” for Apple Watch!

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  1. The series 1, like most first adapters devices, was there to see who the market was for. It looks like Apple has found their strong market and knows the direction to go. I always laughed at the tech writers who couldn’t figure out a use for it. Most kept it for a short time without really trying to see the possibilities. Then there is the “fire Tim Cook” crowd who pounced on this because it was not a Steve Jobs project. They need to prove Apple will fail after Steve because they have said Apple can’t survive without him and need anything to prove their right. Reality break; nothing’s perfect. The Apple Watch is off to a great start.

    1. You mean the “original Apple Watch” or, as some call it, “Series 0.” The Apple Watch Series 1 is a NEW device with the dual-core Apple S1P (vs. the older S1) and an ambient light sensor.

  2. What is the status of series 2 delivery. Appears to be like other Apple delivery dates recently. Non-existant. Not avaible ans a 3-5 week shipping time. Another Apple Pencil?

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